60 Minutes To Clear Objectives

60 Minutes To Clear Objectives

I think that many people would concur that the people who have goals are more effective than those who do not have any.

I often speak about leadership and management. Leadership is about doing the right things while management is about doing things. Frequently when we study time management, we study performance (doing things right) and make the assumption that we have the effectiveness (leadership) resolved.

The first step in any time management system should be to deal with objectives and as such, I use the following 60 Minute Goal Setting Exercise.

Step 1: at the top of a blank notepad write down "values" and after that invest 10 to 15 minutes making a note of everything that you value. There is a great site: www.stevepavlina.com/ that has a list of a number of hundred values to begin your mind believing in the ideal direction. After the time is up, stop doing this and relocate to Step 2.

Step 2: at the top of a blank piece of paper write down "life time goals". This is where you can dream; for example, what places would you like to visit; exactly what experiences would you want to have; what would you want to achieve within your lifetime. This may include traveling to Australia; getting a university degree; living in an X square foot house, etc. There are no guidelines to this brainstorming– merely make a list.

I have actually done this goal setting exercise many times and I have the tendency to use the same list of life time goals and add to the list each time I do the workout.

Step 3: at the top of a blank piece of paper write down exactly what you would do if you had six months to live. When one of my close good friends died at 36 years old, this part of the exercise truly came house to me this week. Some of us might have only 6 months to live; however, we might not understand it. List everything that you would do if you had just six months to live. Part of the purpose of this exercise that I found works well for me is that it brings the truly crucial into focus. If I had only 6 months to live that are not listed on my life time goals, often I discover things that I would do.

Step 4: at the top of a blank piece of paper write down your goals for this year. After doing the very first 3 steps, you will discover this action a lot easier than the others. These are the goals to focus on NOW.

This total exercise will just take an hour. An hour invested clarifying your goals can conserve you hundreds of hours.

Charles R Juarez Jr

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