Ecomo: The World’s First Bottle That Tests & Filters Water

Shake to test, twist to filter: A Smart Bottle that helps you to get rid of contaminants

Ecomo Bottle aims to bring clean water to everyone and minimize the usage of plastic bottles. Customers may choose to contribute to our water quality data map (without revealing any privacy) and become part of the effort to protect public health and the environment.

Ecomo Bottle saves approximately 228 plastic disposable water bottles within 3 months.

How To Use

Fill Ur Bottle Anywhere, Anytime

Test out the contaminants in your water simply with a shake.

Twist to filter  – The bottle’s 3-in-1 filtration system can remove most major contaminants, such as pesticides, petrochemical products, bacteria, and most heavy metals.

Enjoy.   Drink water with peace-in-mind, anywhere, anytime.

A wearable activity tracker that computes your hydration needs, tracks your intake and alerts you about bad water quality.

 The Ecomo Bottle is also compatible with Apple Watch and FitBit.   BACK THIS PROECT:

With Ecomo Bottle, you are able to monitor:






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