Big day for our son today.

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Big day for our son today. He’ll be one of the few judges in a shark tank-like event at his school. He’s only in 1st grade. The students who are pitching are much older than him.

This is my dream school! The things he’s learning at such an early age literally bring me to tears sometimes. He was really nervous about being a judge so we practiced, and I pitched him a few things in different ways so he could get familiar with the process. I also told him to realize that "the students doing the pitching are probably a lot more nervous than you", which seemed to calm him down a bit. He’s one of the SHARKS yo!

He also asked why dressing well was important, which was a good opportunity to talk about the importance of first impressions, but also that dressing well can’t help a product that stinks. Wish him luck if you can!

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