Are you an Entrepreneur or an Opportunity Seeker?

An entrepreneur mindset is what sets apart the winners from the losers on the internet.

During a recent high-level webinar I attended, this was revealed in detail. The vast majority of people working to earn a living or make extra money with an online business are "Opportunity Seekers".

Are You?

I know I was.

I would bounce around from program to program and tool to tool, looking for the magic pill that would change everything and have me raking in the dough.

In the immortal words of Homer Simpson…Dohhhhhhhhh!

Not only did I NOT make any money, I gave a ton of money much away to people who’s sole purpose was to relieve opportunity seekers, like I was, of that money.

I liken it to a casino. You may as well just walk up to the casino door, open the door and throw your money in and then go find something else to do that is more productive. The ROI is lousy in either instance.

Have you allowed this to happen to you at least once? Twice? Three Times or more?

The issue here is NOT excessive greed or trying to take the easy way. It is education.

The internet is a vast playground and people from all walks of life are making a living and even crushing it online. The ones who are earning money as an entrepreneur online understand the difference between an Opportunity Seeker and an Entrepreneur.

Once I became properly educated on what it really takes to make it as an entrepreneur online, there was this giant paradigm shift. It no longer became about me making the sale. It became about me providing value and committing to the long haul, come thick or thin.

What differentiates an entrepreneur mindset from that of an opportunity seeker?

Let’s take a look at each.

An Opportunity Seeker

  • Has no strategic plan of action
  • Is looking for quick fixes
  • Is looking for answers
  • Is afraid to spend money ( but we spend a lot, don’t we?)
  • Wishes it was easier
  • Will “try” everything
  • Will start and stop their efforts.
  • Can you relate to these?

An Entrepreneur

  • Has a strategic, detailed plan
  • Implements their plan
  • Provides answers
  • Has a long-term vision and goal
  • Understands investment
  • Works at bettering themselves
  • Develops the discipline to say “No”
  • Stays the course toward their goal

You have one of two choices to make. You can either keep chasing the money like an opportunity seeker or focus on how to build a real online business as an entrepreneur.

But you must have a long-term vision and marketing plan.

The biggest mistake that online entrepreneurs and marketers make that cripple their business before it even gets started.

The numero uno mistake new online marketers make when first getting started is what I talked about earlier in this post…

They focus on sales.

This is very easy trap to fall into. Most people who go online to make money are looking to fill a financial gap. They are likely spending money they really don’t have to spend which in turn produces "I have to make a sale" anxiety.

They live and die by the almighty dollar.

Many many marketers who were online seven and eight years ago followed this pattern. More and more entrepreneurs are coming to understand that this direction leads down the road of internet business failure.

Focus on building relationships not sales!








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