Looking for a safe place to invest?

Looking for a safe place to invest?

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Crypto currencies: Awareness of Bitcoin amp Co increases – trust decreases


Crypto currencies: Awareness of Bitcoin & Co. increases – trust decreases

With crypto currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, there is still a large difference between awareness and actual use.

Despite the high degree of awareness of Bitcoin & Co., crypto currencies have hardly been used in Germany so far. This is the central finding of a representative survey for which the management consultancy BearingPoint surveyed over 1000 consumers throughout Germany.

"Kroker's Look @ IT" presents the results of the study today exclusively in advance. The survey was conducted for the third time and describes how the perception and use of virtual payment technologies has changed in recent years.

Accordingly, the degree of awareness of crypto currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum has risen further in the course of the past year and thus remains at a high level: after all, almost nine out of ten consumers know the virtual means of payment or have already heard of them (88 percent). This is an increase of 17 percent compared to the previous year.

Nevertheless, Germans are sceptical about the alternative currency and there is still a large difference between awareness and actual use: the absolute numbers of actual users are all in all very small. Only 5 percent of all respondents have already purchased crypto currencies.

The scepticism of consumers is also confirmed by the following findings: A large proportion of respondents continue to regard crypto currencies as a niche product in comparison to government currencies and gold. At 77 percent, gold is still regarded as the strongest form of investment, followed by government currencies (60 percent).

Conversely, only 30 percent of those surveyed regard crypto currencies as a valuable investment. In addition, only 31 percent believe that crypto currencies have the potential to replace traditional means of payment. In 2017, this figure was 34 percent. This could be partly due to the boom in cryptojacking: The secret mining of coins virtually exploded last year, as I recently reported here in the blog.

Source:  https://blog.wiwo.de/look-at-it/2018/05/08/kryptowaehrungen-bekanntheit-von-bitcoin-co-steigt-vertrauen-sinkt/


Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

57 Million ETH Transfer Commanding Ethereum Market Price What More To Expect?

$57 Million ETH Transfer Commanding Ethereum Market Price, What More To Expect?


Ethereum (ETH), the 2nd largest cryptocurrency by market,

has constantly followed Bitcoin (BTC) price surging course, as the crypto market enters the supposedly bullish season. The buying pressure has drastically increased, and the crypto whales keep moving their precious assets from one account to another. A recent Ethereum (ETH) whale fund transfer has been reported, with $57 Million worth of ETH moved, leaving a positive impact on its price, as it keeps surging without relenting.

Bitcoin has obviously led the price growth race in the market, while other cryptocurrencies follow. Ethereum (ETH) has also managed pace along, but it is still lagging behind as BTC threads up with great momentum .Ethereum has been one of the best performers among the top 10 cryptocurrencies. It seems obvious that altcoins that are ready to join Bitcoin’s price growth would benefit greatly as the crypto market capitalisation keeps appreciating on daily basis.

Ethereum Whale Moves $57 Million Worth of ETH

Crypto whales’ activity is a big deal that can never be underestimated. Their past impacts in commanding the prices of cryptocurrencies in the market have been quite enormous.Also READ  Why Government and Binance Investment In TravelbyBit Could Take Crypto Adoption To A New Level. Sometimes it favours the market and the otherwise can also occur, but the recent huge transaction of ETH is indeed beneficial to the price of the digital currency, as it continues to trend upward over the last 24 hours.

According to Etherscan, a huge transaction of 173,932 ETH was moved from 0x60cd748f838651c003c24dbde33c8885d504ed9d to 0xd3e3664b58adf11c8f4d46f7bb666cf2e97f9029, which worth relatively $57 Million at press time. The transfer was effected at 03:41:04 AM +UTC, on 3rd June 2019. Ethereum has been enjoying relatively 8% price upsurge in the last 24 hours. At the time of filing this report, ETH is trading at $338.12, with over 36 Billion market capitalisation, and $12,168,825,632 24H volume.

Bitcoin’s Price Rally and How It Has Impacted the Market, Especially Ethereum (ETH)

Bitcoin (BTC), the largest cryptocurrency by market cap has been initiating a distinct and beautiful price rally in the market. However, some altcoins have been reluctant in joining the pace. Top 10 cryptocurrencies such as Ripple XRP, Litecoin (LTC), Binance (BNB), EOS, Bitcoin SV (BSV) and others have failed to replicate the present price trend in the market. While the likes of Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Tron (TRX) are so far the best performers that are ready to share the market lots with Bitcoin (BTC), and more is expected from them in coming day.

