Blockchain Solutions To Improve Government Schools Says Indian IT Minister

Blockchain Solutions To Improve Government Schools Says Indian IT Minister

Recently the Indian Telecoms and IT Minister,

Ravi Shankar Prasad has tasked the NIC (National Informatics Centre) with the development of a Blockchain-Based solution for a sheer cause of improving the quality of the government schools. As per the reports on the 20th of Jan by the Press Trust of India, the minister has already made the request at the Blockchain Technology Excellence that has been set up in Bengaluru on the 18th of Jan. Since the blockchain technology has been challenged to transform education taking further action on this the NIC and local state authorities have opened their doors for startups to work under certain predefined norms.

While adding further to this Ravi Shankar Prasad added:

“I am very keen on how we can leverage blockchain in primary education. In fact today I am going to give you a task, NIC team. Can you think of a good application of blockchain technology for improving the quality of government schools all over the country?”

Tho he agreed that both private and government schools are good but he believed that leveraging the blockchain technology could be a transformational change in the field of education. The startups, as usual, would play the key role, as India alone is home to around 26,000 start-ups, having 9,000 alone in the tech sector, therefore Prasad urged NIC to develop such a mechanism so as to include these start-ups in its technology space since NIC has turned out to be a good patron of the startup movement. Although the Indian authorities are getting behind in the field of blockchain technologies as the cryptocurrency has had a bumpier ride in the country.Harsh Sangwan is a Crypto enthusiastic, Bitmex Trader, Blogger and Youtuber. Love to write about market conditions and forecasts.

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