New revolutionary social media platform

Vitae is a revolutionary social media platform like Facebook.
But unlike Facebook and other social networks, you get paid for it when you like, share, comment. It’s completely free when it goes public!
You only invest your time!
This allows you to earn at least $50 a day, $1,500 a month and more if you want. The site is in the beta phase right now and will launch soon.

Ask me for more info by sending a message to:

How to get tons of traffic and signups in Markethive

How to get tons of traffic and
signups in Markethive

Everybody wants traffic and signups but the problem most people face is how or where to start. I was that person. I started advertising my Markethive Profile Page on Jan 15 2019.  I started putting Banners up on web sites, some I  paid for others I had to earn credits and use these to get my Banners to run. The results were not very good maybe one or two signups a week. A lot of work for such a small return, I knew there had to be a better way.
But before I get into that I will tell you what I did before, that helped me a lot. About two years ago I got involved with an ICO (infinity Economics XIN). The coin never did anything but what it did do, was it got me into learning about the crypto coin industry. I got a bitcoin wallet, got on an exchange (Gemini), went through the KYC process, funded my account, brought some bitcoin and transferred it to my wallet.
It is absolutly important that you do the same and you do it NOW . So if you have not done this you must start immediately to get yourself verified on an good reputable exchange, fund your exchange account,  buy some bitcoin and transfer it to your bitcoin wallet.  This may take a few weeks to complete but you need to get this out of the way as soon as possible before you start advertising as most of the sites that you are going to advertise on only take bitcoin and you gotta know how to get and use it.

A good choice for a bitcoin wallet: Coinbase

Back to my story, Markethive CEO, Tom Prendergast, started two advertising groups, and (no more available) for those wanting to advertise the markethive opportunity on these sites. He also recommended that we also look for other  CPC (Cost Per Click) web sites stating there are thousands of them out there.
He also showed us how to turn our profile page into a capture page and how to make  individual capture pages. Now every member has a profile page aready made with all the links to your account already inserted, ready to use. There are also great videos on how to make a capture page. You can also just click on the social site buttons  (Home/referral program) snd that profile page is sent there. 
My first  month advertising I was getting 15 -20 signups a week on each of both sites but then as time went on it slowly started to go down to 1-2 a day as everyone in markethive was advertising  using the same capture page with the similiar Page Titles.
 I started to look for and research other CPC sites to advertise on.
I did a google search on best CPC sites.
I checked their alexa ranking.
The Alexa page will list three similar sites, check them out.  
I targeted people interested in Crypto and limited it only to those using BTC Faucet sites as I  did not want to get involved in multiple wallets or figuring out CPC with different coins.
I made within markethive a number of different capture pages each with their own capture widget so I could track them.
Once I got my list together I prioritized it by alexa ranking and cost per click.
I limited my views to 15 seconds and my cost between 0.00000008 (8 Satoshis) and 0.00000016.
Then I ran a test ad in the ones I was interested in.
I only used the Surf Ad feature to advertise. I advertised in those that delivered new partners.
My associates have cost me approx $1.00 each.  
I got lucky, one site produced 650 associates in July and 490 in August. It is still producing but at a reduced rate. 
Well that’s it.  The website has a list of Faucet sites and CPC Sites to get you started.

Happy marketing.

Created by Tom Murray, MH member (MH = Markethive)

Go to the start website here to get more links to “good” faucets.

Join Markethive with a high alexa rank

We Share Abundance is addictive…

We Share Abundance is addictive…

The members are happy to share their talents for the benefit of all the members…

And every activity by any member benefits the community as a whole…

Its a paradyme shift of great magnitude that you’ll be happy to experience even if you don’t fully understand at the start.

Of course all our members make money, but the real value is far beyond the income that is generated as a FREE bi-product of love and service.

We invite you to visit and, if you like us, stay and we’ll be happy to welcome and serve you.

We are an unstoppable force for good – isn’t that alone something worth belonging to?