Also READ  Good News For Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Verge (XVG): NetCents Crypto Credit Card Nears Launch

Ethereum is seemingly natured to grow concurrently with Bitcoin, due to its past and consistent reactions to the surging trend of the digital currency. However, this changed a bit about two weeks ago, when BTC kept growing with no positive impact on ETH. The recent Bitcoin price rally is greatly favouring the growth of Ethereum, giving its investors good investment return and convincing the potential suitors in leveraging on this consistent price appreciation.

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Solomon Odunayo

I am a creative writer and a cryptocurrency enthusiast. Learning and writing about Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple's XRP, and TRON (TRX) are my hobbies.


Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

The Future Of Online Marketing and Social Networking – MARKETHIVE


The Future Of Online Marketing and Social Networking – MARKETHIVE

What Is Markethive?

Markethive is a Market Network, a hybrid: part social network, part marketplace, part SaaS with a News and Press Release Site built in. 

  • Social Network. An online service or site comprised of a connected interpersonal network of individuals, such as friends, acquaintances, and coworkers. Social networks are designed to connect people with others who are a part of the network. This environment nurtures the building of relationships, providing the necessary stepping stones for the growth of “virtual online communities”. Social networking websites offer the ability to stay connected with existing friends, plus opportunities to meet new people.

    Think of a social network as a dedicated website or other application that enables users to communicate with each other by posting information, comments, messages, images, etc. Think of a social network as a 360-degree spherical connection where individuals can share personal information with others in their own network. Some networks even offer private messaging services to provide the ability for real-time communication between members or the ability to leave messages privately.

    As a general rule social networks are not particularly business-oriented or commerce-friendly by design.

  • Marketplace. The term market comes from the Latin Mercatus ("market place"). A marketplace is a location where people regularly gather for the purchase and sale of goods and services. Marketplaces allow for transactions between multiple buyers as well as multiple sellers. A marketplace is an arena of competitive or commercial dealings; the world of trade.

    Fast forward to the realm of the Internet of Things (IoT), and now a marketplace is more commonly seen and represented as highly accessible, streamlined commercial transactions being conducted electronically on the Internet, with an outreach that has no boundaries or limits.

    An online marketplace literally has the ability to expand the borders of even a local business to that of a nationwide outreach, or even worldwide exposure. With the advent of computers, the internet and networking, anyone can do business 24/7 from the comfort of their home or from anywhere, provided they have a computer, laptop, tablet, SmartPhone, and WiFi.

  • SaaS Tool. SaaS tools are for making your job easier. SaaS is the modern way to run the software and integrated tools to enhance, leverage and assist the subscribers’ success to achieve targeted goals within the construct of a particular sphere. Software as a service is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. It is sometimes referred to as "on-demand software”. Reduces complexity, helps to keep pace with innovation, and provides access to experts for support to provide a clear path for your day-to-day tasks and projects.

    One of the most popular forms of cloud computing is SaaS, defined as a software distribution model in which a service provider hosts applications for customers and makes them available to these customers via the internet. The era of installing software from a CD or from a data center’s server is coming to a close, as Internet-delivered software makes applications available anywhere, anytime.


Just as brick and mortar businesses have been and still are falling by the wayside to make room for much bigger and better ways in which to do business online without borders, traditional social networks will need to either evolve into being much more business- and commerce-friendly or get left behind.


Technology, Visionaries, Progress pave the way

In today's economic and technological cultures, what had been seen previously as traditional jobs and long-term employment are now things of the past. Statistics have shown that employees and laborers now work on average for only 4 years or less. More and more, the faces of this new paradigm shift are Entrepreneurs. Reid Hoffman founder of LinkedIn is quoted as saying, "All human beings are entrepreneurs."

Hence, the impetus for designing a platform that will ultimately create real Universal Income that is available for everyone. Essentially that means giving every single person, skilled or unskilled, an avenue and a purpose to get up in the morning and apply themselves every day where they will achieve an income that will grow and eventually give them the autonomy and financial success whether it be through a service they provide, a business they are marketing or a passion they are pursuing. Therefore not worrying or relying upon a job market that is in the decline, but looks forward to retirement and fulfillment on every level. 

