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Exchange Crypto to PayPal

Exchange Crypto to PayPal

Exchange your chosen Cryptocurrency to USD with PayPal on has just launched a new service to its platform, where customers are allowed to exchange cryptocurrencies to USD with PayPal. We offer a easy, fast and secure solution to our customers who are looking to get USD on their PayPal account. are happy to announce that we have added PayPal payouts as a solution to our platform. As one of the only cryptocurrency exchanges in the market, we have added PayPal payouts to our platform, which makes it possible for you to sell your chosen cryptocurrency and get paid in USD to your PayPal account. All you have to do is to follow our guidelines below. 

Exchange Bitcoins to PayPal in US dollars now

  1. Go to the home page and start your PayPal exchange by choosing Bitcoin, or another crypto currency of your choice, in the “From”-dropdown and choose PayPal in “To”-dropdown (the currency you want to exhange into)
  2. Enter the Bitcoin amount you want to exchange into US dollars on your PayPal account. The minimum exchange is $15 USD
  3. Enter your PayPal email address
  4. Click “Start exchange” and send your coins to the unique Bitcoin address provided to you
  5. When we receive your coins we will send the USD to your PayPal account within 24 hours.

All PayPal accounts can by default recieve US dollars and afterwards you can easily transfer your money to your local bank account directly from your PayPal account. 

Exchange your Bitcoins, Litecoins, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies to US dollars on PayPal, easy, fast and secure. 

Thousands of people exchange their crypto coins into other coins or to ´real money´here at – the preferred online cryptocurrency exchange. The latter only require a PayPal account and 1 minute of your time. All Bitcoin, Litecoin or other cryptocurrencies to US dollars exchanges are processed with high security like all our exchanges. Your US dollars will be transfered to your PayPal account within 24 hours (most exchanges are processed within 8 hours) and afterwards you can transfer the money to your bank account in your local currency or use them directly from your PayPal account. It has never been easier to sell Bitcoins to PayPal USD

Exchange all the most popular crypto coins to USD with PayPal

Here at – the preferred online cryptocurrency exchange you can easily exchange LitecoinBitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to USD on your PayPal account. Hereafter you can withdraw the money to your bank account in your local currency. Whatever you have mined or bought your coins, you have the ability to exchange between the different cryptocurrencies and can furthermore exchange your coins into ´real money´ transfered directly to your PayPal account. 

Start your exchange now


Join Markethive with a high alexa rank

Receive a free position on TRXmillions

When you join, you will instantly get levels 1 for free.

this is good for the first 2k people, so get in quick.

Once you are in and have earned more TRON from spillover,

you can then upgrade to the next levels either through direct purchase


you can deposit and buy multiple levels (recommended)

When you purchase levels 1 through 10 you will be purchasing

both TM1 and TM2 simultaneously.

For Example, you get in free, so that’s Tm1 level 1 and TM2 level 1

You want to purchase Tm1 level 2 and Tm2 level 2 you will need

to either deposit 12 TRX or select one of them and purchase.

When you select Buy Now button for TM1 Level 2, it will ask you to pay 12 Tron

This is because Tm1 and Tm2 are combined, so everyone upgrades to

the first 10 levels in order.

When you sign up you receive Tm1 which is a team/personal forced 3×1,

follow your sponsor, and Tm2 which is a company forced 2×2,

it cycles in order as it is filled.

The Multilevel Marketing Cults

The Multilevel Marketing Cults

Lies, Pyramid Schemes, and the Pursuit of Financial Freedom.…  

Multi Level Marketing (MLM) companies have been around for a long while now. Yet their controversy seems endless, with accusations of being pyramid schemes, or operating in a cult like fashion……

Join Markethive with a high alexa rank

How to get tons of traffic and signups in Markethive

How to get tons of traffic and
signups in Markethive

Everybody wants traffic and signups but the problem most people face is how or where to start. I was that person. I started advertising my Markethive Profile Page on Jan 15 2019.  I started putting Banners up on web sites, some I  paid for others I had to earn credits and use these to get my Banners to run. The results were not very good maybe one or two signups a week. A lot of work for such a small return, I knew there had to be a better way.
But before I get into that I will tell you what I did before, that helped me a lot. About two years ago I got involved with an ICO (infinity Economics XIN). The coin never did anything but what it did do, was it got me into learning about the crypto coin industry. I got a bitcoin wallet, got on an exchange (Gemini), went through the KYC process, funded my account, brought some bitcoin and transferred it to my wallet.
It is absolutly important that you do the same and you do it NOW . So if you have not done this you must start immediately to get yourself verified on an good reputable exchange, fund your exchange account,  buy some bitcoin and transfer it to your bitcoin wallet.  This may take a few weeks to complete but you need to get this out of the way as soon as possible before you start advertising as most of the sites that you are going to advertise on only take bitcoin and you gotta know how to get and use it.

