Discover the TotallyFREE MembershipThat Gives You Hundreds of Dollars Worth of Hot Selling Private Label Rights amp Resale Rights Products 728 ProductsANDLets You Download Brand New Products Each amp Every WeekAnd Best of All YOU Keep 100


Ok, admit it: You�re spending way too much money on PLR & RR products!

Discover the Totally FREE Membership That Gives You Hundreds of Dollars Worth of Hot Selling Private Label Rights & Resale Rights Products (728+ Products) AND Lets You Download Brand New Products Each & Every Week! And Best of All … YOU Keep 100% of the Money!

Hi Friend,

My name is Mark Austin, and there's something I want to ask you:

How would you like to have free instant access to hundreds of dollars worth of private label rights products and resale rights products? Keep reading to find out how!

You probably already know this, but one of the easiest ways to make serious money on the internet is by selling digital products. It's a fairly simple process …

1) You purchase a product with resale rights.
2) You resell that product as many times as you want.
3) You keep 100% of the money!

Of course, you can repeat the above process with as many products as you want! As you can see, it's a fairly simple process!

But, there's just one small catch …

You can spend a ton of money buying products with Private Label Rights (PLR) or Resale Rights (RR)! For instance, take my friend Tony Jamerson …

Tony recently told me that he used to spend right at $600 every month on resale rights products. You see, Tony was trying to increase his online income — he was trying to get ahead.

Instead, he was falling further and further behind financially. He was spending way too much time chasing down Resale Rights products, and way too much money buying them!

Worse yet, Tony and his wife Lisa were having marital problems partly because of the financial stress caused by him spending that $600 every month on RR products!

Sadly, Tony finally got to a point where he just felt like giving up. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Let me ask you a question …

How Much Have You Spent On Resale Rights Products Lately?

Way too much, right? Don't feel bad because you're definitely not alone! 

I know several people (like my friend Tony) who spend well over $500 each month just on resale rights products!

Just think about that a second … most resale rights products sell for anywhere from $27 on up to $197. And that's just for one product! What if you wanted to purchase rights to five products each month? Or ten? You would have to spend at least $300 – $500 every single month! But …

Now Just Imagine:

 If you could download two brand new digital products with private label rights or resale rights each and every week … for free?

 If you could instantly have access to over 728 ready to sell products … that's hundreds of dollars worth of hot selling digital products with Private Label Rights and Resale Rights … for free?

 If you could have RRW's Resource Toolbox with instant access to over 330 internet marketing tools that will dramatically help you generate more income on the internet … for free?

 If you could have instant access to the special Members Forum where you could interact with other members and access detailed reports on how to make money with PLR/RR products … for free?


Introducing: Resell Rights Weekly
Your Totally Free Membership That Gives You
FREE Instant Access to Over 728 Digital Products!

Resell Rights Weekly is a FREE Membership that allows you to download digital products for free! These products have either Private Label Rights or Resale Rights. You can resell these products as many times as you want, and you keep 100% of the money!

After you sign up for your Free Membership in Resell Rights Weekly, you will have free instant access to hundreds of dollars worth of digital products.

How many products, you ask? At last count it was 728 products in the membership ready for you to download. Plus every week, 2 new downloadable products with either PLR or RR will be added to the membership.

Most memberships charge $20 and up per month, and they stock the members area with old outdated products. That doesn't happen at Resell Rights Weekly! You'll be able to download fresh new quality products in the member's area. RRW is the membership that overdelivers … like the Golden Rule says, 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!'

What Products Will I Be Able To Download?

The products that are in the membership area include new software, new ebooks, new info products, new program scripts, new audios, new videos, new templates, new graphics, new plr articles, and new niche products. Here's a small sample of the products that were uploaded to the free member's area recently:

Each product will have either Private Label Rights or Resale Rights. And in case you are wondering, these products will be brand new digital products … not old outdated junk!

And You'll Have Instant Access To Over 330 Free Tools!

You also will get instant access to over 330 free tools that will make your web business much more profitable! Here's a very small sample of what is included in these 330+ free tools:

Free FTP software, free office suite application, free image editing software, free video editing software, free audio recording and editing software, free video and screen capture software, free antivirus/firewall, free SEO tools, free keyword research tools, free HTML editor, free PDF tools, and much more!


"Ok so what is the difference between Private Label Rights, Master Resale Rights, and Resale Rights?"

When you purchase a digital product (whether it be an ebook, MP3 audio file, video, software script, or whatever …) you will receive a product license with that product. That license will clearly state whether you have Private Label Rights (PLR), Master Resale Rights (MRR), Resale Rights (RR), or Personal Use Only Rights.

Private Label Rights products may be re-sold to others and you keep 100% of the profits. You are also allowed to alter the product however you see fit. You also may claim that you are the author, but you can't claim the copyright to the product. Generally, you are allowed to take that product and modify it in any way that you please. This means you can take the raw product, change it, add to it, take away from it, and claim it as your own! And also, you can place your name on it and market that product as your own. Depending on the terms of the license, you may or may not pass on the PLR to the purchaser.

Master Resale Rights products may be re-sold to others and you keep 100% of the profits. You may also sell the product with resell rights to your buyer if you choose to do so.

Resell Rights products may be re-sold to others and you keep 100% of the profits. However, you may NOT pass along Resell Rights for these products to others.

So Why Pay For These Products When You Can Get 'Em Free?

Your Free Membership in Resell Rights Weekly gives you instant access to over 728 HOT Selling digital products such as videos, audios, ebooks, reports, software, scripts, and plr articles. Start selling them today for instant profits! You can also use these products as lead generators, bonuses for other products, one-time-offers, upsells, downsells, or backend offers!

