Deciphering the Art of Storytelling

Deciphering The Art of Storytelling

Anybody trying to build a brand on the web has undoubtedly noticed all the chatter about storytelling. Most commentators think it's a useful skill.

I agree. The only problem with actually doing it is that most of the stuff I've read about it don't say how to do it. It just tells you that you should do it. Me… I like formulas and structure to run on.

This article from Buffer, written by Alfred Lua (be sure and check his link for other great articles), gives us 11 specific formulas, with examples in most cases, of how what to say in your story, how to say it, and when to say it. I've read through it once and found it very enlightening. And I plan on saving the article and reading it in more detail.

This is the kind of article that I think any serious content creator or writer should condense to its basic and put on index cards or a small sheet of paper taped somewhere in their view. That's what you would have to do to let it sink into your mind, but I am convinced that the benefits would be enormous.

After you get comfortable with the basic idea of a few you like, just try them out one at a time. I'm not a storytelling teacher but I get the impression that the 'story' doesn't even have to be very long. Certainly, Alfred's examples weren't. He also gives links to where each type of story structure came from and I'm sure there is further elaboration there that would be worth reading.

So that's it…just a head's up that might bring some clarity to something that's been on your mind. If everybody else it telling stories (the good kind I mean!), then perhaps we should start doing it too, right?

P.S. This article came from the often excellent blog over at Buffer.


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