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Eazme = A new start is born

Main Features of comes with a one-stop-shop for all the users globally. Eazme has tied up many companies including from every sector globally to provide the impeccable service to its users. You can order food, book taxi, hire maid, pay utility bills, do online shopping here at eazme platform whine earning affiliate commissions in Fiat/crypto. For that eazme has tied up following major sectors:

  • Third-party vendors like OLA and UBER for traveling industry
  • Vendors like Amazon and flipkart for the e-commerce industry
  • Companies like swiggy for food delivering industry
  • Tied up with more than  900 airlines for the aviation industry
  • Tied up with the urban company for home-based work

You can start using your 100%QCX coin and other available options in eazme while using all the services mentioned above and while doing this you can earn commission in INR (in the bank account) in crypto or in USDT.

Eazme is going to launch its mall that would deliver QCX merchandise, QCX Watch, QCX card and many innovative and patented products. You can also stake your QCX tokens and earn a reward in BTC or USDT. There would be no locking in this.

Amazing offerings would be given by eazme for its users, some of the offerings are:

  • 10000+ Brands on-boarded, Get up to 70% off + up to 20% rewards in FIAT/BTC/USDT
  • Tied up with 900+ airlines. Get up to 30% off + up to 10% in FIAT/BTC/USDT
  • Partnered with thousands of hotels across the globe. Get up to 70% off+upto 20% in FIAT/BTC/USDT
  • Pay you Utility Bills (Phone bills, Electricity bills, gas bills, DTH bills) get 10 % in FIAT/BTC/USDT

Affiliate program of eazme would completely be managed by a very new platform