It should be noted that Universal [basic] Income has become a new focus of elites, such as Elon Musk. However, this has a different meaning to what I’m talking about here. Although the reason for this topic does affect us which gives rise to the possibility where autonomy, time and financial freedom is an opportunity at hand with Markethive’s Universal Income. [and it’s far from “Basic”]


Attributes of a Successful Market Network.

If you recall from history, back in the days of the Gold Rush, it turned out to be those who provided the tools and resources for the miners who benefited the most financially.

In a Market Network, a many-to-many transaction pattern is key. A Market Network often starts by enhancing a network of professionals that exists offline. Many of them have probably been transacting with each other for years using various offline methods of doing business: phone calls, fax, checks, and overnight packages. When moving all these connections and transactions into software, the creation of a Market Network makes it much easier for professionals to operate their businesses and for clients to get far better service.

  • Market Networks target more complex services. The highest value services are neither simple nor normally objectively judged. They can be more involved and longer term. Market Networks are designed for these types of services.

  • People matter. A Market Network is designed to acknowledge that as a core tenet while providing the best possible solution.

  • Collaboration happens around a project. The SaaS at the center of Market Networks focuses the action on a project that can take days, months or even years to complete.

  • Market Networks help build long-term relationships. For years, social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook have helped build long-term relationships. However, until Market Networks, they hadn’t been used for commerce and transactions.

  • Referrals flow freely. The Market Network software is designed to make referrals simple and more frequent.

  • Market Networks increase transaction velocity and satisfaction. The Market Network grows the closing ratios on proposals and expedites the payment process. The software also raises customer satisfaction scores, reduces miscommunications, and makes the work appealing, with outstanding results.



Starting NOW, there will be many more forward-thinking entrepreneurs stepping forward, with their sights set upon creating increasingly innovative, highly synchronized business models and solutions to doing business in the 21st century and beyond. Those who will be most successful will not only keep up with the speed at which technology continues to change, but they will align themselves ahead of the curve at all times.

Markethive built on the Blockchain with its own coin has made this whole system immutable, transparent, private and autonomous. This is the next generation in Social and Market Media. 

The potential payoff is predicted to be huge. Market Networks like Markethive will have a massive positive impact on how millions of people work and live, and how hundreds of millions of people buy and sell better services. 


Published on Ethereum World News https://ethereumworldnews.com/the-future-of-online-marketing-and-social-networking-markethive/



Deb Williams
Market Manager for Markethive, a global Market Network, and Writer for the Crypto/Blockchain Industry. Also a strong advocate for technology, progress, and freedom of speech.  I embrace "Change" with a passion and my purpose in life is to help people understand, accept and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 

Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

Some Interesting Markethive questions answered

I am a top performer at Markethive, I get between 10-30 Market Associates per day. After Answering questions over and over from different Markethive associates, it became obvious to me that many other Markethive associates maybe having similar questions and not getting them answered.

To avoid writing the same answers over an over, I have decided to put the most asked questions here, with answers and simple forward the link to every new associate.

If you are currenly Markethive Member, irrespective of your level, I recommend you read this and send it to every new Markethive member you bring on board. It can help provide initial relieve, before you get to interact with them on 1:1 providing further support.

These are not official answers from Markethive, but answers to the best of my knowledge, based on my understanding and use of markethive for more than 4 years.

These answers are not meant to be complete or definite, but mere guidance for better understanding of markethive. This blog post is under ongoing modifications and updates as need arises.

You are welcome to share this with all your Markethive associates. If sending to non Markethive members, make sure you include your markethive link and advise them to use it to sign up for markethive, if they chose to.

Some  Interesting Markethive questions answered.

Q1] How do I sign up for markethive?

A1] It's easy. Maybe you already signed up.

However, here is a video that walks you through.


If you really have not signed up, then use this link here

to sign up: http://hive.pe/E7


?Q2] What do I get, when I sign up for markethive?

A2] You get 500 MHV coins instantly credited to your account, after you have fully verified your account. You also get instant access to the poweful Markethive Inbound Marketing platform (over $2,000 per month worth), all for FREE.

