VISION CARE ORPHAN HOME – A “Children of the Landfill” client

VISION CARE ORPHAN HOME – A “Children of the Landfill” client

The Green Fire mission here is to enhance their already existing program.


Here is an overview of the conditions these orphanages address.

At the beginning of the 21st Century the children of the world are facing an undeclared assault upon their childhood as they suffer as a result of poverty, sexual exploitation, abuse as well as becoming the innocent victims of wars and the HIV/AIDS epidemics.Ten years ago the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted and the UN Secretary General has stated “we have no higher priority, no prouder achievement, than our work for the rights of children!”

A few facts indicate it may be a little early “for we the people” to be proud of our achievement:

    • 12 million children die before reaching their fifth year

    • 100 million homeless children living in the streets around the world.

    • 250,000 children die every week from diseases and malnutrition.

    • 2 million children are objects of sexual abuse – child pornography and demand for  child prostitutes has increased globally.

    • 20 million children are refugees or internally displaced in their homeland.

    • 10 million children are child slaves.

    • Millions of girls are ‘missing’ as a result of foeticide, infanticide and neglect.

    • Millions of children spend their whole life surviving on a landfill

Millions of children are being orphaned as their parents die of AIDS related illnesses.The figures are unimaginable – already 11 million children in sub-Saharan Africa alone have been orphaned by the AIDS epidemic and reliable sources estimate that by 2010 there will be more than 30 million children orphaned by AIDS decimating parents.

Credit: Womenaid International,

Their is a very clear reason and purpose in “Children of the Landfill” mission, the children.

Green Fire plans to bring education and commerce to these children.
Mike Prettyman
Chief Information Officer at Green Fire Engineered Reclamation
Green Fire Engineered Reclamation

I present you with an article I just received from the head of VISION CARE ORPHAN HOME, an orphanage in Uganda.



In our project area number of Orphans, Semi Orphans and Street Children are found. The problem of orphans / street children is acute due to the Allied Democratic Force Rabbles insurgence, Natural hazards, urbanization and industrialization. Due to the deaths of HIV/AIDS affected persons, Re-marriage of deserted / widowed / divorce women, absence of love and security in the families, Family disputes, Unwanted pregnancy of Trafficking / Sexually exploited girls; these orphan and street children are left without care and support. These children are involved in rag picking; pick pocketing and participating in anti social, criminal activities. Therefore, we envisage mainstreaming these children in the national building by providing care, support and protection in our Vision Care Orphan Children Home.

History Background

Vision Care Orphanage is located in Musasa Village-kyondo sub count Kasese District Rewenzori sub region of Uganda.

The history of this orphanage center is so sad after it had its roots in the early 90's During the time of the Allied Democratic Forces insurgence in our region (mountain Rwenzori Slopes),These rabbles killed many people in these hills of the Rwenzori mountains, so my grandmother Constance Kamalha who was a natural birth attendant was one day hosting pregnant mothers at her house when rabbles attacked and Killing 15 women who had just given birth.

Constance had nothing to do but to take care of the new born babies whose mothers had just been killed with the help of Red cross and the Catholic parish around the village, it was by God mercy that she was left alone, so her home ended up becoming an orphanage center. When she died in 2003, this orphanage collapsed.

In 2012 when I completed the university, with the help of my parents, I decided to begin a small orphanage center to fulfill the dream of my fallen grandmother.

Our Mission:

Mainstreaming the Orphan, Semi Orphan and Street children in the national building by providing care, support & protection through shelter, food, and education is our mission.

The Project – An Overview:

The project proposed in this scheme is meant for additional support to run the orphan children home.

This orphanage home is aiming to provide care, support and protection for 150 but so far 37orphan & street children. This home has three Care Takers; a doctor is conducting health check-up & providing medicines. All the inmates (child residents) are being provided with 3 time’s nutritious food, one set of books and 2 sets of uniforms and school fees.

