Bitcoin gets delayed boost from JPMorgan’s embrace of crypto

Bitcoin gets delayed boost from JPMorgan's embrace of crypto

Bitcoin gets delayed boost from JPMorgan’s embrace of crypto

Bitcoin is approaching $4,000 for the first time since the start of the year, as the largest cryptocurrency gets a delayed boost from the announcement last week that JPMorgan has developed a prototype digital coin that it plans to use to speed up payments between corporate customers.

“What some people have pointed to is that because they’re using distributed ledger technology and they’re calling it a cryptocurrency, that could have a positive effect on the industry,” said Mati Greenspan, senior market analyst at eToro in Tel Aviv.

Greenspan credited a jump in Ethereum over the weekend tied to the production of coins for helping to create an optimistic environment that pushed most crypto prices higher. Ether rose 17 percent Monday, and was up 3.6 percent to around $146 as of 10:30 a.m. in New York. Bitcoin climbed as much as 3.1 percent Tuesday to $3,970.

At least one measure followed by technical analysts suggests Bitcoin has more room to run, with the digital token in a solid buy trend for the first time since mid-December.

In addition, the VERA Convergence Divergence indicator turned positive today for the first time in over two months, indicating this rally may take Bitcoin over the heavily resisted $4,000 level.

The last time Bitcoin triggered a buy signal it gained $1,100 over the next 10 days.


Bloomberg 20 February 2019

Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

Markets Hit Six Week High as Altcoin Rally Adds Another 10 Billion

Markets Hit Six Week High as Altcoin Rally Adds Another $10 Billion

Yesterday’s crypto market rally has continued for a second day adding a further $10 billion to total market capitalization.

The push has driven markets over $134 billion which is the highest they have been since the big dump on January 10, almost six weeks ago. Around ten days ago crypto markets were depressed at $111 billion, since then they have recovered around 20% to current levels. The big question is can this rally turn into a longer term uptrend or is another mega dump imminent.

Ethereum initiated the run yesterday when it pumped 12%, outperforming most of the top altcoins, and Bitcoin itself. Today’s big performer is EOS which has jumped 24% to $3.60 at the time of writing. EOS hit a high of $3.79 a few hours ago which is its best price since late-November’s big market purge. Daily volume has surged to over $2.3 billion pushing EOS market cap to $3.25 billion taking fourth place back from Litecoin. There does not appear to be anything specific driving EOS at the moment aside from fear of missing out (fomo) so a pullback is expected.

Bitcoin Cash has had another solid day’s performance as it gains 13% taking it to $147, chasing down LTC just above it with a climb of 7% to $47.50. Ethereum has also made a further 7% on the day taking its price up to $147 and pushing it over $2 billion clear of XRP in terms of market cap.

Bitcoin is approaching heavy resistance at $4,000 but it is still climbing at the moment with a 5% gain on the day to a high of $3,970 a few hours ago. BTC has since pulled back to $3,920 where it is holding for now.

Other top performers are altcoins which have been hit the hardest in recent weeks namely Cardano, IOTA, Dash, and Ethereum Classic, all climbing 6 to 8 percent on the day. At the moment it is the altcoins which are enjoying the biggest gains over the past 48 hours. Some analysts have predicted the beginning of the “altseason” by looking at total market cap for them without Bitcoin. It has just broken the yearlong trend line and Bitcoin dominance is falling back towards 50%.

At the moment things are looking positive for the majority of altcoins and for once Bitcoin is playing catch-up. It is a pattern repeated countless times though and big brother BTC will have its day sooner or later.


Luke Thompson February 19, 2019


Markets Hit Six Week High as Altcoin Rally Adds Another $10 Billion

Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

Bitcoin BTC Price Analysis: Aiming for Triangle Top Next

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Aiming for Triangle Top Next!

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Aiming for Triangle Top Next!

Bitcoin broke above its short-term descending channel to confirm that the climb is gaining traction. This also completes a breakout from the bullish flag continuation pattern, indicating that a climb of the same height as the mast is in order.

The 100 SMA is above the longer-term 200 SMA to confirm that the path of least resistance is to the upside. In other words, the uptrend is more likely to continue than to reverse. This might even lead to a break above the triangle top on the 4-hour time frame.

If so, bitcoin might see a climb that’s the same height as the triangle, which spans $3,300 to $4,400. This might take it all the way up to the forecast of “$5,000 in the next ten days” from the previous week.

So far, the 100 SMA is holding up well as a dynamic support level while the 200 SMA could also hold as a floor near the $3,600 mark in the event of a pullback. A break below the triangle bottom at $3,500 could signal that bearish pressure is back in play.

