Bitcoin BTC Long Term Price Forecast


Bitcoin (BTC) Long Term Price Forecast

BTC/USD Long-term Trend: Ranging

Resistance levels: $7,200, $7,400, $7,600

Support levels: $6,400, $6,200, $6,000

The price of Bitcoin was range bound in the first week of November 2018. In retrospect, the digital currency was ranging above the $6,400 price level all through the month of October 2018. The major bearish event is that on October 11, the bears went deep into the $6,200 price level. While on October 15, the bulls had a price spike that reached the high of $7,600 but price pulled back to the low of $6,500.

That was why we had a price ranging above the $6,400 price level. On November 7, the price reached a high of $6,565.66 but was resisted. The digital currency was in a downward trend after the resistance at $6,600 price level. The digital currency is likely to fall because price is in the bearish trend zone. Meanwhile, the price of Bitcoin is below the 12-day EMA and the 26-day EMA which indicates that a bearish trend is ongoing. The MACD line and the signal line are below the zero line which indicates a sell signal.


By Azeez M – November 10, 2018

Bitcoin (BTC) Long Term Price Forecast

Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

Bitcoin holding strong resistance at 65006550

Bitcoin holding strong resistance at 6500/6550

Bitcoin holding strong resistance at 6500/6550


Bitcoin holding strong resistance at 6500/6550 keeps the outlook negative targeting 6400 (now hit). This is the best support for today & therefore a break below 6350 is a sell signal targeting 6320 & 6220/6200 (we bottomed exactly here last week) before the October low at 6100/6055. A break below 6000 is the next sell signal targeting 5900/5880 & the low for this year at 5780. This is NOT expected to hold for long in the bear trend.

Quite strong resistance at 6500/6550 (this trade worked perfectly) but shorts need stops above 6600. Bulls are only in control on a break above here. We then need a break above 6760 to target 6825 & strong resistance at 7000/7050.


Jason Sen | 05:16 GMT

Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

Will Bitcoin cost 28000 by 2020? Vinny Lingham bets 20000 that it won’t

Will Bitcoin cost $28,000 by 2020? Vinny Lingham bets $20,000 that it won't

Will Bitcoin cost $28,000 by 2020? Vinny Lingham bets $20,000 that it won't

  • Vinny Lingham and Ronnie Moas bet on Bitcoin price movement.

  • BTC/USD resumes the decline during Asian hours.

The co-founder & CEO of the US-based startup Civic Vinny Lingham accepted the call from Ronnie Moas, the founder of investment company Standpoint Research, and bet $20,000 that Bitcoin price won't exceed $28,000 before December 31, 2019.

Moas believes that the demand for Bitcoin will be growing amid limited supply, which will lead to a substantial price increase up to $28,000 in 2019 and potentially to $50,000 by the end of 2020. Meanwhile, Lingham says that companies will have to sell their coins to cover expenses as mining and other cryptocurrency related activities are not that profitable anymore.

Whoever wins the bet, $20,000 will go to Free Ross charity, a group that provides a legal assistance to Silk Road creator Ross Ulbricht.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin dropped to $6,440 in Asia after an initial attempt to recover above $6,500. The most popular coin is changing hands at $6,444 with the Relative Strength Index pointing to further declines. The initial support lies with $6,400 with SMA200, 1-hour located right under that level. If it is cleared, the downside may be extended towards $6,300 congestion zone.


Tanya Abrosimova Tanya Abrosimova

FXStreet | 04:07 GMT

Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

New payments platform

A contactless payment and verification system that unites IoT and blockchain technology to benefit event organizers, merchants and consumers worldwide

We thought the payments & banking industry was too archaic – so we set out to build the most powerful, human & intuitive payments platform the world has ever seen.

With Festy, you no longer have to worry about weak analytics, currency conversion fees, and accidental card problems. Cryptocurrency is today providing global citizens with a frictionless, borderless, and worldwide payment solution. And this is where Festy comes in.

The platform is lowering the barrier that comes with accepting and using cryptocurrencies for daily transactions. It is also opening the global e-commerce market in a manner that has never been experienced or seen before. The platform is able to achieve all this while being able to provide event solutions, deep insights, client loyalty, and market analytics.