Every child has opportunity for indoor and out-door recreation and play facilities along with training in crafts and hobbies.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

The problem of orphan/ street children is acute due to urbanization and industrialization. Recent floods in our area aggravated the situation further when most people lost lives.

Due to the Deaths of AIDS affected persons, Re-marriage of Widowed/ Divorced women, Absence of love and security, Unwanted pregnancy of Sexually exploited girls; these orphan & street children are left without care and support.

These children are involved in rag picking, pick pocketing & participating in anti social, criminal activities.

How will this project solve this problem?

We have identified orphans & street children & providing food and education facilities for all children with the help of you the sponsors.

We are arranging teaching facilities in nearby schools & providing home tuitions, health check-up, medicines, cosmetics, one set of books & 2sets of uniform every year.

Every child is being provided with nutritional diet, indoor & outdoor recreation and play facilities and training in crafts and hobbies.

Potential Long Term Impact

This project has potential & impact full in main streaming of orphans & street children. Their basic needs are met & they will get new life through gaining knowledge, vocational skills & life skills. They will get love & affection as if their parents provides. Their confidence level will increase & become good asset to the community. They are developed physically & psychologically & made as good & productive citizens. They will inspire by philanthropy & show humanity towards the community.

Some testimonials from the orphans

“I regained my birth. I obtained nutritious food, quality education & resourceful life.”

“I got love & affection through my colleagues & organizers in the orphan home.”

Orphan Beneficiary Project Objectives:

  • To provide orphan / semi orphan / street children, a childhood that they never experienced and help them to become useful members of the society.

  • To encourage orphan / semi orphan / street children to kindle their potential by providing creative opportunities

  • To make available a secure place where orphan / semi orphan / street children can play and enjoy their childhood.

  • To provide basic education to orphan / semi orphan / street children

  • To provide such welfare services like free lodging, boarding, health and recreation

  • To provide basic literacy and facilities for those who wish to study further

  • To select and prepare for a vocation in order to live on their own legs

  • To accomplishing physical, intellectual and aesthetic development of the child Project Activities:

  • Identification of orphan / semi orphan / street children

  • Pre-view of the incoming orphan / semi orphan / street children problem/difficulties

  • Emotional acceptance of the child

  • Teaching facilities for basic education

  • Teaching facilities for vocational courses and crafts

  • Lodging and boarding facilities for all inmates

  • Recreational facilities

  • Primary health

I appreciate your attention

Mike Prettyman, For more information come to the website
Chief Information Officer at Green Fire Engineered Reclamation

Children of the Landfill Project

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I try not to generate useless information. I know people are busy and the internet is full of babble already. It often seems like people think that the road to greatness depends primarily on their ability to just make more noise than their competition. But… when I find something that I think is unusual but perhaps overlooked I like to share it. 

Such an article was this one which I read tonight. It concerns, a site which I knew about but never really liked much nor felt totally comfortable with. I'll summarize what I thought were some of the salient points and leave you to read the article if you want.

What got my attention was that the writer (of the article) said that he wanted to do an experiment into using an Exact Match Domain (EMD). And he wanted to do it within the subdomain of, in case you don't know, has good authority on Google and the presumption was that an EMD there would yield high PageRank links.

Also interesting to read in the article was the way he structured his articles (i.e. length, number of keywords, etc.).

His conclusion seems to be that EMDs do still work even though some sources say or imply that they don't. Me…. I don't see how they could not still have a positive effect regardless of where they are. Especially if they are contextual to otherwise good content. And furthermore…if you can get them into the domain name (even as a subdomain/extension as happens on surely that must be a positive too.

Thus..the value of where you can, in many cases, get blog URL which have a particular EMD in them (like I just did).

The article is a bit long and does get into some detail that might bore some people. But….I thought it was worth passing on if for nothing but the reminder about the easy availability of blogs. For those of us in Markethive, we supposedly can configure our SNAP plugin to syndicate to, can't we?