Q3] I noticed that I got 500 MHV Coins after signing up. How can I cash out these or turn them into BTC?

A3]  Congratulations! The system works. In deed, you do get 500 MHV Coins, after verifying your account. If you are reading this, but did not receieve 500 MHV Coins upon signung up, then you did not or have not verified your account yet. In that case, do verify your account and you will have your coins credited.

Cashing out markethive coins (MHV):

The Markethive coins are currently listed on the raisex exchange,

where you can transfer your coins (when possible), trade into BTC, and then use as desired.

As times goes on, listing on more exchanges will follow.

Besides, markethive will be having its on exchange, still under development at this time.



Q4] Does everyone receive 500 MHV coins matching bonus for referring others? And what is the time frame for this?

A4] All Markethive memebers can refer others. Those you refer or the list (leads) your build using Markethive capture (widget) system, with their complete data are unique to you. No one else has access to them, not even Markethive.

However, free memebers do not earn matching bonuses for refering others. You must be entrepreneur upgrade ($100 per month) to receive 500 MHV Coins matching bonus for new signups. The new sign up must verify their account before you get the match coin bonus. 

Apart from the 500MHV Coin matching bonus per referral, there are lots of benefits upgrading.

Here are the 8 major benefits of upgrading to entrepreneur.

1. Your Profile Page becomes a lead “associates” capture page
2. 100% matching bonus from the airdrops via your “associates”
3. 100% matching bonus from your direct “associates” upgrade
4. Loyalty Program: You receive 10% ILP after 12 straight months of Entrepreneur upgrade

5. You get Unlimited Banner advertisement in all of Markethive traffic portals
6. You get Equal share from Markethive’s co-op advertising
7. You gain access to Traffic Portals seller classification
8. You Receive your own ILP site to promote, and receives matching ILP shadow shares

The $100/month Entrepreneur Upgrade is ongoing.  However, receieving the 10% ILP (shareholder opportunity) after 12 months is limited to the first 1000 upgrades only. 

You can upgrade anytime, if you want the added benefits.

If owning a share of the Company is what you desire, better upgrde today.

This video below should help you understand more.



Q5] Please explain; what does the “Universal Income for Entrepreneur” mean, and where can I access it.

A5] After you have referred 3 new people, the “Universal income for Entrepreneur” gets activated automatically without you doing anything else. This means that you will start receiving coins (Micro Payments) for EVERY ACTION you take on the markethive Platform.

Some of the actions you get paid to perform, include: logging into markethive, liking posts, reading posts, sending messages, accept friendship request, reading posts, posting blog posts, creating groups, joining groups, creating marketing pampaigns, etc. These are all actions you do to build you business. So, as a matter of fact, Markethive pays you to build your business.

All these micropayments are added automatically to your Coin balance, which you can cashout whenever you want.


Q6] As a free member, do I get access to the autoresponder?

A6] Yes, you have access to everything. The entrepreneur upgrade does add the extra functionality of getting more qualified (verified) leads, but the system as is, is already fulling functional with all the features, and that includes the Autoresponder. The auto responder is superior to all other Auto responders you know.


Q7] How much does it cost to upgrade to entrepreneur in Marketive?

A7] The upgrade costs 100$ Monthly. However, upgrade is optional and the 10% ILP Opportunity limited only to the first 1000 upgrded members. So, if you see the benefits of upgrading, better do now before this limit is reached.

The markethive system in its present setting is 100% functional and you can use it exactly the way it is now, without the requirement to upgrade. However, I recommend you do upgrade.

Upgrading brings you enormous benefits, that far exceed even the price of the upgrade by more than hundred or even thousand-fold.

For more information about the Entrepreneur Upgrade and the benefits,

Watch again this video: https://youtu.be/O8oq5ClorGk

Hope this helps.

Should you need further help using the platform, or have more questions, joint the Markethive Telegram Group, where you can get almost instant answers to questions from the CEO and Admin Team, or from other Markethive members.

Use this link below to join the Markethive Telegram Group.



To stay up-to-date and get the best out of your Markethive Opportunity, attend the meetings on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as watch the daily training videos. Details on this can be found on the calender at the right hand side in your Markethive Back Office.


Regards, Pete


Personal Remarks

Below is a snapshot of my most recent activity referring other Associates to Markethive. You would notice that, on April 3rd, 2019, I referred a total of 28 new Assiociate. 