The Festy Story

The team behind this platform came up with the idea of developing a payment solution that would help solve the problems currently being experienced in the banking industry. Their idea was to come up with a solution that was not only powerful, but intuitive, and to an extent human. In short, they were out to create a solution that the world had not come across before.

Who Are The Beneficiaries Of Festy?

There are two sides to Festy. Festy for retailers and Festy for conferences or festivals.

For Retailers

  • 50% the transaction fee costs of MasterCard/Visa
  • Deeper analytics and insights
  • Customer loyalty, promotions, and retargeting
  • Easily integrates with the software that you are currently using, e.g., Hubspot and Quickbooks.
  • Accept cryptocurrencies from all wallets

For Conferences/ Festivals

  • Event access control
  • Integrates with your ticketing platforms
  • Live heat mapping, deeper analytics, and insights
  • Welfare
  • Crowd control

Festy Blockchain Crypto Payment And Loyalty System Features

The following are the top features that make Festy stand out:

  • Loyalty platform
  • Secure crypto payments
  • Analytics
  • No hidden fees
  • Customer retention
  • Intelligent insights
  • Tipping, taxes, refunds

Some of the systems being used today to accept and make payments are geo restrictive, and many are far from being frictionless. Festy has been built with the borderless generation in mind.

Festy ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token: FESTY
  • Price: 1 ETH = 25,000 FESTY
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: BTC, ETH, ETC
  • Minimum investment: 0.25 ETH
  • Soft cap: 120,000,000 FESTY
  • Hard cap: 1,000,000,000 FESTY


Festy (FESTY) Sale Starts October 29 Sale Ends December 31

Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

Bitcoin amp Crypto shall become part of European payment system

Bitcoin & Crypto shall become part of European payment system according to EU Parliament

Straßburg, 4 October 2018 – This week the European Parliament passed a resolution called DistributedLedger-Technologies and Blockchain: building trust with disintermediation. It states, among other things, that Bitcoin & Co is to be included in the European payment system.


Under the leadership of Greek MEP Eva Kaili, a strong motive for introducing the resolution is to strengthen and protect EU citizens and start-ups in relation to centralised banking and data protection, including the "right to be forgotten". It is intended to serve as a transparent regulatory framework with which a blockchain industry can thrive. According to Ms Kaili, one example of the need for greater efficiency is the banking sector, which in the EU alone charges 135 billion euros in hidden charges per year.

The Resolution contains the following recommendations:

    Establish non-profit "innovation centres" for Member States to promote research, education and training among their citizens.
    The introduction of blockchain courses and curricula at universities
    The Commission and the ECB must identify threats to the public and incorporate crypto currencies into the European payment system
    Development of technical standards for distributed ledger technologies
    Carry out a clear analysis of the legal enforceability of smart contracts between EU Member States.
    Decentralise the storage of data from EU citizens to prevent misuse of data.
    Decentralised infrastructure to ensure that no monopolies are held, e.g. the storage of nodes and servers.
    Use the blockchain to track EU funding to achieve better accountability.
    Evaluation of Blockchain-based Evoting Systems as an Application Example for the EU
    Creation of financing opportunities through the EIB, the EIF and EFSI 2.0
    The establishment of an ICO Monitoring Observatory and the clarification of utility and security tokens as unique asset classes.
    For all blockchain regulations to remove barriers and based on the principles of technology and business model neutrality.

The EU wants to play a leading role in Blockchain

For the EU to be successful and to assert itself in the development of the global blockchain market, it must ensure unrestricted access to initiatives. By calling on Member States to actively protect citizens' rights, Parliament takes a positive position and a leading role in the adoption of real use cases for block-chain technology.

While the resolution serves as recommendations and justification for stronger political development before it enters into force in the EU, it nonetheless demonstrates Parliament's willingness to take courageous steps to make the EU project future-proof.