I get the impression that most MLM business builders don't use content marketing very much. But I know at least one person, Rob Fore (a big dog with SendOutCards) over on MLSP who does a lot of blogging and I believe it has been pretty effective for him (even though it does take a while to build up your content network).

A shorter way to success in MLM is just to buy leads. I very frequently read that successful internet marketers buy leads when they want maximum results in a short period of time. And I know for a fact that many success in hard-core MLM is to buy leads (although that doesn't mean they don't use other means to build their business).

Point: If you've got an MLM business you're trying to turbocharge, I've found a very good source of high-quality leads. These leads are apparently generated by one of the biggest and most prestigious lead developers for home-based business opportunities in the industry. 

This lead option is just one of many highly effective MLM-specific, business-building tools, all of which you can test drive for 7 days for just a Buck. Anybody who's not willing to spend a Dollar to check a resource isn't really serious about building their business. I can personally testify that the MLM training on this is top-notch too.

CHECK OUT THE LEAD SOURCE. You can purchase leads or use their tools and training to generate your own.

P.S. Here's the article link again…in case you missed it.

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No matter who you are or where you are, God can empower you to do His work!

God’s Power in Your Life: The Power To Do God’s Work
No matter who you are or where you are, God can empower you to do His work!

Written by Hope on 25/10/2016
Series: Weekly Devotional
Tags: Power, Holy Spirit, Guidance
God uses Scripture to prepare and equip His people to do every good work.

II Timothy 3:17
What makes you feel powerful? If you have accepted God’s forgiveness and allowed Him to teach you to walk in His ways, now you can show God’s empowerment in your life.

Here are ways you can show His power through your actions:

1. Don’t Depend On Your Own Strength
God’s power is given in His grace; He can work in your weakness. The Apostle Paul worked in the power of God’s guidance only, and is recorded as doing more to help form the early Church than any other Christian. And it was because he depended on God, not on himself. The Lord told him, “My kindness is all you need. My power is strongest when you are weak.” And St Paul added, “So if Christ keeps giving me His power, I will gladly brag about how weak I am (II Corinthians 12:9-10). Are you willing to let God show his power in your weakness?

2. Let God Lead The Way
If you have accepted God’s power, and are ready to do His work, you might be wondering what to do. First, start by praying to God and consult with other believers about finding God’s will before making any decisions.

Here is an example of listening for God’s leading, found in II Samuel chapter 7. Israel’s ancient King David wanted to build a temple to hold the Ark of the Covenant, and at first, the Prophet Nathan approved this project. However, that night, the Lord instructed Nathan to stop King David, for it was not God’s will to have the building at the time. The Lord later allowed David’s son Solomon to construct the Temple.

We too must be careful to listen for God’s leading, and let Him empower us.

3. Understand The Power Of The Holy Spirit
So how will God empower you? The Bible tells us that “God’s Spirit gives us power, love, and self-control” (II Timothy 1:7). The Lord fills His people “with power and His Spirit” (Micah 3:8) whom Jesus promised to send to all those who have accepted Him.

Are you depending on the Holy Spirit for guidance? If so, you can trust the Lord to empower you and guide you in doing His work.

Pray this week:

Dear Lord, allow me to be weak, so Your power can enable me to do Your will! Amen.

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Freedom from Job. Freedom from Stress, Freedom for You!

Freedom from JobIt’s 1:30 pm your wife is out of town visiting family and one of your children calls from school saying they are sick. You are in the middle of a project that must be completed by 8 am the next day.

You have to leave.

Your boss IS NOT HAPPY! : (

Sound like a familiar scenario? What would you do?

Your child or your boss?

Working for someone use to have its benefits. Pensions were strong, health insurance was paid for, vacation time was plentiful and job security was assured.

Today, anything goes! Ther are no job guarantees, healthcare is a fiasco and business are looking for ways not to provide it,.

With the insecurity of the job market these days, working from home is becoming more and more an option for people being lied off, fired, or stressed out because there are not enough quality people to do all the work.

