EY Teams Up With Bitcoin Association of Switzerland…

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https://news.bitcoin.com/ernst-and-young-team-up-with-bitcoin-association-of-switzerland/– EY Teams Up With Bitcoin Association of Switzerland –Sterlin Lujan —
EY joins forces with the Bitcoin Association on Switzerland. This new team association was announced May 17 in a press release by EY.

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They said, “Being the first of the Big 4 to get into Bitcoin, the next obvious step for EY was to support our local Bitcoin community by joining the Bitcoin Association as a corporate member. We are very happy to welcome EY to our fast growing community. ”

This announcement comes after pro-bitcoin arrangements with the company were made. Last November, the advisory department of EY said they would be installing ATM’s in their corporate headquarters for their employees to use.

As part of EY Switzerland’s digital self-transformation, the advisory firm announced in November 2016 that their customers can pay invoices from EY Switzerland in Bitcoin. In addition, all EY employees will receive a digital wallet and a Bitcoin ATM will be placed prominently in the main building.

Bitcoin.com’s Jamie Redman also covered EY’s recent adoption of Bitcoin ATM’s for employees who work inside the main building. EY said the company initiated this move to inspire awareness of digitalization among employees and customers:

“The company explains the automated teller will be accessible to both EY employees and Swiss residents in the area. The Switzerland branch will also give employees an EY wallet app that enables ‘excellent protection against unauthorized access within the EY system environment.’ The main point of the new services and ATM is to drive digitalization awareness to EY employees and clients.”

Support of Local Bitcoin Organization

The overall goal of EY is to support local bitcoin organizations as well as to provide digital awareness. They seem to want to support local bitcoin organizations and functionaries. Their mission implies they are ready for a global business positioning shift, and this paradigm shift toward digital currencies seem to be their utmost priority.

Marcel Stalder, the company’s CEO clarified “It is important to us that everybody gets on board and prepare themselves for the revolution set to take place in the business world through blockchains, smart contracts and digital currencies.”

What do you think of EY partnering with the Bitcoin Association of Switzerland? Is this a net positive for Bitcoin? Let us know in the comments section below.

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