Bitcoin & Co to be integrated into European payment systems

Parliament's recommendation to integrate crypto currencies into European payment systems and to guarantee data protection is very much in line with the Festy project **. Not only should merchants prefer crypto currencies to the euro, but consumers should also boycott Mastercard and Visa and regain control of their data. As a European company fighting for data ownership, we recommend that Parliament adopt this resolution and respect human rights.

Translated with


**  Festy   project:

Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur




The turbulent journey of the Bitcoin mining sector continues this week as BTCCPool announces it will close “indefinitely” November 30.



The pool, which constitutes the mining arm of Hong Kong-based exchange BTCC (formerly BTCChina), began operating in 2014, yet rarely competed with giants such as Bitmain’s Antpool.

A statement confirmed the closure November 6, with officials remaining coy over the exact impetus behind the decision.

A rough translation reads:

Today, we regret to announce that due to business adjustments, the BTCC pool will shut down all mining servers on November 15 and will cease operations indefinitely from November 30.

The “adjustments” involved are not mentioned but come at a time when Bitcoin mining is a headache in terms of profitability due to long-term price suppression.

At the same time, the closure appears not to be an entirely permanent move, with BTCC hinting a return to the market could occur in future.

The statement concluded:

We firmly believe that the cryptoassets and the Blockchain industry represented by Bitcoin will continue to develop and improve.

[…] We will see you again!


In June, BTCC had stuck provisional plans to sell a 49 percent stake of BTCCPool to Value Convergence Holdings in a deal which would have raised around $18 million. No news has surfaced since the plans went public, and the status of the handover remains unknown.

Bitcoin mining’s household names meanwhile continue to see mixed fortunes.

While Bitmain grapples with mixed publicity over its financial health, BitFury today released details of a giant $80 million funding round from a basket of Asian and European investors.

Executive Vice President George Kikvadze said:

This private placement will take our corporate governance to the next level, broaden our financial strategic options, and ideally position us for our next phase of growth as the market matures […]

Like Bitmain, the company is rumored to be planning an IPO.


Wilma WooWILMA WOO | NOV 07, 2018 | 00:10

Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

Bitcoin weekly price analysis 6112018


Bitcoin weekly price analysis – 6.11.2018

After dropping down to a low of $6,242 last week, bitcoin price started rising regularly hitting a week high of $6,529. Even though technical analysis of last week’s charts denoted that we are likely to witness a bearish market during most of the week’s trading sessions, a new upwards wave began manifesting itself last Wednesday following a short bearish move. The BTCUSD pair seems to be moving within a new rising upwards channel, which will not face significant resistance except around the $6,606 price level.

Bitcoin price and the news:

Last week witnessed circulation of news around a letter reporting supposed solvency of Tether (USDT), as a result to Tether’s new bank headquartered in the Bahamas (Deltec). Tether’s problems and allegations concerning Bitfinex’s insolvency have been raising significant concerns among the crypto community during the past few weeks.

Bitcoin traders are still waiting for serious decisions to come out from the SEC during the next few weeks. The SEC is expected to soon decide whether or not to approve Bitcoin ETFs. Also, the SEC is on its way to regulate ICOs with emphasis on three key elements of this blockchain based crowd funding process – issuers of ICOs, investors of unregistered ICOs, and exchanges facilitating trading of unregistered ICOs.

The retail banking giant JP Morgan is about to release its very own blockchain, which is expected to offer its huge client base a myriad of trading opportunities.

HTC, the Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer, is launching its first blockchain-friendly smartphone, which is expected to feature compartmentalized storage of various forms of blockchain based data. The highly anticipated mobile phone will be available for purchase via cryptocurrencies only.

New rising upwards channel on the 4 hour BTCUSD chart:

Let’s examine the 4 hour BTCUSD chart from Bitfinex, while plotting the Williams Alligator’s SMAs, and the MACD indicator as shown on the below chart. We can note the following:

– Last week started with the market’s bears having the upper hand, managing to pull price downwards from around $6,512 all the way down to a week low of $6,242 on Wednesday. Thereafter, the market’s bulls gained control pushing the price steadily upwards to a week high of $6,529 on Sunday.