Obviously, as a home business entrepreneur, your effort is directly related to our income. You have the flexibility to work from home later in the evening after all are in bed to complete a project that you may have had to put aside for other important things. Or, work on the road, which is what I like the best about being my own boss.

Since 1992, I have been working from home providing graphic solutions for both local and national business. A computer, internet connection and printer are all that I need.

Pretty streamlined.

I had a global business with just this equipment.

I could do my design work whenever I needed to, wherever I was. Unfortunately that had its drawbacks.

I was beholden to my clients. I worked when they wanted me to work, not when I wanted to work. And there were many times there were conflicts. 

Previously I spoke of working after the children go to bed or late in the evening hours, but seriously, who really wants to do that. And the only reason that had to happen was to meet deadlines.

I recall shipping my computer to Florida so our family could fly to my wife’s parents house for vacation. There is nothing like have children pacing back and forth wondering when we were going to leave for Universal Studios while I tried to crash through some automotive ads. NEVER AGAIN!

Or the time Julie’s Father had a stroke and while family was gathering around his bedside, I had to meet another deadline working on my laptop in the hallway. NEVER AGAIN

The only true “job freedom” is having the ability to earn while you are not physically working. 

The internet provides a vast amount of opportunities to work from home, millions in fact.

But how do you determine what is the best.

There are MLM or direct sale companies that offer pills, lotions and potions that are overpriced and difficult to get and retain steady customers.

There are matrixes that are really a pyramid scheme. You put in $100 and it is supposed to process upward as others come up underneath you and when you reach the top you get paid. Like that is gonna last.

Then there are top tier digital products.

The digital or online educational information market is a 500+ Billion dollar market and growing everyday. Universities are jumping on the band wagon, no overhead with no products to inventory and sell.

It is really the perfect product for internet sales.

Living a free lifestyle is a dream come true. We are able to take missions trips to Jamaica on a yearly basis. Be at ALL of our children’s sorting, musical and talent events.

And be there for family when it is most important.

If your job is getting in the way of your life take a serious look at this business that I am building.  We offer a $1 trial for 14 days for you to decide if it is for you.

Think about what is important in your life then weigh that agains the daily grind of going to the office and mission out on the important gifts life has to offer.






Bryan Tuck      

P.S. If you have a real interest in building a home based business, check out the training that is available here.

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Identifying Your Brand

Identifying Your Brand

When you are working on identifying your brand you should understand that your brand is owning a place in the consumers mind of who you are and want you have to offer.

It is not a logo.

It is not a design.

It is you.

Logos and design are a byproduct of a brand.

So many times people will try to emulate another persons brand, dressing like they dress, talking like they talk; acting like they act.

You will see this frequently with people who follow hollywood stars. People wearing the same sunglasses, shoes or hairstyle.

I get it. We all want to associate ourselves with successful people in someway shape or form.

That works on personal level to a degree, but doing this it will kill your business. People will see thorugh it.

When building your business brand, which is YOU, because in this industry people buy from you, someone they trust, admire, and respect, ask yourself, “Who am I?” “What drives me?” "What am I passionate about”

As you answer these questions you will begin to see your brand come to life.

You see, it is already there. It can be nurtured and tweaked, but it is already within you.

For the most part, I am a blue jean, t-shirt and flip flop wearing kind of guy. Do I put on a suit and tie? Yes. When the situation requires a formal presence. But on any given day, I could be in casual clothes, and a day or two unshaven as I am as I write this.

This is just a part of who I am. 

Personally I am a compassionate person who cares deeply for the souls of other people and their journey through this life. I want them to be a better person because they have been in my presence. I want them to walk away feeling better about themselves and the world around them. Knowing that I will do whatever i can to help them in any situation.

I truly want to help people and make a difference in the lives of people and to be a part of something bigger than myself. As I grow my busness and find more time, less stress and more money, I want to be able to take as manny mission trips as I can. There is someting so real about working and helping people in mission countries, like Jamaica and Haiti that really brings out a new person. Now that is not to say I can't do the same here and I do. Talking to the homless person on the street and finding out who they are, what there situation is as oppsed to simpky throwing money at them.