A good choice for a bitcoin wallet: Coinbase

Back to my story, Markethive CEO, Tom Prendergast, started two advertising groups, and (no more available) for those wanting to advertise the markethive opportunity on these sites. He also recommended that we also look for other  CPC (Cost Per Click) web sites stating there are thousands of them out there.
He also showed us how to turn our profile page into a capture page and how to make  individual capture pages. Now every member has a profile page aready made with all the links to your account already inserted, ready to use. There are also great videos on how to make a capture page. You can also just click on the social site buttons  (Home/referral program) snd that profile page is sent there. 
My first  month advertising I was getting 15 -20 signups a week on each of both sites but then as time went on it slowly started to go down to 1-2 a day as everyone in markethive was advertising  using the same capture page with the similiar Page Titles.
 I started to look for and research other CPC sites to advertise on.
I did a google search on best CPC sites.
I checked their alexa ranking.
The Alexa page will list three similar sites, check them out.  
I targeted people interested in Crypto and limited it only to those using BTC Faucet sites as I  did not want to get involved in multiple wallets or figuring out CPC with different coins.
I made within markethive a number of different capture pages each with their own capture widget so I could track them.
Once I got my list together I prioritized it by alexa ranking and cost per click.
I limited my views to 15 seconds and my cost between 0.00000008 (8 Satoshis) and 0.00000016.
Then I ran a test ad in the ones I was interested in.
I only used the Surf Ad feature to advertise. I advertised in those that delivered new partners.
My associates have cost me approx $1.00 each.  
I got lucky, one site produced 650 associates in July and 490 in August. It is still producing but at a reduced rate. 
Well that’s it.  The website has a list of Faucet sites and CPC Sites to get you started.

Happy marketing.

Created by Tom Murray, MH member (MH = Markethive)

Go to the start website here to get more links to “good” faucets.

Join Markethive with a high alexa rank

Money Robot

Why our software is the World’s most powerful link building software?
Our Software supports UNLIMITED website platforms. You can submit your backlinks/content to the following main platforms with support built right in:

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• Forum Profiles

Here are a few ideas how to promote the software:

1. You can promote the software by sharing your affiliate link on facebook and other social networks like twitter,, etc

2. We recommand you to create free blogs like :
You can create free blogs on webpages like

you will need to write one or more descriptions/articles about the software , and add your affiliate link and banners so your blog visitors will be able to click on your link and make the purchase.

3. Contact your friends that owns blogs/websites and ask them to write an good article about seo and add your link in the article.

4. Upload the money robot movies at your youtube account, and add your affiliate link in the description so people will view the movie and click on your affiliate link to make the purchase.
Here are the videos that you can download to your computer then upload them to your youtube account.

5. Create some simple slides (powerpoint files) and upload them to
Add your referrer link in the powerpoint file and into the description of your slideshow file and don’t forget to write a good description so people will read it and click on your link and make the purchase.

6. Contact all SEO companies from your country and send them your affiliate link to take a look, many SEO companies will purchase the software from you.
You can search on google all SEO companies from your country and send them e-mail or contact them via skype/email/social networks.

7. Advertise the software on Forums, many people own at least one website and they will love to buy the product to get their website ranked on google using your affiliate link.

8. Create videos with tutorials, teach people the advantage of using the software, you can even create videos like this , many people will be attracted by those videos and will click on your affiliate link (you can create those type of videos with

9. Use free classifieds ads to post your ad that include your affiliate link. You can use your local classifieds ads websites, you can also search over the internet for more similar websites.
Here’s a list of some of the most effective ones.

10. Write good SEO articles and submit them to article directories websites , people will click on your affiliate link from your articles and can easily purchase the software.

11. You can make comments on blogs that are related with seo , people will see your comment and click on your link and purchase the software.

ALEXA RANKING of “We share abundance”

ALEXA RANKINGS: is 11 months 5 hours old.
It has a global traffic rank of #25,283 in the world.
It is a domain having com extension.
This website is estimated worth of $ 575,280.00 and has a daily income potential of around $ 799.00.

This growth is more then the server team anticipated despite me telling them what was going to happen!They are starting to believe and working on making the site work faster and handle the traffic we are getting now and will have in the future!