RSI is already in the overbought zone to indicate that buyers are tired and sellers might take over. In that case, price might also pull back to the broken channel top around $3,700. Stochastic has more room to climb before hitting the overbought zone, which means that buyers could have the upper hand for much longer.

The recent upside break would likely draw more bullish forecasts from analysts, possibly extending the rally even further. Meanwhile, anticipation for the Fidelity institutional platform is also building up as the March launch data approaches.

If this pushes through, a pickup in volumes from institution is expected, likely drawing even more bullish interest. On the other hand, another delay could spur a major correction once more.


By Rachel Lee February 18, 2019

Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

Bitcoin BTC Long Term Price Forecast- February 16

Bitcoin (BTC) Long Term Price Forecast- February 16

Bitcoin (BTC) Long Term Price Forecast- February 16

BTC/USD Long-term Trend: Bearish

  • Resistance levels: $7,200, $7,400, $7,600

  • Support levels: $3,500, $3,300, $3,100

Last month, January, the BTC/USD pair was trading in the bearish trend zone. With an opening balance of $3,832.60, the BTC price depreciated to the low of $3,503.80. In other words, in January, the crypto lost about 8.57% of its capitalization. In January the bears broke the $3,700 support level as price continued its fall to the $3,400 price level.

The broken support level of $3,700 is now a resistance level for the BTC price. On February 8, the cryptocurrency came out of the bearish trend zone as the bulls broke the 12-day EMA and the 26-day EMA. The crypto’s price reached a high of $3,800 but closed at a price of $3,724.The crypto is facing resistance at the $3,700 and $3,800 price levels. Currently, the BTC price is retracing from the recent high and has fallen to the support of the EMAs. If the price is sustained above the EMAs, the crypto is likely to resume its bullish trend. Meanwhile, the MACD line and the signal line are below the zero line which indicates a sell signal. The crypto’s price is above the 12-day EMA and the 26-day EMA which indicates that price is likely to rise.


By Azeez M – February 16, 2019

Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

Santander Enters 700 Million Deal to Use IBM’s Tech Including Blockchain

Santander Enters $700 Million Deal to Use IBM’s Tech, Including Blockchain

One of Europe’s largest banks, Banco Santander, and tech giant IBM have announced an agreement to accelerate the bank’s development of technologies such as blockchain. The news was announced in a press release published on Feb. 13.

The five-year global technology agreement is reportedly aimed at enhancing the financial institution’s services using emerging technologies — such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data — provided by IBM.

The deal between IBM and the largest financial and credit group in Spain is reportedly valued at approximately $700 million. The move aims to reduce the bank’s annual costs on IT spending and “significantly enable Santander Group to evolve towards the open, flexible and modern IT environment it requires,” the press release notes.

David Soto, IBM General Manager for Santander Group, was quoted in the press release as saying:

"Santander Group is leveraging IBM technologies to support their security and regulatory work, and to rapidly develop new services that meet emerging customer demand by tapping into IBM's unique technology and industry expertise."

As Cointelegraph reported last summer, Banco Santander created a blockchain research team, dubbed the “Digital Investment Banking” team, to explore the potential of blockchain tech to change securities trading and other financial instruments.

As Cointelegraph reported this week, IBM recently partnered with pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim to deploy blockchain in clinical recordkeeping.

Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

Bitcoin price prediction – BTCUSD bears have a hard time at 3550 – Confluence Detector

Bitcoin price prediction - BTC/USD bears have a hard time at $3,550  - Confluence Detector

Bitcoin price prediction – BTC/USD bears have a hard time at $3,550 – Confluence Detector

  • BTC/USD is well-supported at the current price level.

  • The bulls need to take out $3,650 to put Bitcoin back on the recovery track.

BTC/USD has steadied below $3,600 handle as the bullish enthusiasm proved to be short-lived. The largest digital coin has been rangebound with downside bias for a few days, singling the loss of the recovery momentum.

A steady flow of positive fundamental news did little to support the prices or engineer a new bullish trend. The industry seems to be humming along, but the market remains skeptical. Traders are in no hurry to push Bitcoin and other digital assets out of the recent ranges and to new highs.

BTC/USD the daily confluence detector

Bitcoin bears may have a hard time pushing the price lower, considering a thin layer of strong technical indicators clustered right under the current price. They include a host of short-term SMA levels, the midline of 1-hour Bollinger Band, 38.2% and 61.8% Fibo retracement on a daily chart, 38.2% Fibo retracement weekly.