At a recent event there were many people who were slickly dressed, hair in just the right place, designer shoes and suits all making massive amounts money. Then there were those that looked like they just rolled out of bed after a long evening of doing who knows what, all making massive amounts of money.

Then there were this who were as humble as they could be and some who were just over the top happy. All making massive amounts of money.

What do all of these of people have in common?

They are being real. They are being who they are. They are not trying to copycat someone.

The point here is you have to find who you are. You have to find your voice.

This can take some soul searching and seeking help from someone, like a  business coach, or a person who has an objective view of you. Someone looking from the outside. This could actually be a rather difficult situation. there may be things that are reveled that you don’t like to hear that need to be changed. But isn’t that what growth is all about?

Peel back the outer layers and look deep inside.

Who are you?

Who do you want to be as a person?

What characteristics are part of your personality that you can bring out that tell more about who you are.

Remember, if you work hard enough to earn massive amounts of money, this money will only amplify  who you are.

If you are compassionate and caring person, you will become more compassionate and caring. If you are an idiot and jackass…..well?

Trust me, I met some of these type of people recently. They are making a lot of money, but they are kind of people who I personally do not wnat to be around. Then there are other people who do.

Whan you find your voice of who you are, you will attract the kind of person that resonnates with your voice.As for all the others who don't…remeber there ar 7 billion people on this planet. 

So get out there discover who you are, find your voice, and be real….B U!

Bryan Tuck












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Introducing Green Fire Engineered Reclamation

Green Fire Engineered Reclamation

Green Fire is a passionate multi-disciplinary organization specializing in carefully engineered waste Remediation and Reclamation.

A number of years ago our group came together with a focus on developing ways of economically resolving the global epidemic of health risks facing society from its mounting waste. The result is Green fire Engineered Reclamation.

Green Fire Engineered Reclamation is an engineering company, made up of entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists and academic experts focused on the world's waste problem, initially the open landfills.

We pride ourselves on our ability as a collective group to integrate all appropriate technologies, Green Fire's as well as third party technologies. We integrate technologies to build the best possible solution for the landfill and the local community.

We are focused on landfill mining. With our technologies we are able to reclaim and re-purpose the landfill by removing the raw and useful materials from what has been rejected as waste, producing only inert material to be used for new purposes.

Here is the problem we are addressing.

Open Dumpsites

Open Dumpsites are a global problem. There are approximately 350 recognized open dump sites globally. They receive roughly 40% of the world’s waste and they serve about 3.5 – 4 billion people. That's half of the world's population.

The 50 biggest dumpsites directly affect the daily lives of 64 million people, a population the size of France.

There have been and still are international calls for solutions to solve this escalating global health emergency. Green Fire has the solution.


What we do is process the waste through the “application of heat.”

Green Fire has a patented technology several years in development and with several million dollars invested.. It is now ready to be taken into useful production.

The Green Fire Technology is an efficient electrochemical system powered by electricity that produces an intense field of radiant energy, a plasma, that causes the breaking apart of the molecular bonds of solid, liquid and gaseous compounds of materials both hazardous and nonhazardous.

Our process is a two stage process.

The first transforms the organic (carbon-based) materials into an ultra-clean, synthetic gas, called syngas. The clean syngas is then converted into transportation fuels such as ethanol and diesel, or industrial products like hydrogen and methanol. The syngas is used as a substitute for natural gas for heating and is used for electrical generation.

After the first phase, the waste materials flow into a second closed chamber where they are superheated using an electricity – conducting gas called plasma.

In this secondary stage of the Green Fire process, inorganic (non-carbon-based) materials are transformed into environmentally inert raw materials.

That brings us to the recovered materials

The recovered materials are used with appropriate technologies that include 3D Printing for site specific manufacturing and fabrication. The ultimate focus is to create a local manufacturing business for the betterment of community commerce.

