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Markethive – First Market Network On Blockchain

First Market Network On Blockchain – Disruptive?

Today Markethive is disrupting this conventional perspective as Markethive is clearly merging all of these vertical classifications. When a new member signs up via your Entrepreneur upgraded profile page, it produces a valued lead rated at about $200 because of the exclusivity and rich data it produces.

It also represents a revenue return because of the nature of the consumer coin (MHV), financial velocity, faucets, airdrops, and Markethive’s exclusive integrated commerce platforms, thus extending the projected customer lifetime value beyond 10 years with the cost of acquisition averaging under $1 with the airdrop offer and SaaS inbound marketing worth over $2,000 per month for free for life.

Markethive, built on the blockchain, offers complete autonomy, privacy, and transparency with freedom of speech paramount and woven into the fabric of what Markethive stands for. Markethive is the ecosystem for entrepreneurs. As such MH offers many services, upgrades, and commerce platforms. Loyalty programs share with you Markethive net revenues via your upgraded “associates”.

This entire ecosystem turns every member, every connection into long-term customers.


Today’s customer brings their requirements to the organization and becomes an integral part of that organization. In a true, collaborative relationship, all parties reciprocate. It is not just about an exchange of money in return for a good or service anymore. It has become a symbiotic relationship which becomes integrated with the flow of the system, a part of the ecosystem, contributing to the financial velocity of that ecosystem, “The Entrepreneur’s Ecosystem”.

Deb Williams

Act on your need to find financial freedom with bitcoin

Our ambition for development is motivated by the desire
to meet the actual needs of our partners.

World Way Capital – an opportunity to capitalize on the investment ideas presented by our team of professionals. We bring technology and availability to the market, which allows us to make investments more affordable. Our goal is to make it possible to earn on those investment ideas that were previously unavailable. You do not need in-depth specialized knowledge; it is enough to familiarize you with our offers. Choose what suits you.

World Way Capital Investement:
🛑 USD Deposit  plans:
🔸 from $ 20 to $ 499 for 16 business days at 1.5% of daily earnings. Return of money invested with the last accrual.
🔸 from $ 500 to $ 4,999 for 24 business days with 1.8% daily earnings. Return of money invested with the last accrual.
🔸 from $ 5,000 to $ 24,999 for 32 business days with 2% daily earnings. Return of money invested with the last accrual.
🔸 from $ 25,000 to $ 49,999 for 40 business days with 2.2% daily earnings. Return of money invested with the last accrual.
🔸 from $ 50,000 to $ 150,000 for 46 business days at 2.4% of daily earnings. Return of money invested with the last accrual.

🛑BTC deposit plans (No return of money invested with the last accrual.):
🔸 from 0.005, btc to 1.4999btc for 70 business days under 2.6% of daily charges.
🔸 from 1.5btc to 4,999btc for 70 business days, less than 2.8% of daily charges.
🔸 from 5btc to 25btc in 70 business days at 3% of daily charges.

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Summary of the 1. Webinar by WWC

The summary of what the CEO said was that:

He is by name, John Walters, he is the head of WWC.

They started World Way Capital in 2011, but in 2018, having got all the necessary licences, they went into global business investment.

He told us the road map of the company.
Which are, they are making move with world business leaders to ensure that they collaborate with banks in Europe and America so that in the nearest future, the people can transact with their visa card globally.
And for the fact that their business trading activities is 75,000,000 to 85,000,000 dollar daily as at present, that by 2021, when the trading business volume will exceed 500,000,000 dollars, the company will have it own stock exchange.
And presently, they are taking serious steps to to ensure they connect with meta trader 4 which will enhance the opportunity for every partner to also trade along side with them independently using their format and this will earn more money to investors.

He reaffirmed confidence of investors that the company and the partners are one big family.
And the company considers that the partners are first place for everything.
He equally stated how the system of the world deceive people, such as, banks where by people put money and are being paid 5% of which the bank it self is get 500 to 600% profit.
That this is the time people will have the opportunity to set them selves free from financial barriers.

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10 Reasons Why You Must Accumulate Bitcoin

10 Reasons
Why You Must Accumulate Bitcoin!!!

1.Bitcoin is World 1st Universal Cryptocurrency Money..
2.Bitcoin Price Keep on Rising every year…
3.Bitcoin accepted WorldWide..
4.Bitcoin is most easy and secure way as payment also as money remittance.
5.Easy to carry no retricted and borderless not like Fiat Money you have to declare if more than $10K
6.Easy to Liquidate
7.Transfer fees is cheap When huge amount involved
8.Owned Bitcoin is like You Owned a property …(Always have future value)
9.Owned Bitcoin is like you owned expensive Stocks Share …
10. Decentralized Didn’t owned by the gorvernment, bank, institution , individual or control by any company…owned by people for the people.

#################### progressive management promotes the development of partners, career, and material well-being growth all partners of the company.
World Way Capital – a network of recent trading holding with a wide range of financial services and European service standards.
Working at World Way Capital is a unique opportunity to join the company’s development, become part of a professional team, combine advanced technologies and innovations with human capabilities on one platform.

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Realize your own dreams of financial freedom

Thanks to the WWC team for the opportunity and the realization of our own dreams!
World Way Capital – are the best ⬇️

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Company World Way Capital – this is a Canadian company engaged in prop-trading.
World Way Capital operates in accordance with Canadian law and is under the supervision of regulators (Organization for the Regulation of Investment Activities of Canada IIROC).
The company also has a full package of registration documents and the central bank of Canada is the guarantor of its successful work!
The company has been trading in various markets since 2011!
In October 2018, the company officially began to accept investments, since the Central Bank of Canada became the regulator of this business.
Trading takes place on stock, cryptocurrency markets and forex.
World Way Capital – provides the best marketing that has been developed by top marketers and sociologists from around the world.
The company provides an opportunity to build a business to everyone who wants to earn money.
The company provides investors with a choice of 8 investment plans that make it possible to make a profit every day.
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Meager interest income

For you
the poor saver
with meager interest income

Just discovered the ultimate system that will AUTOMATICALLY pay you CASH by the hour, every hour instantly to your Bitcoin or Altcoin Wallet!

You choose how much you wish to deposit and earn an income on. You can get started with as little as $3.50 and there is no maximum!

We’ll pay you a total of 6% of your deposit each day. This 6% profit we pay you is divided up into 24 individual hourly payouts for a total of 60 days.

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Referral Rate:

When you refer someone to our system, you’ll receive 8% commission of their new deposits for their lifetime. You’ll also earn an additional 2% of their referrals deposits for life!

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