 You can sell these products over, and over again … as many times as you like!
 You keep 100% of the money! You pay nothing!
 Hot new products are added every single week (even Holiday weeks!)
 The products added to the member's area are new … not old outdated junk!
 Get instant access to new products as they become available.
 Build yourself an online empire with many different products.
 Save yourself hundreds of dollars … never again will you have to pay for resale rights!
 Create multiple income streams … never again will you have to rely on just one product for income!


Start Raking In The Profits Today!

Most of the products that we add to the membership area come with a turn-key marketing kit. This kit consists of:

 Professionally written sales letter.
 Professionally designed website.
 Professionally designed download page.
 Professional graphics.
 The actual product (pdf, software, video, program script, MP3 audio, etc.)

If the product is a Private Label Rights product, you will also receive the source files for that product:

 Text file.
 Word Doc file.
 Audio file.
 AVI video file.
 Software/script source code.

Obviously, the files you receive will vary from product to product.

Now can you imagine being able to download all this … for free! YES, I know there are other memberships out there. But how many offer what RRW is offering you for free? (The answer is 'none.' )

OK Mark, Why Is This Membership Free?

The answer to that question will shock you because it is going to be surprisingly simple & honest.

First of all, as corny as this may sound, I truly like to help other people. Life is NOT just about making more money, 'climbing the corporate ladder', and being super successful! While those things are necessary and certainly have their place, what's most important in life is family and friends … in one word: relationships.

You see, I have been very fortunate in life as I have been blessed with family and friends who have helped me to succeed … and now I want to help you to succeed as well!

Secondly, I offer a Gold Membership level in Resell Rights Weekly. Many of the people who sign up for the Free Membership later decide to join the Gold Membership (you'll hear more about the Gold level later after you join). The income that comes from the RRW Gold membership makes it possible for me to offer you this free membership possible. But don't worry, you are under absolutely no obligation to upgrade … you can stay a free member forever if you choose!


Due to my increasing hosting bandwidth costs, the free membership in RRW will not be available forever!

 As you can imagine, my hosting costs for RRW are rather expensive and as more people join RRW, my hosting costs go up even more.

So take advantage of this free membership in Resell Rights Weekly before it's too late!

Special Membership Perk:
Instant Access To The RRW Members Forum!

As a special perk of being a Resell Rights Weekly member, you will gain instant access the RRW members forum!

In the RRW members forum, you will be able to interact with your fellow members as we discuss important topics like making money online, getting traffic to our sites, and how to profit from Resale Rights & Private Label Rights Products!

You will especially like the Free Detailed Marketing Reports where you will find special reports such as:

 Getting Traffic To Your Website
 Creating Your Own Hot Product
 Profitable Niche Secrets Revealed
 Flipping Websites For Quick Cash
 Understanding CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
 Basic Methods For Marketing Your Business
 How To Increase Your Income PER Sale
 Skyrocket Your Online Income With Backend Sales
 Build an Information Product Empire
 How To Get All The Free Traffic You Want
 Getting Your Prospects To Read Your Emails
 How To Make More Money With Information Products
 Getting Greater Profits From An Opt-in Email List
 Unlocking The Secrets Of Search Engines
 Web Copywriting Made Easy
 Profitable Squeeze Page Tactics
 Using Webinars To Increase Your Profits
 Setting The Price On Your Product
 Track Your Ads
 Where To Find Hot Product Ideas
 Quick Ways To Boost Your Profits
 Search Engine Optimization 101
 How To Make Money Online!
 The Power Of Testimonials
 Creating A Profitable Website
 Building Relationships Through Email = Increased Profits
 Spike Your Income With A Firesale
 How To Monetize PLR Content & Create Multiple Streams Of Income
 Turning PLR Products Into Cash Machines!
 And many other details reports!

Access to the members forum is completely free. It's included with your free membership to Resell Rights Weekly!


Special Gift Just For You:
10,740+ Private Label Rights Articles!

As a special "Welcome To RRW" Gift, you will also be able to instantly download over 10,740 Private Label Rights Articles covering 320 different niches!


These are quality PLR articles that you are free to do with as you please …

� Combine multiple articles to easily create an eBook!
� Use them as content for your website!
� Use them as blog posts!
� Use them for your newsletter!
� Rewrite them and submit them to the article directories!
� Use them to promote your own products!
� Use them to promote affiliate products!
� Use them as "opt-in bait" to build your list!
� Use Audacity to record them – sell the MP3, or package with an ebook!


YES MARK! Give Me Free Instant Access To The Resell Rights Weekly Membership!

I understand that my membership is completely FREE! I will never have to pay anything! I also understand that I will be receiving:

�Instant access to over 728 hot selling PLR/RR digital products worth hundreds of dollars!

�Two hot new products each and every week with either Private Label Rights or Resale Rights!

�The Resource Toolbox which offers instant access to 330+ free tools that will help my web business be more profitable!

�Instant access to the Resell Rights Weekly Members Forum!

�And as a special "Welcome To RRW" gift, I will also receive 10,740+ Private Label Rights articles!

I understand that I keep 100% of the money when I sell
these products, and I can sell them over and over again!
signup button
To join, click on the button above and within seconds
you will have access to your totally free membership!

Selling digital products is, without a doubt, one of the easiest and quickest ways to make serious money online. As more and more people venture online, the demand for digital products will continue to increase. Are you getting your share of the profits?

To your success,

PS. Resell Rights Weekly is your totally FREE membership that gives you free instant access to 728+ digital products! You also get two brand new additional products each week. But remember, due to the increasing hosting bandwidth expenses, this free membership offer will not last forever! So sign up now and get FREE instant access to over 728 in-demand PLR & RR products!

Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

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