Green Fire provides the education and training to local qualified individuals and professionals. All education provided is supported by a mentoring program until a comfort level for independent operations has been reached at which point support and oversight will be minimizes to an as needed basis.

We build small low cost villages with our processes and materials. We provide designs to manufacture low cost housing for the local village.

Our villages are designed for a population range from 50 to 150 individuals, although some are smaller, and larger villages of up to 2,000 individuals can exist as networks of smaller sub-communities.

These villages are provided electricity, fuels and clean water utilities as well as training and communication systems from Green Fire operations.

Green Fire Villages are intentional villages whose goal is to become completely autonomous and more socially, economically and environmentally safe.

Who lives in these initial villages?

Most important inhabitants are the Landfill Pickers that already populate the landfill, then Green Fire staff and employees,and the additional community support personnel such as medical, and emergency staff.

It is the people of the village that provide the labor for Green Fire operations.

There are approximately 30 million people who directly survive on and make the landfill an integral part of their lifestyle. These people have formed and are a part of a global organization of Landfill Pickers. The Landfill Pickers are the initial target of Green Fire.

It is our mission to enhance the living standard of these people and the surrounding communities.

Green Fire is dedicated to the children living and existing on the landfills around the world. The humanitarian project Green Fire sponsors for this task is called the “Children of the Landfill” project. We are crowd funding and will introduce the campaign in a few days.

In summary:

1. Landfill dumpsites are a significant health hazard in many locations around the world and influences about one half of the world's population

2. Green Fire builds a facility which with the use of our technology converts landfill dump site contents into useful by products

3. The output of the process has many potential uses, one of which is to use the material in a 3D printer to create pre-fab housing material which initially will be used to assemble self-sustaining housing for the workers at the landfill.

4. Other outputs are clean electricity, fuels and inert raw materials.

If you believe that my message is worth spreading, please use the share buttons if they show on this page.

Mike Prettyman
Chief Information Officer at Green Fire Engineered Reclamation
Green Fire Engineered Reclamation


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Nutrition tips to detox your six elimination organs


#1: Your liver

Your liver is an extremely powerful organ. It works to clean your blood and transform harmful chemicals for excretion. It cleans and filters every ounce of your blood to metabolise all these chemicals – even the good kinds. The best foods for your liver are bitter foods and those that facilitate your body’s production of glutathione (or internal antioxidants). These foods include cabbage, broccoli, beets, salad greens, apples, lemon juice and garlic. If you don’t mind the bitter taste of dandelion, it’s a fantastic herb for your liver’s natural detoxification process, too.

#2: Your kidneys

The primary role of your kidneys is to flush toxins from your blood by turning it into urine after your liver cleanses it. They flush water-soluble waste in response to electrolyte concentrations and water. While drinking lots of water is excellent for your kidney detox, green herbs and teas are just as beneficial. Green tea, parsley, cilantro nettle and alfalfa are especially good for flushing your kidneys, reducing your blood pressure and preventing bacteria build-up. If you suffer from poor kidney health and are prone to urinary tract infections, also drinking cranberry and juniper berry juice can help you improve your kidney health even more.

#3: Your lungs

Your lungs filter out allergens, mould and airborne toxins and naturally detox themselves when you inhale and exhale deeply. A good night’s sleep without excessive snoring or sleep apnea also promotes lung detox, as does a Himalayan salt pipe or a trip to the beach to breathe in salty air. Foods with spicy flavours and soothing textures like mustard, black seed, radish, turnip, cayenne and wasabi are the best for lung detoxification.

#4: Your lymphatic system

Your lymphatic system removes products of bacteria, virus, infections and other pathogens from your red blood circulation. The lymph nodes found in chains throughout your brain can become swollen and tender as a result of an infection. Your lymph system needs to keep moving in order to function properly. You can promote lymph movement by eating foods like garlic, ginger, turmeric, seaweed and citrus fruits. To further promote lymph detox, do regular cardiovascular exercise.

