Fake Lead Generation Helpers?

Fake Lead Generation Philanthropy

You know, I'm getting really pissed off at the duplicitous copywriting and lies I see casually thrown around the internet by people and companies who try to pass themselves off as caring about MLM'ers and how they'll show you how to generate leads.

Case in point:

I recently signed up for an introduction to a brand-name Lead Generation system which I knew has been around for a few years. I've finally found an MLM program I can respect so I thought it might be worthwhile to check out what these lead generation guys had to offer.

But… long-story-short….it almost immediately became apparent that their offer was just 'bait' to get me into their sales funnel. It reminded me that businesses which claim to try to help MLM'ers are often just as two-faced as most of the core MLM industry is.

The problem is that, just like in the real world, it's considered OK for salespeople to spin words and lie to create the false impression that they are going to help you but then turn around in the next OTO or email or webinar and say something different. 

A perfect example of that was the follow-up email I got from this same company tonight with the heading, "Art, we'd like to send leads to you tomorrow!"  

Well…you want to send me some leads?!

Hell yeah….knock yourself out!

But upon reading the actual email it sure didn't seem like that's what was going to happen.

Read this…and YOU tell ME what the chances are of me getting leads tomorrow´´ from these guys as they implied:

*************************their email starts here****************************


Having a free attraction marketing website like the one available through the Rock Stars is great, but wouldn't it be even better if you could see your first batch of leads come through the system tomorrow? It's very possible (It starts to sound fishy here!).
Art, I promise that we won't hold anything back. We're going to teach you the exact methods that we use in our business. No bull, no holds barred. Here's how you can get started:

1.) Create your free account (Gee, I wonder how long this will take?)

OR Login to your existing account

2.) Go to the back office and check out the free training ("Check out??" If I'm a trainee, don't I want positive leadership?)

3.) Watch the Facebook PPC training (Yeah sure! PPC. I'm going to become a PPC Ninja by tomorrow, right?)

4.) Jump in and get started building your own list! ("Get started"?! That doesn't sound like a finite period to me.)
Just because you've failed in the past doesn't mean that tomorrow can't be different. Are you ready to suspend your disbelief and make a positive change for your future??

P.S. –  Once you see how easy it is to generate leads with our system there will be no holding you back. Remember, our 50% revenue share means that all you need to do is refer 2 other pro members to our service in order to put your MLM Rock stars website "in the black". (We know what this game is too, don't we?"

Your MLM Rock Stars Sponsor,

***********************their email ended here*************************************

And that's also where my interest ended.

No, I don't mind work. But I've seen a hundred times on the internet where there is always more to the offer than the vendor says at first. Most of these guys have their carefully planned sales funnel and objectively that's not so bad. But…don't imply that something is going to happen tomorrow, or could happen, when it plainly isn't.

That kind of sales approach really hacks me off. I don't do that and nobody in Markethive (my favorite online community and lead generation source) does it either. Nor does the other lead supplier I'm been testing lately do it.

And BTW, the difference between these two above-referenced lead programs is:

  • Program A comes with a TON of unique tools that nobody else has… whereas the Program B has really only one tool (a pretty good contact manager).
  • Program A actually has a real social community whereas Program B doesn't.
  • Program A is not an MLM or even an affiliate program. It's a free Market Network that integrates a marketplace, a social community, and highly unique software for any internet entrepreneur. It's primarily ad supported like Warrior Forum or Facebook. Program B actually has a pretty sweet little income angle to it…. but entirely fair. NB: Learn what a Market Network is in this article

There are at least two other lead generation rip-offs, both of which are very expensive. In fact, I can spot their ads a mile away. IMHO, people who really know how to make money on the internet…they're NOT wasting time supposedly showing other people how to do.

In fact, if you read between the lines, they actually say that they created those programs not to help YOU but to help them maximize the money they make FROM you. In that regard, I have a much higher regard for the Warrior Forum model that I do most of these other guys.

And…in the case of Markethive and its predecessor company Veretekk (which you can Google by the way), the owner of both of those companies (the same guy… Tom Prendergast) put hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money and constant 18-20 hours days into development, perfection, and training to make sure that those programs delivered results for the community members.

Program A (Markethive) requires considerable work and time to get going but it's an Inbound Marketing Program that actually works and it's still a lot better than somebody spending 20 years at a company only to get laid off.

Program B is basically just a service that provides me names and phone numbers of people with MLM experience. I call'em up and ask'em if they still have a Dream and would they like to take a look at what I'm doing. Some do, some don't, no problem… but it works.

So….OK sales CMO's. Enough of the duplicitous copywriting, OK? Say what you mean and mean what you say.

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