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Leadsleap – Generate traffic and leads

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How LeadsLeap Works

Whether you’re already a member or yet a member, read this to find out how LeadsLeap can help you.

LeadsLeap helps you to generate traffic and leads using different approaches.

The different approaches include:

  • advertising,
  • search engine traffic,
  • viral leads building, and
  • giving you tools to convert your traffic into leads.

First, what is the difference between ‚traffic‘ and ‚leads‘?

Traffic refers to visitors to your website. Leads are people you can contact.

Advertising can bring you traffic. But it is the other approaches that we provide that will bring you leads.

The sooner you understand the difference, the closer you are to success.

Next, let’s look at the 7 ways to get you both traffic and leads.

1. Advertise Within – FREE

2. Advertise On Thousands Of Websites – FREE

3. Search Engine Traffic – FREE

4. Multiply A Few Leads Into Thousands – FREE

5. Convert Your Website/Blog Traffic Into Leads – FREE

6. Your Own Autoresponder – FREE

7. Run Your Own E-Biz Like A Pro – FREE


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New offers for entrepreneurs

Newest offers for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which is often initially a small business. The people who create these businesses are called entrepreneurs.

Go here to see the newest offers of eBooks or websites for entrepreneurs who start their business:

Free Website
Offline Business Traffic
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Run Your Own E-Biz Like A Pro on leadsleap – FREE

7. Run Your Own E-Biz Like A Pro – FREE

The last approach to get you leads is a full-fledged, self-hosted, unencrypted PHP Script – The OTO List Builder.

This script is complete with:

  • built-in autoresponder,
  • mass mailer,
  • one-time offer system,
  • payment integration, and
  • affiliate program

It allows you to build your own sales funnel and run an online business like a pro.

How this script works?

First, you need to have a free product to entice people to optin.

When they opt-in, they’ll be presented with an irresistible one-time offer. If you have a good deal, one-time offer converts like crazy!

Your leads can then offer the free product to their leads, via their affiliate links and make 100% commissions from the one-time offer.

This is a superbly viral way to grow your leads.

Note: The OTO List Builder is not some kind of PLR script. It is developed and maintained by our team. Whatever technical challenge you face, we are here to help.


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Your Own Autoresponder with leadsleap- FREE

6. Your Own Autoresponder – FREE

We also provide an autoresponder system that you can use to build your own list.

Prepare a lead magnet, generate an opt-in offer using PopupXpert and deliver the offer using your very own Autoresponder.

It is a complete leads generation funnel for you!

And yes, it’s free.

Note: The list you’ve built is yours. We will not send any promotional email your list.


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Convert Your Website/Blog Traffic Into Leads with the help of leadsleap – FREE

5. Convert Your Website/Blog Traffic Into Leads – FREE

We provide a free web-based popup generator called PopupXpert.

It is no secret that popups can increase the conversion of traffic to leads. But most of the popup generators in the market are either expensive or full of bugs.

And honestly, they are not as powerful and customizable.

PopupXpert can generate almost any kind of popup you can think of, such as a lightbox, a popup from the corners, a floating popup, a slideup, an exit intent popup, an end-of-page popup, a mobile friendly popup etc.

There is a reason why our PopupXpert ranks #1 in Google search.

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