#5: Your colon

Your colon’s main job is to flush out chemical solid waste so that it doesn’t recirculate into your bloodstream. It’s also home to protective bacteria that make up your body’s ecosystem, known as your microbiome. In order for your colon to detox, it needs to excrete old stool. You can detox your colon by upping your intake of soluble and insoluble fibres, water, edible bentonite clay ,probiotics and gentle salt or herbal laxatives. You should consult your doctor to determine the best strategy for you. Foods like chia seeds, root vegetables, lentils, apples, onions and garlic also support colon detoxification, as do herbs like dandelion and aloe.

#6: Your skin

Last on the list is your body’s biggest organ – your skin. Its main role is to sweat out toxins. Plus, like your lungs, your skin absorbs waste and then releases it with heat and electrolytes. While we don’t know all the waste products that are absorbed or released from our skin, what we do know is that our skin is always exchanging waste and oxygen. Foods that support your skin’s natural detoxification process include beets, purple cabbage, blueberries, walnuts and sunflower seeds. Other detox practices that will keep your skin healthy include dry brushing, Epsom salt baths and saunas.


Always keep in mind

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What is the secret sauce to building a successful online business?

The secret sauce to building a successful online business

Anyone who is seeking to build an online business is typically asking this question. We all see ordinary people proving that building a successful online business can be done.

But what is the secret?

What tool are they using to make this work.

There are so many tools, tips and tricks being thrown around out there claiming that this is the one you need to finally be successful.

Well I have a secret….

There is no secret sauce, tool or trick.

What? Wait?

Those that you see day in and day out showing you that having a successful online business can be done have a couple things in common.

1. The are constantly providing value to those around them through providing solutions to peoples problems and being real.

I met one such person over the weekend who is the top affiliate for a up and coming company. He is the most real person I have met in this industry.

All he spoke of was providing solutions and value to your target audience.

People are tired of being pitched through banal autoresponders.

Do autoresponders have their place?


However, you must make them personal. But I digress.

2. The successful entrepreneurs are consistent and deliberate in there actions. They have a DMO or Daily Mode of Operation.

What do you do consistently everyday to move your business forward?

Here is an example of a DMO:

  • Create one piece of content a day: blog, video, article
  • Promote it on 5 Social media outlets. Whatever your favorites are: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube (if Video) Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, Tumblr.
  • Answer 3-5 questions for every post you create from Q & A sites like  to increase your credibility and have people start coming to YOU for answers.

Ultimately the “Secret Sauce”…is YOU!

Not a tool. Tools help you scale and automate.

Who are you as a person?

Are you a giver or taker?

If all you are after is the almighty dollar, then this will be a tough road to hoe. People will see this from a mile away and avoid you like the plague.

But, if you are real, genuine, providing solutions and value, then and only then will you begin to bring credibility to your name and people will start coming to you for answers. Then through that you will begin to see your business take off.

Be Real. Be purposeful. Be consistent and add VALUE!

Bryan Tuck


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The New Math The New Science

The New Math
The New Science

On the first and third Thursdays of every month, science teachers from around the country gather for #NGSSchat, a Twitter conversation about how to implement the new science. Topics for discussion have included how to incorporate reading and writing into science instruction and how to use technological tools alongside the standards. The July chats focused on “storylining,” which is emerging as a popular technique for bringing the standards to life in the classroom.








In a storyline, a teacher begins by introducing students to a phenomenon that prompts questions that students will investigate over the course of about two months. The question needs to be related to science, but accessible enough to grab students right away, and broad enough that it can’t be answered by a Google search. One storyline asks students to explain the biology behind the death of the Georgia high school football player Zyrees Oliver in 2014 after he drank too much fluid during practice. Another storyline asks simply: How does a seed grow into a tree?

“The storyline needs to be complex enough that it’s not going to just be a one-day or several-day event,” said Tricia Shelton, a high school science teacher in Kentucky and co-organizer of the NGSS chats who has been active in the implementation of NGSS. “It’s a necessity that it forces students to make those connections between many pieces of science in a coherent way.”