Once this barrier is out of the way, the price will bump into another support zone, created at $3,540-$3,520 by a confluence of 23.6% Fibo retracement monthly, SMA200 and SMA50 4-hour and Pivot Point 1-day Support 1.

This area is followed by psychological $3,500. A sustainable move lower may trigger strong sell-off with the next focus at $3,338, which is the lowest level of the previous week.

On the upside, the recovery is capped by a psychological $3,600, which is closely followed by DMA50 at $3,624. This is a strong resistance area that also contains 23.6% Fibo retracement weekly, 161.8% Fibo projection weekly and Pivot Point 1-day Resistance 2.

A minor resistances is also registered on approach to $3,650 (38.2% Fibo retracement monthly, pivot Point 1-day Resistance 3). By taking this hurdle out, Bitcoin bulls will effectively clear out the way towards $4,000 as there is little in terms of technical levels there.



Tanya Abrosimova


Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

Crypto Analyst – Bitcoin Investors Are Underwater But BTC Bounces Back Quickly

Crypto Analyst - Bitcoin Investors Are Underwater, But BTC Bounces Back Quickly

Bitcoin’s highly publicized meteoric rise to its all-time high of $20,000 in December 2017 was a classic bubble cycle at its peak. The media attention and hype from individuals talking about the crypto on social media and in social circles sparked FOMO (fear of missing out) in retail investors who eventually got burned when the price of BTC collapsed starting in January 2018.

Throughout the current bear market, due to early investors getting in long before Bitcoin went parabolic, collectively, investors were able to stay above water. But once support at $6K broke and capitulation set in, Bitcoin investors became deep underwater and are still drowning in losses since. However, according to data shared by a prominent crypto analyst, Bitcoin is “seldom underwater” and it could signal that investors could be seeing gains again in the future.

Bitcoin Investors Have Only Been Underwater for Under 2 Out of 10 Years

Bitcoin has been rightfully lauded for the asset’s ability to produce substantial gains not seen in traditional financial assets or investments. Even at current prices of roughly $3,600, from the first ever recorded BTC price of $0.003 represents a 120 million percent increase – gains that are typically unheard of in other markets.

Due to the first ever cryptocurrency’s rise from practically worthless, to nearly $20,000, there have been many opportunities for investors to become profitable in their journey alongside Bitcoin and rarely are investors underwater on their BTC holdings.

According to a price chart from CoinMetrics that approximates the price paid for all circulating coins – as was shared by prominent crypto analyst Willy Woo – Bitcoin investors are underwater for only the third time in the technological and financial breakthrough’s ten years in existence.

Only two times before the current dive have investors went underwater.

At the tail end of 2011, Bitcoin took a three-month dip into the water starting around September when price fell from nearly $8 in late August, all the way down to roughly $2 in November of the same year. It wasn’t until December when BTC made a recovery and came up for a breath of air.

During the dreaded 2014-2015 bear market following the Mt. Gox disaster, Bitcoin again fell deep underwater in January 2015 and stayed there until early November of the same year.

In total, Bitcoin has spent only around 18 months out of the ten years since the Genesis Block with investors of the asset underwater. Given Bitcoin’s resiliency and ability to bounce back, the market may be closer to establishing the ever elusive bottom.

Bye-Bye BTC Bear Market? Not So Fast

While the data does show that Bitcoin investors falling underwater could indicate a bottom is in or at least near, the same data could also be a sad signal for bulls.

Should Bitcoin’s price follow a similar path and trajectory as the 2014-2015 bear market, and it has done so eerily closely thus far, investors in the asset may be stuck spending another 7-9 months underwater before a bull trend resumes.

The previous time Bitcoin went underwater, it stayed there for 11 months before a relief rally occurred that wasn’t immediately batted down by overhead by bearish resistance. The current bear market only dove underwater following the break of critical support at $6,000 back in November of last year, which could suggest that the bear market has a lot longer to go before the end of crypto winter is here.



Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

BITCOIN BREAKTHROUGH – The institutions have arrived’

BITCOIN BREAKTHROUGH -  The institutions ‘have arrived'

BITCOIN BREAKTHROUGH – The institutions ‘have arrived’

Bitcoin evangelist Anthony Pompliano says the institutions have arrived to cryptocurrency, after his digital asset firm signed two US pension funds.

Morgan Creek, which focusses on institutional clients and family offices, says the Fairfax County’s Police Officers Retirement System and Employees’ Retirement System contributed to the US$40M fund.

“Blockchain technology is being applied in unique and compelling ways across multiple industries,” said Katherine Molnar, chief investment officer of Fairfax County’s police officer’s retirement system, in a press release.

