etherchain passive income

1% daily passive income

Here is something completely new.

This will be huge!

100% decentralized PASSIVE INCOME.

No one left behind.

No referring required.

Everyone gets paid 1%/day of your deposit for 310 days.

Everyone works together.

No more waiting for the spillover.

Launched only a few hours ago (6/9/20)

Here is my referral link:

If you do not have a Metamask yet, here is how to get and install it.

You need to buy your ETH first, then send it to your Metamask wallet so you can launch your account.   

NOTE:  Ether chain does not require any recruiting on your part.  Don’t worry, there are many people who have large mailing lists and will be recruiting to benefit everyone.  Any recruiting on your part is optional but certainly helpful.

Join here:

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