Atomic Wallet – Decentralised Staking On Mobile

Atomic Wallet – Decentralised Staking On Mobile



Ever though for once you would be able to stake you favorite POS assets conveniently from your mobile devices such tablets and smart phones? With gradual shift to the Proof-Of-Stake consensus algorithm many industry players have contributed their quota to making it possible for individuals and organizations to stake their coins. Cryptocurrency exchanges are more into the staking business lately with most people patronizing this services.

In the course of the growth of staking in the crypto space, Atomic Wallet introduced the decentralized way of staking via its universal non-custodial wallet. Initially, users were able to stake a limited number of assets in the desktop version of the wallet but now, there are 8 top assets you can stake directly on your mobile device.

Why Choose Atomic Wallet

1. Top Coins

On Atomic Wallet users wanting to stake are exposed to a wide range of top class assets. The current list includes the following with their respective minimum stake required and the expected yearly return;


The team is working tirelessly to introduce new assets for staking in the Wallet. It's confirmed that $ICX and $BAND will be supported pretty soon. 

2. Zero-fee

Staking on Atomic wallet comes with no fee and rewards are directly to you from the baker. Do you know why this was included ? It because most staking platforms charges for their service. Users have the chance to choose from a list of verified validators to delegate their coins.


Few of the available Tezos bakers

3. 24/7 Support Service

The team is always at your disposal to help you with technical and non technical issues. Whether being it via Telegram, E-mail, Twitter etc. There is always a team member to attend to you. According to a report posted on one of their social media channels, Atomic Wallet support team solved users' issues totalling 4,497 in 21 minutes on average just last month. This proves that, the team is really concerned with customer satisfaction.

Final Thought

It is always advisable to have full control of you funds when it comes to crypto. Decentralized staking has come to stay and even made accessibly to people right in their palms. Earn while you do barely nothing. Manage your portfolio at anywhere and at anytime. Download Atomic Wallet one PlayStore or Apple store and start staking for passive income.

Download Atomic Wallet and start earning passive income from staking

download here

Remebr to use the promo code:18FNF9 in order to receive 5 AWC for free!


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