Do You Know Networking?

Networking is the ability to establish a network of contacts, or is the network of contacts established with the purpose of generating business opportunities, with the sharing of services and information. Ok, this is the meaning of the word, but I think it's much more than that.

A good network of contacts is important not only for business but for life. Having good friends is much more important than having simple contacts.

On this basis, I believe that establishing a good networking is a slow and laborious process.

The personal and professional image is a very important tool and be working and be constantly analyzing the behavior to maintain an active stance on social networks is something that can help in a very good networking, we should be someone people want to relate. And to have a good network of relationships is a similar job. It is not enough just to have people added to your network, or have your contacts, it is important to make active contact, be authentic, be present and show real interest in the content of the contacts made. In short, it is important to keep the network made.

To help build a good networking, think of it this way, when you start to build the network, think of a goal, what you want with this contact group, which aims crave.

Having clear objectives makes it easy to know where to look for contacts.

Learn what you can offer to others, sometimes it is easier to generate relationships when we know what we can offer to others instead of waiting to be asked for something.

Have a genuine interest in people, avoid seeking only when you need something, do it creates a very negative image.

Look for help within their means, the people in your network.

Try to make yourself useful and present.

Invite people to know their work, publish what you are doing, it is important to know what you do for them to publish their work.

Remember, a good network is made day-to-day, not only in the virtual environment, but also real. So, learn to stand, speak well, keep in mind that people with whom you live every day should be part of this network that they create.

Start your network with more care and consideration, it will be worth it.

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