“We feel it is important to be opportunistic and are excited to participate in this emerging opportunity, due to the attractive asymmetric return profile that it represents.”

Mr Pompliano believes it’s the first time a cryptocurrency venture fund has raised money from a public pension.

“The institutions aren’t coming. They’re already here!” Mr Pompliano proclaimed.

“A tonne of people worked their asses off to make this happen and it took some incredibly forward thinking capital allocators to have the courage to be the first.

“Couldn’t be more proud of everyone.”

It’s understood the fund will primarily make equity-based investments in start-up companies active in the blockchain space, but also smaller investments in security tokens and cryptocurrencies.

The fund’s investors also include a hospital system, a university endowment and an insurance company.

“We’re investing in infrastructure companies with some small liquid crypto exposure,” Mr Pompliano said.



February 13, 20196149

Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

The cumbersome process of bulding laws for Bitcoin

The cumbersome process of bulding laws for Bitcoin

The cumbersome process of bulding laws for Bitcoin

Crypto is in a precarious legal state, with slow-moving regulation struggling to keep up with technological innovations.

In a press release with News.Bitcoin, two lawyers working on a crypto money laundering case highlight how murky the legal framework for crypto really is. The lawyers in question, Matt Kohen and Justin Wales, are involved in a case in which a man named Michell Espinoza sold Bitcoin to undercover officers. The man was charged with money laundering, which eventually was dropped by a judge who decreed Bitcoin as a legally distinct from ‘money.’ This decision itself has since been overturned by a separate judge. Furthermore, in a separate jurisdiction involving a seperate money laundering case, Bitcoin was declared ‘unambiguously money’ by US District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan.

Kohen and Wales describe the legal framework which Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies exist in as ‘patchwork.’ Furthermore, the legal or criminal implications of crypto are separate from its place in securities law, and how it is overseen by the CFTC and SEC.

In a recently published speech by Hester Pierce, the so-called ‘crypto mom,’ the SEC commissioner attempted to make more clear the opaque process by which the SEC is to decide whether Bitcoin is a security, and the exact specifications involved with regulating a BTC ETF. Pierce paints her (and the rest of the SEC’s role) as a gatekeeper to innovation.

The SEC, as well as the criminal and civil courts, are attempting to decide not only exactly what crypto is, but what limitations and barriers their should be on its use. In the meantime, blockchain and crypto are not going to slow down, and the necessarily bulky legal system is likely just beginning to turn its gaze towards the asset class. The process of Bitcoin and other crypto becoming truly legally recognized entities may not have even started yet in earnest, and 2019 will be an interesting year for crypto in court.



Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

Bitcoin BTC Price Analysis – Finally Some Signs of Life

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis – Finally, Some Signs of Life!


Bitcoin enjoyed a sharp pop higher, enough to lead to a break above the descending trend line on its 4-hour chart. Price made a strong rally but is encountering resistance at the top of the falling channel seen on the same time frame.

The 100 SMA is still below the longer-term 200 SMA to indicate that the path of least resistance is to the downside. In other words, the downtrend is more likely to resume than to reverse. Then again, price is trading above both moving averages to signal that bullish momentum is picking up. The gap between the moving averages is narrowing also, so a bullish crossover might follow.

If so, price could break past the channel top around the $3,700 mark and carry on with its climb. The current consolidation appears as a flag pattern, which is often seen as a continuation signal.

However, RSI is turning lower from the overbought zone to indicate that buyers are tired and letting sellers take over. This could lead to a pullback to the broken short-term trend line resistance or all the way down to the bottom of the channel at $3,300. Stochastic is also turning lower so price might follow suit as sellers take the upper hand.

Bitcoin’s strong rally is seen to have been spurred by a combination of low volumes and a few positive updates. This has prompted several analysts to renew their bullish forecasts and some even to switch from a bearish to a slightly more upbeat view.

Tom Lee of Fundstrat cites that technical analysts that were bearish in early-2019 are becoming “incrementally bullish” on BTC. This follows a claim by another analyst who said that he wouldn’t be surprised if Bitcoin surged to $5,000 in the next ten days. Mitoshi Kaku, a popular cryptocurrency trader on Twitter, posted:

“I wouldn’t be surprise at ALL, if the price goes straight to $5K in the next 10 days. The conditions are present TA-wise. Obviously that sort of move would need a strong catalyzer, but anything is possible when it comes to price action.”


Rachel Lee by Rachel Lee February 11, 2019

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis -  Finally, Some Signs of Life!

Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur