Faith In The Word

Have you ever heard someone say, “I have faith in the Bible?” That doesn’t really make
any spiritual sense. You can have faith that the Bible is true, and that it contains the Word of God, but to have faith that it’ll protect you if you place it under
your pillow at night won’t work. Don’t rest your faith on “the Bible,” but in the Word
of God contained therein. Remember, we observed in our last study that the Bible is the testimony of God, but it contains the words of men, Satan, demons, and even a donkey. So to have faith in the Bible in that generic sense isn’t what works. Your faith has to be in
God’s Word, and by that, faith requires to be definite and directed. True faith originates from God’s specific Word; and that’s what produces results. The “logos” of God is life (John 6:63), but it won’t
do anything for you until you receive it and act on it. For instance, there may be several electric sockets with electric power in a building, but to use the power, you have to plug an appliance into a power socket for it further study:Romans 7:7-25
Psalms 64-67
Ephesians 5:17-24
Isaiah 54
Dear Father, I thank you for
giving me your engrafted Word,
by which I live. I succeed and
make progress by the Word
today, and my victorious life is
evident, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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