EWAexpert Earn save and raise your capital Earn online without investment Coin value increases by 5 each month Additional income 10 per month from escrowing


Earn, save and raise your capital!

Earn online
without investment

Coin value increases
by 5% each month

Additional income 10% per
month from escrowing

The coin value will never
be less than $1




EWA – Engeneering Web Activity

EWA.expert is a European community of crypto enthusiasts, who created this project according to the world`s top companies marketing researches

Our priority – to maintain anonymous in the crypto industry.

The EWA coin is ensured by the capital of the founders, community and the valuable project component — sociological and marketing research of independent advertising companies that carry out marketing studies on the platform.

Many companies, who invested in the project, are interested in such researches.

The project is launched in SIC, because it involves fewer expenses than in the European Union. As soon as all the instruments are worked out, the project will be implemented first in the European Union, then in the whole world.


No registration fees

There is no fee for registration. You can start your business from zero.
Sign up now:

No investment required to earn

Work from home. You are rewarded for your answers in sociological and marketing researches on the platform. Each completed task is paid in EWA coins.

Buy EWA coin with
5% growth per month

EWA coin is unique. It is maintained and ensured with irreducible number of internet-activity services (WEB-activity).

Escrow coins at 10% per month

Lock-in period of 3 months (After maturity date coins return to balance. Then you can escrow it again or withdraw). Withdraw your income at any time.

Build your team

Receive 5% each time your 1-level referral makes escrow! 7 levels referral system: 10-5-1-1-1-1-1%


EWA is a life jacket for everyone who is intelligent and knows how to manage their capital.

EWA is available to everyone. You may be the crypto investor, the trader, the leader of network companies, or just the user.

Register and raise your capital today whenever you are.

You can buy and sell coins in any convenient way.



The core values are:

• The coin value will never be less than $1

• Expected growth of 5% per month – after the company's product launch.

• Additional income 10% per month from escrowing

• A limited number of issued coins. The founders have frozen 50% (30,000,000 EWA) for 3 months. This gives confidence in the long-term development of the project.


EWA emission is limited to 60 million coins, which is equal to $60 000 000 USA.

This amount is confirmed with the expected volume of service production in 2020-2030.

Extensive access to the external trading market, as well as EWA coin transactions, is planned in the third quarter of 2020.

Total EWA emission60 000 000

30 000 000 EWA

Lock-in period of 36 months to guarantee the sustainability of the system and provide more guarantees.

6 000 000 EWA

Reserve Referral Fund (RRF).



Reserve Referral EWA Fund (RRF) holds 6 million EWA coins (equivalent to $6 000 000 USD). 10% of the total EWA emission.

This amount is assigned to EWASystem incentive program.

The incentive program appeals to support the loyalty of the community.
!!! It is active only during releasing EWA in the free market.

During this period the participants of EWASystem will receive 5% of each EWA purchase operation, which is made by new members who registered via referral links.

RRF appropriates the award of the EWAOne escrow program.



  • Q4 2019

    Project startup period.
    Marketing research of the world`s experience.
    Develop the concept of advertising services and products.

  • Q1 2020

    Website design.
    Create advertising packages.
    Program development. Launching unique marketing.
    Form White Papers.
    Smart-contract launch.
    Coin release.
    Bounty-campaign of EWA coin.
    Open sale of coin on ewa.expert

  • Q2 2020

    EWA advertising campaign.
    P2P exchange launch.

  • Q3 2020

    Digital coins listing on a stock exchange.
    Partnership between EWA and media holdings.

  • Q4 2020

    Launch of innovative products and services to increase the value and capitalization of the EWA company.
    Introduce the list of stock exchanges with EWA transactions.
    Join Coin Market Cap

  • Q1 2021

    EWA is used on game production.
    Decentralized marketplace.

  • Q2 2021

    EWA Blockchain activation.
    Cryptocurrency wallet launching.

  • Q3 2021

    Develop our own cryptocurrency exchange.
    Hedge Funds Partnership.

  • Q4 2021

    Insurance products on EWA blockchain.
    LEGACY program (inheritance).

  • 2022 – 2027

    Promotion and capitalization of EWASystem. The development of all tools and programs. Ensuring and support raise confident platform reliability.


There are no guarantees in the world. There are only opportunities and chances.

Today when many companies experience a severe crisis, you can invest in the most stable coin or leave everything as it is now and observe the market collapse.

Transfer your savings from any other cryptocurrency or fiat money to EWA and fix your capital to the dollar.

Hurry up! Do this now, because very soon EWA will grow up 5% each month. If you take a chance, you can not only save but also raise your capital. It`s all in your hands!


Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

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