7 obstacles that prevent you from publishing articles frequently

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As you know, I work in multiple occupations: I work as a consultant and developer of various Web projects (own and others), I am a Freelancer, I work in Forex, I am a Photographer of Microstock, Community Manager and I write articles sharing my knowledge and experiences through diverse Online platforms. Among so many activities, I have detected that my "Achilles heel" when publishing articles, is often the frequency with which I do it. 

As I have noticed that it is not something that happens to me nothing more, but rather to be an issue inherent in all Online Entrepreneurs today, I have done a thorough analysis, and I think I have given the causes of such a situation. The following are the obstacles that prevent the publication of articles frequently and give recommendations for each of them:


1- Lack of time:
Yes, I know that the day has 24 hours for everyone, but if you do not organize your time or you dedicate to an excess of activities, you can take the time to do them all efficiently. 

Recommendations: Organize your activities according to the number of daily hours you work and strictly follow what is planned. Propose to write an article daily (or weekly) and make it to "rajatabla" (ie without fail). Do not let the Sun, the rain, the Thunder (or anything in this world) prevent you from fulfilling what you have established as your goal.  


2- Lack of ideas:
If you have a momentary mental drought or a sudden lack of ideas, do not worry and relax a bit, because sometimes, mentally pressing you to try to generate ideas makes everything more difficult. Realize that ideas and knowledge are still within you, but you should only inspire a little and not mentally torture, so that they can come out afloat. Recommendation: I advise in such cases, to put the mind in other things, that is to say, to take a walk, to go out with the family, to see a movie, to read a book, to hear some music, etc. Anything so long as ideas come back to you naturally and effortlessly.


3- Excess of ideas:
Exactly the opposite to the previous point is that, sometimes, we seem to be so full of ideas to develop our articles, that we do not find where to begin. Recommendation: Go shaping all the ideas that occur in a notebook, so that we can then structure, categorize and develop our posts.

4- Noise:
If you work in a very noisy environment, it is normal for you to have problems coordinating your ideas when writing, and therefore reducing the amount (and quality) of content you produce. Excessive noise is often a factor that prevents you from developing articles. Recommendations: In this sense, there are only three recommendations: 1- Eliminate the noise (or source of the same), 2- Change the place where you are working for a more peaceful and quiet, or 3- Get used to working in a bustling environment.

5- Lack of lighting:
As problematic as excessive noise, so is poor lighting when we develop or compose our posts. It is scientifically proven that poor lighting (in addition to the visual problems it generates) reduces overall productivity. Recommendation: Increase or improve light sources when you are composing your content.

6- Not knowing (or not wanting) to delegate:
If (for any reason) time is not enough for you to write your articles, but you do not know (or do not want) to delegate, then let me tell you that you have a coordination problem and you are wasting a magnificent opportunity to write more quality content in the way. Recommendation : If you have a team of people who work for you and can help you in the task of writing posts, take advantage of it. If you do not want to write articles directly, put them to express ideas about the themes you develop, have them investigate for you what you are not very clear about everything that you talk about in your posts, or get them to do activities that you have to do Meet and take time to write your articles. Just do not stay in the device, Use the resources you have to bring out more quality articles. And if you do not have a work team, but you can hire Freelancers to help you write articles, do not hesitate to do so.

7- Being too perfectionist and demanding:
When we develop an activity with passion, we often become too demanding and perfectionistic towards ourselves about it. If you want to write articles more frequently, it is okay to worry about the quality of them, but not to the point of creating a mental block that does not let you write or translate your ideas once and for all. If you (like me) write an article, you check it at least ten times before and after publishing it, and you correct errors and details along the way, so let me tell you that you have a problem (we have a problem … lol). Recommendations: Realize that your ideas are valuable and you should translate them in the best way possible in your articles, but nobody is perfect, and no matter how much you strive to write the "

Before all the recommendations given, you may be thinking " Doctor cure yourself … " And that's exactly what I'm going to do, hehe. Since I have already identified the causes that prevent more frequent publication of articles, I will take into account my own recommendations to solve this situation.


And you? … Do you know of any other obstacle or factor that prevents writing articles more frequently? …


Until next time!


Article written by José Quintana

Author and editor of the Entrepreneurship and Investing Blog

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