By 500MHV Coin matching bonus per Associate = 28 x 500 = 14,000MHV Coins.

At the current rate of $0.0744 on Raisex Exchnage:

Implies: $0.0744 x 14,000 = $1,041.6 in one day.

One year of Entrepreneur Upgrade, fully paid in one day.

The rest of the days of the year will be PURE PROFIT, and that just from the coins alone!

This does not include yet some of the other benefits listed in question 4 above.

Besides, all the acciociates I refeered, are now my potential partners in to grow other businesses.

What you did not see here are the other 50 – 100 ordinary leads (Not Markethive Associates) I get daily, using the Markethive Marketing System to build my other businesses.

So, beyond any other thing, the Markethive Inbound Marketing System Works, and that alone too is a Gold mine. Use and grow rich.

You can do it too, if you are prepared and ready for massive Success.

How to be Prepared: Upgrade to the Entrepreneur $100 Monthly x12 month or one time $1000.

How to be Ready: Attend the regular Markethive training (check the calender in your back office)

Join the others and lets Succeed together.

Not yet a member of Markethive?

JOIN TODAY ——–>Join here.



Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

The Smart Interactive Node and the Find the Hash integration

The Smart Interactive Node and the Find the Hash integration

Arian is the blockchain of the Arian Coin cryptocurrency, powered by the Proof of Achievement protocol, which has allowed the creation of its Smart Interactive Node and the integration of the Find the Hash videogame to mine arians. 

Arian gathers all the conditions to be an innovative blockchain, all this thanks to its Proof of Achievement protocol and its main feature, the human-machine symbiosis. This allows it to implement different tools for its mining process to power up any activity that a miner performs through a simple device. These basic conditions of the Arian blockchain are what allowed the creation of its Interactive Node, with some benefits like the easiness to download, no need for sophisticated equipment or hardware, nor expertise in the cryptocurrency mining subject. This is a node that works by only downloading it onto a conventional computer, which doesn’t require high energy consumption either.

The main objective of Arian Coin is to keep intact the fact of being a crypto-asset accessible for everyone. In order to achieve this, its mining protocol should be very innovative and accessible, as it is indeed, but the tools it uses should be likewise attractive and very easy to use. It’s precisely the innovative conditions of the Proof of Achievement (PoAch) protocol, which supports the Arian blockchain and is the result of an excellent fusion between the PoW and the PoP, what led the developers to create Find the Hash, a videogame that allows the user to mine arians while participating in a rapid race.

As the Arian Interactive Node was designed to preserve the features of the blockchain, and thus its protocol, developing the right mining instrument was a challenge for the Arian Coin developers. This element would have to allow the performance of smart mining with the lowest energy consumption possible, the least equipment investment, and most importantly, the maximum exploitation of the interaction between users and their device.  A perfect human-machine symbiosis. Each of the steps in the development of Arian from the implementation of its protocol to the creation of its Smart Interactive Node have allowed the integration of a game like Find the Hash to be possible. A protocol like PoAch unlocks a great variety of possibilities for the integration for the Node in multiple activities through the use of a device linked to the network.

Find the Hash fits easily into the Arian Interactive Node, as mining time adjusts according to the autonomous miner’s ability with a maximum time frame of 3 minutes to close the block, while others adjust mining time according to the number of nodes in the blockchain. This allows the participation in a game—where the player’s ability to reach a goal is the objective—to be integrated perfectly with the characteristics of a miner in the Arian Node. Additionally, a videogame like Find the Hash fulfills the other features of the PoAch perfectly: interactions between users and their device, minimum energetic consumption and no need for sophisticated equipment.

A unique blockchain and protocol, a Smart Interactive Node accessible from any device and a very attractive tool for its mining, these features make Arian Coin one of the most innovative crypto-assets in the digital ecosystem. Each of the steps in the development of Arian from the implementation of its protocol to the creation of its Smart Interactive Node have allowed the integration of a game like Find the Hash to be possible.

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Lorena Boanda

Lorena Boanda

Experienced Chief Executive Officer at Brantell, Coindoo, and TheCCPress, with a demonstrated history of working in the writing and editing industry. Skilled in SEO Content, Copywriting, Creative Writing, Copy Editing, Translation, and Proofreading.


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