– Since last Wednesday, bitcoin price began recording higher lows during most of the trading sessions. Also, higher highs can be spotted on around 50% of the candlesticks on the 4 hour chart. The rising trend line formed by the highs, as well as the rising trend line formed by the lows formed a “rising upwards channel” (the two parallel green trend lines on the above chart). Bitcoin price has been moving throughout this new rising channel since last Wednesday, and is likely to continue rising throughout this channel until facing resistance around the $6,606 price level, which represents the 76.4% Fibonacci retracement between the high at $7,788 and the low at $6,242.

– The SMAs of the Williams Alligator have re-aligned themselves to exhibit a bullish alignment as bitcoin price began rising throughout the new rising channel. On Sunday, the green SMA (lips) moved on top of the red SMA (teeth), which rose above the blue SMA (jaw). As such, it is said that the alligator’s mouth has opened and will start eating, so we can expect to see a stronger bullish wave during the upcoming few days.

– The aforementioned bullish signals are confirmed by the MACD which is also exhibiting a bullish signal. The blue MACD line is on top of the red signal line and both are sloping in an upwards direction in the positive territory.

Ichimoku Cloud still red on the 1 day BTCUSD chart:

Now, let’s examine the 1 day BTCUSD chart from Bitfinex while plotting the Ichimoku Cloud, the RSI, and MACD indicator as shown on the below chart. We can note the following:

– The bullish signals we spotted on the 4 hour chart are not confirmed by analyzing the 1 day chart, as the Ichimoku Cloud is reddish (bearish), and its Conversion line (blue) has moved below the Base line (red). Also, candlesticks are below the cloud.

– The RSI level is near 50, which is more or less indecisive. The MACD indicator is in the negative territory and the MACD line is below the signal line.


After recording a low of $6,242, a new bullish wave started building up last week pushing bitcoin price to a week high of $6,529. As bitcoin price is now moving throughout a new rising upwards channel, we can expect it to continue rising during the upcoming week towards the resistance around $6,606, even though we cannot confirm the bullish move by analyzing the 1 day BTCUSD chart.



Bitcoin weekly price analysis – 6.11.2018

Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

The number of monthly page views on Facebook goes down


Four billion.
According to a new study, this is the number of monthly page views that Facebook has slowly but surely lost over the past two years.

According to the study, Facebook traffic has not only halved since 2016. The data shows that YouTube is about to become the second largest website in the US and would throw Facebook from its social media throne. Google, which owns YouTube, would thus secure the first two places and Facebook would only remain the third place.


Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

BTCUSD Price Analysis – Fate of Nine Bitcoin ETFs to Be Decided After Today

BTC/USD Price Analysis – Fate of Nine Bitcoin ETFs to Be Decided After Today

Encouragingly, the market is bullish and Bitcoin is up printing a three-bar reversal pattern as participants reject lower lows. We expect the recovery to continue this week as the SEC is set to announce the fate of nine Bitcoin ETF as the commenting period concludes today. Should these proposals be compliant with SEC stringent requirements then BTC/USD price could erupt above $7,200 closing the year on a high.

Latest Bitcoin News

Endorsement by the US SEC is always a boost for any crypto asset. Any unfavorable assessment or comment in a bad light can quickly mean the asset is a security. That’s undesirable and extra work for investors who must file tax returns whenever they make crypto transactions. That is extra work that prevent direct investment. The question in everybody’s mind right now is news about Bitcoin ETF whose comment date ends today.

Up until now the SEC has been adamant, denying the roll out of nine Bitcoin ETF from Direxion, Proshares and GraniteShares. Apparently, we have come to learn that the rejection was because of the SEC commissioners delegating these tasks to their staff. They did recall and ordered comments from interest parties to be made by Nov 5-which is today. From there on, we expect the SEC to make their decision but the exact time remain tentative.

Earlier, it was widely reported that the SEC would qualify VanEx SolidX Bitcoin ETF after a “successful” meeting between representatives of the VanEx, CBoE and some SEC commissioners. Hopefully, they make a favorable decision and allow firms that meet their stringent listing requirements a go-ahead injecting the market with the much-needed momentum.

