Withdraw with etherchain

Matching bonuses are now visible ❤️✅

Please wait with withdrawl

Do not rush

We are still configuring the new sync mode system for withdrawal

We are configuring the amount of members synced

for large teams multiple withdrawal will be needed as forced sync was implemented to allowing syncing of match bonus

We will let everyone know what number to enter once configuration is complete, it will be universal for all.

Please do not TRY your self ❤️😁


Great news!! They may have a solution for the crazy gas fees 🧐

Plug into the 3:00pm EST ZOOM later today to get all the details…



Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening EtherChainers all over the world 🌍

Beloved community, as all of you are aware, we successfully transitioned to a new contract and we can all see that the daily pool calculations are working perfectly and we have 4 new top sponsors receiving a nice reward everyday for their hardwork and efforts in building our community ❤️

However, one thing that keeps reoccurring and is a major issue for all (including myself) are the huge gas fees being implemented by both wallet providers and miners.

Also, another unfortunate reoccurring issue is that transactions are failing as a result of the gas fee issue when members attempt to deposit or withdraw funds – in almost all instances, the gas fee is taken and the member ends up losing ETH.

The above two issues are unacceptable and cannot continue.

Therefore, we are going to take all necessary steps to fix these issues once and for all.

I would like to share with you the reason and solution for the above issues as explained by our developers.

There are huge amounts of continuous calculations taking place in the contract, this is due to the matching bonuses being paid to uplines every time a member receives their daily 1%

Eliminate the issue and reduce the gas fees to the normal standard by changing the code connected to the matching bonuses as follows:

Current code:
Matching bonuses are paid to uplines every time a member receives their daily 1%

New code:
Matching bonuses will be paid to uplines every time a member withdraws their daily 1%

To implement the above change, we will need to go into maintenance mode for a few hours – we will announce the scheduled time so all are prepared.

NOTE: Implementation of the above change will significantly reduce the gas fees and eliminate all erroneous transactions, thereby protecting members from losing their Ethereum.

Until the transition starts and is completed, please wait with deposits and withdrawals if you have already received an error 🙏