A Few Hobbies to Make Endless Holiday Gifts

A Few Hobbies to Make Endless Holiday Gifts

Learning these crafts can help you create beautiful holiday gifts for friends and family.


Help your loved ones feel cozy and cared for by creating a set of knitted items.

If you're still scratching your head as you put together your gift list for the holidays, don't overlook the opportunity to make gifts for your nearest and dearest. You don't have to be a professional artist, baker or gardener to produce heartfelt gifts that everyone will enjoy. Now is the perfect time of year to put your skills to good use and share your passion for crafting, baking or other hobbies by making some handmade gifts – and maybe even save some money in the process.

These hobbies can help you make an endless amount of holiday gifts for friends and loved ones.

Soap making
Homemade soaps will be a welcome gift for any spa lovers on your list – and a welcome relief for those overwhelmed with holiday cheer. If you're experienced with using the "cold process" to make homemade soap, you can experiment with different textures and holiday fragrances to create your own signature holiday collection. Package these in hand-painted gift boxes or wrap them in pretty ribbon and tissue paper so that their appearance matches the beauty of their fragrance.

Canning fruits and vegetables
If you made the most of this harvest season by canning some fresh fruits and vegetables, consider creating cheerful, bountiful, baskets. Many people on your gift list will appreciate the gift of food, especially if the food is from your own garden. From jams and jellies to canned veggies, these food items can make for a great holiday gift this season.

Who knew that folded paper could bring so much cheer? Grab some holiday-themed paper or other decorative origami sheets and create fun Christmas decorations or eye-catching gifts using your paper-folding skills. Challenge yourself with a new creation or make a series of origami figures or unique designs to give as a gift. You can make holiday tree decorations or gifts that simply sit on the mantel or desk year-round.

Tis the season for baking enthusiasts to step things up as holiday celebrations get underway and dessert is a priority item at the holiday table. Make the most of that hot oven this season by baking some extra batches of cookies, brownies, bars and even cakes. Homemade baked treats can be great gift items for friends, co-workers and family members. Put together a gift basket with hot cocoa, tea, coffee and chocolate to complement your sweet treats.

Beaded jewelry making
If you have a large collection of beads in your craft box and some basic jewelry-making skills, consider giving away some of your handmade beaded creations this holiday season. Bracelets, necklaces, chokers and headbands can make beautiful gifts for some of the people on your gift list. Present these items in a hand-painted gift box or a mesh gift bag with a handwritten message for a personal touch.

Flower arranging
If you're a florist at heart or just enjoy putting together flower displays and centerpieces, consider giving away some of your creations during the holiday season. Seasonal flowers that are sure to put anyone in the Christmas spirit include poinsettia, winter jasmine, amaryllis, paperwhite narcissus and the Christmas rose. You can make beautiful arrangements for a special event or create a centerpiece using artificial flowers for gift-giving.

You probably use the sewing machine year-round and the holidays can be a great time to jump in to put your skills to the test with a challenging project. From sewing felt Christmas decorations to designing custom pillow cases, you could make some unique fabric gifts for friends and loved ones. Be sure to check out the inventory at your favorite arts and crafts store for holiday-themed add-ons, such as buttons, sequins, beads and other accents.

Help your loved ones feel cozy and cared for by creating a set of knitted items, such as blankets or scarves. Your knitting projects can be as simple as a hat for a newborn to a scarf for a good friend. You could also create a set of knitted tree decorations, wreaths or holiday decor. Wrap up your gifts in tissue paper, gift boxes and ribbon with a handwritten card as a thoughtful and festive gift this season.

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