With storyline science, there are correct explanations, but there’s no right answer. A teacher’s job becomes less about handing down facts and more about establishing a classroom environment in which students can gather evidence and formulate arguments, with nudges along the way. This is a significant change from the way teachers have traditionally understood their role in the classroom. During the July 7 chat, some participants doubted their ability to make the shift. “[Teachers] are woefully unprepared [for] engaging in an inquiry-driven lessons. Local [teachers’] collaboration essential,” one contributor tweeted.

“For some elementary teachers it will be like I’m doing science in a real way for the first time ever,” Schweingruber said. “For high school teachers, I think one of the biggest shifts will be the emphasis on kids carrying out investigations and making decisions. That’s a real shift in your role as a teacher.”Shelton thinks the instructional changes entailed by NGSS are too big to internalize in isolated chunks of professional development.

“Face-to-face learning is super essential, but you can’t get enough in one or two days,” she said. “You need some kind of sustained system to try things out in your own classroom and then a support network that you can go back to. Without that support I think it’s hard to make that big shift.”

Along with professional networks, teachers also need curricular materials that fit the NGSS approach — textbooks, assessments and lab equipment that are well-suited to the basic method of gathering evidence and building arguments. One classroom technique that has gained currency is the building and analysis of models — functions that tune an input with some number of parameters and produce an output that describes phenomena in the world. It’s sophisticated work more often performed by professional researchers than 10th-graders.

“The first time I constructed a model was in graduate school,” Krajcik said. “It’s very challenging to say to a kid: How would you explain how all the parts work together? That’s tough.”

Constructing models may be complicated, but it’s also a perfect way for students to learn how to bring together multiple forms of evidence in the service of a larger scientific argument. The Concord Consortium, an educational research organization based in Massachusetts, is currently working with Krajcik’s group at Michigan State to create a tool called SageModeler that, in its simplest form, lets students drag and drop icons to create conceptual models to explain real-world events.

“The SageModeler tool allows [students] to construct a representation of some phenomenon and test it out,” said Dan Damelin, co-creator of SageModeler. “They can see what are the results of my setting up this model of how I think things work.” The first unit for the software, which will be pilot-tested in the spring, follows the storyline-style question: “Why Do Fishermen Need Forests?” It allows middle school students to investigate the causes and consequences of ocean acidification.

Prior to building an ocean acidification model, students will read about topics like deforestation, receive some direct instruction about the distinction between acids and bases, and carry out experiments that will give them a tangible sense of the factors involved. These could include exhaling into a jar of water containing a pH indicator (and observing that, as the water absorbs carbon dioxide, its pH declines) or conducting experiments to understand the role of photosynthesis in carbon sequestration.

Once the students have a feel for the factors contributing to ocean acidification, they’ll start to construct their models by pulling images from a clip art database to represent the variables they want to include: a car to represent carbon dioxide emissions, trees to represent carbon-dioxide-absorbing plants, shellfish to represent shellfish health, a fishing boat to represent the fishing economy. After students have defined relationships between the variables, they’ll run the model, graph the resulting data, and then refine their work to better approximate real-world data — in this case, data from the marine research center Station Aloha in Hawaii that can be dragged into SageModeler for a side-by-side comparison.

Teaching in this fashion can be exciting, but it will take sustained commitment for these techniques to ripple through the 100,000 or so public schools in the United States. In order for the new science and math standards to succeed, the entire education ecosystem will need to pull in that direction, from writers of standards to textbook publishers to professors in education schools to curriculum leaders running professional development sessions, to teachers swapping lesson ideas online. Just as the core concepts in math and science require repeated encounters over many years to be fully absorbed, a new practice of math and science teaching will need time to become established.

“I hope we give it the time,” Schweingruber said. “One problem in education reform is, people have unrealistic expectations about how quickly you change it. If you know it’s a huge ship, you have to give it some time before you decide it’s not working.”

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