God bless,
p.s. “Strive for progress, not perfection.” ~ Unknown

Join We share abundance here

A company called We Share Abundance.
You can get started for free and build it with the profits generated from logging into your website every day. All members earn $2 just for filling out their profile details and connecting the wallet address to be paid to. Maximum amount to stake in this is $100. This can be earned through the staking of the 6 pools available, where you earn more, the more stakes you purchase. For the $100 full stake – they pay you $5 a day for logging in. So $150 for a 30 day month.

If you gave a company $100, spent 5 minutes a day on the website and that company paid you back $150 at the end of the month, would you do it again? Sure you would.

Would you tell others? Especially when that can earn you $1,000’s more each month? Sure you would.

Join today and see for yourself.

People Helping People

People Helping People 🤝

This is the motto of Happy Donation.

Helping people to help themselves

With this you can soon leave financial worries behind you.
Happy Donation has just entered the beta phase to gradually integrate people worldwide and thus create the conditions to alleviate poverty.

Partners already exist in more than 20 countries

With only 20 $ once, in the euro area 20 €, everyone, wherever in the world, can join our program. The deposit of 20€ or $ will be paid directly and immediately to the sponsor and not to any company. That is, the more personal commitment, the higher the earnings.

On this page you will find all information:

If you don’t have the money to get started, you can get sponsored. Please contact me for registration and the sponsoring procedure.

Registration is only possible through registered partners.

Happy Donation is a well thought-out system, which will not come to a standstill due to built-in automatisms. It will change the world for the better.

Markethive – First Market Network On Blockchain

First Market Network On Blockchain – Disruptive?

Today Markethive is disrupting this conventional perspective as Markethive is clearly merging all of these vertical classifications. When a new member signs up via your Entrepreneur upgraded profile page, it produces a valued lead rated at about $200 because of the exclusivity and rich data it produces.

It also represents a revenue return because of the nature of the consumer coin (MHV), financial velocity, faucets, airdrops, and Markethive’s exclusive integrated commerce platforms, thus extending the projected customer lifetime value beyond 10 years with the cost of acquisition averaging under $1 with the airdrop offer and SaaS inbound marketing worth over $2,000 per month for free for life.

Markethive, built on the blockchain, offers complete autonomy, privacy, and transparency with freedom of speech paramount and woven into the fabric of what Markethive stands for. Markethive is the ecosystem for entrepreneurs. As such MH offers many services, upgrades, and commerce platforms. Loyalty programs share with you Markethive net revenues via your upgraded “associates”.

This entire ecosystem turns every member, every connection into long-term customers.


Today’s customer brings their requirements to the organization and becomes an integral part of that organization. In a true, collaborative relationship, all parties reciprocate. It is not just about an exchange of money in return for a good or service anymore. It has become a symbiotic relationship which becomes integrated with the flow of the system, a part of the ecosystem, contributing to the financial velocity of that ecosystem, “The Entrepreneur’s Ecosystem”.

Deb Williams

News from markethive

News from markethive

  • Logging in. Many of you have not logged in in years, some many months. Those of you that have depended upon Facebook for logging in, Facebook changed the rules and we had to set up a new API. What that means your current Facebook configuration will not work. You will have to log in with a different social account like LinkedIn, Gmail or Yahoo. If none of this is an option, you will have to depend on the LOST ACCOUNT RETRIEVAL link and follow the instructions.Or just set up a new account. As we are revitalizing the new Markethive within the blockchain, old accounts not logged into beyond 6 months will be deleted soon.
  • The Alpha accounts have been converted to ILP shares. ILP shares are the new asset of Markethive and now being in Phase two a full ILP share is selling at $15,000 per share. Your Alpha account(s) represent 10% of that share. Don’t know what this means? You will need to attend our Sunday meetings and ask us to explain our new crowdfunding strategy as we are still in a pre-launch in that regard. Phase one has sold out already with shares listed at $10,000. There are 4 phases of the crowdfunding. Remember we are a new company with Markethive converting to the blockchain for many reasons.
  • The original BOD (Bond of Debt) notes were sold at $4800 via a failed company called Shell Holdings. We have grandfathered them into Markethive ILPs at 50% of a share. Again want to understand the details, come to the meetings. We have been moving forward with this new Markethive blockchain prelaunch since April of this year with 4-10 meetings in this regard per week for over 6 months now. If you are still in the dark, perhaps you should wake up and pay attention. Markethive is your system after all.
  • The Entrepreneur program trumps the other older legacy programs. Primarily because the new Markethive is now a blockchain and with it comes asset coins like Bitcoin. And this allows us to offer coins (of value) as an incentive to join Markethive. This was our primary reason to make this move. But there are other solid reasons as well. Security, privacy, autonomy, and economy. I will explain:The Airdrop: Startup Blockchain companies have utilized a relatively new concept called airdrops. In doing so they have exploded awareness and growth. Case in point is a start-up ICO called Omisego. They gave away 5% of their total coin supply and increased subscribers into the millions and drove the value of the coin up over 500%.

    “Airdrops combine the best of paid referral programs with stock options. Potential users get paid for joining or using the network and have the potential upside if the network increases in value.” – Brayton Williams to CoinDesk

    Prior to the Airdrop OMG coin was valued at .50 but increased to peak at $24 per coin. It is now trading steadily at about $3.50. How would you like 500 of these coins? How would you like 5000 of these coins?

    Then there is Paypal who raised awareness by giving away $20 for new accounts and $20 for referring others. It then dwindled to $10 then $5 then tapered off and went away. But not until increasing memberships into the millions and subsequently turned Paypal into a multibillion-dollar company valued at more than $40 billion dollars

    Matching Bonus: Markethive is planning on creating an infinite Airdrop with our first wave of subscribers getting 500 coins for joining and giving you (If you upgrade to Entrepreneur) a matching 500 coins for each referral (called an associate) through your account (the profile page), This being a fundamental new direction of Markethive.

    Customer Acquisition: As Markethive raises millions at least half is going to advertising, press releases and sponsored articles, all designed to drive traffic and new registrations into Markethive. As an upgraded Entrepreneur, and active (actively logged into Markethive) you will receive your share from the new referral registrations (associates)

    Read more here:

10 Reasons Why You Must Accumulate Bitcoin

10 Reasons
Why You Must Accumulate Bitcoin!!!

1.Bitcoin is World 1st Universal Cryptocurrency Money..
2.Bitcoin Price Keep on Rising every year…
3.Bitcoin accepted WorldWide..
4.Bitcoin is most easy and secure way as payment also as money remittance.
5.Easy to carry no retricted and borderless not like Fiat Money you have to declare if more than $10K
6.Easy to Liquidate
7.Transfer fees is cheap When huge amount involved
8.Owned Bitcoin is like You Owned a property …(Always have future value)
9.Owned Bitcoin is like you owned expensive Stocks Share …
10. Decentralized Didn’t owned by the gorvernment, bank, institution , individual or control by any company…owned by people for the people.

#################### progressive management promotes the development of partners, career, and material well-being growth all partners of the company.
World Way Capital – a network of recent trading holding with a wide range of financial services and European service standards.
Working at World Way Capital is a unique opportunity to join the company’s development, become part of a professional team, combine advanced technologies and innovations with human capabilities on one platform.

Register here:

Crowd funding of markethive

The Bulls Are Back

Fully accredited and highly rated ICOs breaking records trending occurring

Crowd Funding launched just with this investors bench often raise over $10 million dollars just within their subscriber investors.

There are about 20 such rating systems for ICO and Airdrops which is what we are going to do.

It is not hard to speculate we are going to see unbelievable results with our public launch

But we need to get there and this is why we are calling upon all of you to contribute to this cause. It is for all of our benefits.

Our goal is to collect $10 million in the public launch via ICO Bench near summers end, to be used almost exclusively for marketing Markethive. All other ICOs need to raise the funds to build their promised dream all engineering to write the first line of code. Markethive has already built the promise. We are so far ahead of the rest. Now we just need to tell the world about us.

And we need you to help us pull this off.

You can help by installing the Alexa Browser extension here

You can help by upgrading to the Entrepreneur Program

The Big Private Funding Push is here


Another update for Markethive Members


We are continuing on with development for the launch of the affiliate program and huge upgrades into Markethive V2. Want to see me demonstrate many of the new features; I do a state of the week meeting on Sunday and show them. (Log into Markethive to access the calendar) We have some very forward thinking tech coming that seriously add power to the duplication process for networking downlines. We do not even have a name for it. Maybe we should hold a contest and give you some Bitcoin for the winner?

What it does? It allows a leader (admin of a group) to create capture pages, auto-responders, etc. then make them available in a Markethive group. When you join as a guest into that group (free), that function replicates the capture pages, coop marketing campaigns, rotators, autoresponders and custom PDFs for you, thereby quickly replicating for you as a guest and quickly giving you the ability to do the same for your teams, organizations, recruits etc. It is such a new concept it deserves your time at our meeting this Sunday for further explanation.

Now on to some important news that can put big money in your pockets, well bigger than money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. We are making plans to build our own Coin Exchange at, also a marketplace to buy and sell your services which will use (think We are becoming the leading edge in the cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) revolution. When we are finished with these new additions, you can expect Markethive to become a cryptocurrency blockchain and become one of the big successes on the Internet, even bigger than LinkedIn. I know that is a big statement, but I believe it is true.

Segwaying from Entrepreneurs to Cryptopreneurs, Markethive will become a powerful driving force. In 3-5 years most of you will be multi-millionaires if you do not let these waves pass you by.

Speaking of waves, a small one has arrived and it is called Laser Online. Although all Bitcoin opportunities have a degree of risk I do my best to mitigate that risk. So let me tell you what I know about them. They are definitely a cut above. The Founders are active and upfront and visible. The customer support is excellent. They have a vibrant active social gathering on Telegram.  If you do not have Telegram I highly recommend it Sign up here and connect with me

About Laser Online: If you have Bitcoins, this is as solid as it gets for this risky type of business. Considering the payout is 12% per day and the contracts are only 12 days make the risk not only mitigatable and palatable, but in sharp contrast to all the others, it is a no contest. Only 12 days, minimum $5 and Maximum $250,000 a typical 12 day trade of $1000 returns $ 1 440.00 ($ 440.00 R.O.I) in 12 days. If you do the math and compound your earnings on $100 and reinvest every 12 days, in about 6 months you will have accrued about $13,000 and if you made the simple $100 investment every week, then your earnings will be over $50,000.

And we are also working on another project where we can clearly instruct you to what systems out there can earn you the $100 or more in Bitcoin.

Keep in mind, you can send your payments to your wallet anytime you want and even set up auto send so your earnings always go to your wallet.

There are no fees associated with it either. There are no trading fees, no sending fees and no taxes on your earnings, it is a pure profit situation and the company is exploding. I have been trading there now for 4 weeks and can attest everything is as I have said.

Be my guest to one of the greatest little money makers yet.

There is so much going on, you really need to start coming to our meetings. If you had you would have heard about the Regal coin 4 weeks ago when it was selling at around $1. Today it passed $70. Do you have a coin exchange account? Do you have a wallet or two? Are you making free Bitcoin with faucets? These are the latest web based trainings we do teaching you how to prepare to build yourself into a multi-millionaire. Knowledge is king and we have a lot of knowledge.

As a teaser so you come to our Sunday meeting, and find out how we are seriously considering Bitcoinifying your Markethive back office so we pay you to use the system. I know how cool would that be. You will meet our new partner and his visions as we make Markethive the premiere system for the new Crytopreneurs of the world.

Thomas Prendergast

Register here with markethive