BTCPay Receives an 80000 Donations From the BTSE Team

BTCPay Receives an $80,000 Donations From the BTSE Team

Advancing the cryptocurrency ecosystem is crucial at all times.

The BTCPay project, designed to enable peer-to-peer payments in Bitcoin – received a big donation from the BTSE exchange. Accepting payments in Bitcoin usually requires relying on a payment processor.

BTCPay Receives Massive Backing

Most of these processors are centralized entities, which is not a favorable option. Thankfully, a very viable alternative has begun gaining traction in recent months. Known as BTCPay, it is an open-source P2P payment processor. To further advance the development of this project, crypto exchange BTSE is donating $80,000. More specifically, this donation is made to Andrew Camilleri, a main contributor to the project. With this donation, the developer can dedicate all of their time to BTCPay, rather than doing it “after hours”. 

It is a welcome development, especially when considering how BTCPay has always been funded entirely by donations. Now is a good time for other entities in the crypto space to pay more attention to these open source alternatives. If the adoption of Bitcoin payments is ever to be increased, free solutions like this one are crucial. It is also worth mentioning how this package supports other currencies besides Bitcoin. With no fees, KYC processes, or middlemen involved, BTCPay is everything people need to accept payments.

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