BTC/USD Price Analysis

The recovery of the BTC/USD is an indication of a bottoming crypto market. Considering the +75 percent drop this year, odds are we may see a recovery this quarter. Aside from technical factors, the simmering trade war between the US and China could trigger capital flights from the stock market to Bitcoin which is borderless. As such, last week’s 0.2 percent gain could increase as prices bounce off from the $6,000 support line and building on the bull pin bar of last week. In line with our last BTC/USD price analysis, it would be ideal if prices thrust past the resistance trend line connecting the last nine months highs and print above $7,000–$7,200 buy trigger line. Thereafter, first targets would be $8,500 and later $10,000.

Technically, BTC/USD pair is trading within a bear break out pattern following Oct 29 price action. But, after yesterday’s rapid gains, we now have a three-bar, bull reversal pattern. Besides, our last BTC/USD plan will most likely be null after today. Regardless of the greens, we recommend patience until we see gains above $7,000 resistance level. Then, the trend would be clear and price action would be trading above a key resistance level at the back of high reversal volume.



Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

Currently Bitcoin is gaining strength Report by OneAlpha says

“Currently, Bitcoin is gaining strength,” Report by OneAlpha says

“Currently, Bitcoin is gaining strength,” Report by OneAlpha says

"The December 2017 and January 2018 boom and bust had a cleansing effect on the ecosystem"

A report published in October by OneAlpha revealed that Bitcoin’s market was gaining strength after the 2018 correction. The stability of the last weeks is a sign of maturity of the markets that seem to have passed the hype stages -both bullish and bearish- of the previous months.

OneAlpha is an Israeli firm part of First Digital Assets Group; a fintech that defines itself as “the leading digital assets group in Europe.”

OneAlpha Report: Bearish Trend Is A Good Thing For The Market

According to the report, the current bearish trend was necessary. This decline in the markets served as a “relief” and generated a “cleansing effect” on the ecosystem.


The facts seem to prove the OneAlpha team right. After the abnormal bullish streak of 2017, many people entered the market in an abrupt and immature way. The 2018 correction seems to have given Bitcoin back the stability needed to gain more credibility as a “market” instead of its previous “bubble” image:

“From our perspective, the prolonged bear market provided the sector with a much-needed relief, lowering valuations to a more sensible level. Despite the considerable correction, a large portion of the value represents the future potential of the network rather than its current one. The December 2017 and January 2018 boom and bust had a cleansing effect on the ecosystem, removing many of the speculators and leaving mainly real investors, operators, and builders in the market. This is what was necessary to move forward and build a successful ecosystem.”

Bitcoin: Best Currency / Ethereum: Best Platform

The report is clear in dividing the cryptocurrency market into different branches. The first one is composed of well-known cryptocurrencies. For OneAlpha, 2018 has been a year during which Bitcoin has strengthened, recovering part of the influence taken away by other altcoins:

“Currently, Bitcoin is gaining strength and captures more than half of the total crypto market cap. Ethereum captures 10% of the total market cap. There are currently more than 2,000 traded crypto assets and more than 1,000 unique tokens worth around $14 billion. 87% of the tokens are Ethereum based, with NEO and Waves capturing around 2.4% each …

Of this valuation, it is noticeable that Bitcoin captures about 71% of all currencies and Ether 54% of all platforms.”

An Optimistic View Of The Future

The Report also highlights the importance that ICOs have had in increasing interaction with the public (despite cases of fraud and constant failures). It also points out the increase in institutional investments and blockchain technology patents registered in China and the United States.

The report gives a fairly positive view of the situation considering the facts from a broad perspective. Market behavior in 2018 is, according to analysts, a natural and necessary reaction to the craziness of 2017:

“We are experiencing a phase of sobriety and maturation – a decline in retail investment and a more careful, responsible approach from institutional investors on one hand and regulators around the world on the other. A long bear market might be the ideal climate to let the dust settle and examine, both internally and externally, the true possibilities that lay within the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem. Ultimately, the goal is to take a step further and bridge the gap between consumers, traditional investors, and blockchain technology.”


Jose Antonio Lanz by Jose Antonio Lanz November 4, 2018 in Bitcoin News 0

Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur