Coronavirus: Easter celebrations continue under lockdown

Coronavirus: Easter celebrations continue under lockdown

  • Christians around the world have continued on with Easter celebrations, experimenting with new forms of worship as many countries stay under lockdown.

Some clergy have been preaching to cameras in empty churches as their congregation watch services online this Easter Saturday.

But in other countries traditions continued as normal, ignoring calls for tougher restrictions to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

Pope Francis leads the Easter Vigil Mass at the Vatican

Image captionPope Francis led an Easter vigil at St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican…

Pope Francis leads the Easter Vigil Mass in St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican

Image caption… but the service was only open to Vatican aides and invitees. A live stream of the Mass was posted online for other worshippers to watch instead.

A Sri Lankan man wearing a protective mask ring the church bells for the start of Easter Sunday service at the almost deserted all Saints church during an island-wide curfew, in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Image captionOther churches like this one in Colombo, Sri Lanka, also live-streamed their services among empty pews.

People attend a service on the eve of Catholic Easter, amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in the village of Dvorets, Belarus

Image captionIn Belarus, the government has ignored calls to impose stricter measures, prompting worshippers to attend a ceremony as normal at this Catholic church in Dvorets.

Deacon Bernd Malecki and server Anna hold an Easter service in front of portraits of believers at the St. Barbara church in Oberhausen, western Germany.

Image captionBut stringent lockdown rules are in place across areas of Germany. Clergy at a church in Oberhausen held a service in front of portraits of those unable to attend.

Boston Phillips, 11, dressed as a chick, waves to children during a drive-through Easter photo session at StoryHeights Church on April 11, 2020 in Newton, Massachusetts.

Image captionA drive-through Easter event was also organised by a church in the US state of Massachusetts, where children dressed as chicks and rabbits.

A priest sprinkles holy water on believers and their food while circuiting in a horse-drawn cart all over the vicinity during the celebrations of Holy Saturday in Zakopane, Poland

Image captionIn the Polish town of Zakopane, a priest sprinkled holy water on worshippers while driving by on a horse-drawn cart.

A priest uses a van to give blessings during Easter Saturday in Santiago, Chile

Image captionThis priest gave blessings from the back of a van in the Chilean capital, Santiago.

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