Collect Bitcoins in a simple way


REDEX now live!

Only $3 to join.

What we have now:

– Own wallet – bitcoin. Created automatecly. Just send money from anywhere
– Massive spillover
– 100% goes to people
– Income? – more than enough
– will be added: landing page service, conference rooms and so on.

More then 600 000 people are in.

P.S.: The best and most popular way to get in this business – the gold triangle.
That means you buy 3 places in matrix to maximize your profits.
Create account, deposit 0.015 btc – to pay for 3 accounts.
Register again 2 accounts with your referral link using another browser or incognito mode google chrome. Please, use different e-mails.

So you will triple your income and force your matrix growing. IT'S ONLY 9$!!! Do it and tell your team to do the same. This is awesome!

New Promo Video now it's available on our Youtube channel:

Join here:

We use a rotator from Markethive to build a list of the reff links for all team members. Each team member has an equal chance to be seen when clicked in an ad.

Visit the Kairos webiste

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