First Ontology Global Community Contributor The Venezuela Blockchain

First Ontology Global Community Contributor – The Venezuela Blockchain

The Ontology Global Community Contributor Program was introduced to the community

earlier in the month of February this year. This program aims to build a better ecosystem. Ontology is happy to announce its first Ontology Global Community Contributor Node: Venezuela Blockchain. This organization aims to make maximum use of emerging technologies as tools for socio-economic development in Latin America. The collaboration will ensure the engagement of Venezuela Blockchain with the Ontology technology to provide support to the various endeavors that are designed to benefit the wider prospect of the Latin American community.

The Ontology America’s Ecosystem Lead, Erick Pinos said, 

“Venezuela’s vibrant blockchain community is fueling the country’s ascent as a dynamic hub of DLT activity, and we are excited to open the doors to crossover collaborations between members of both the Venezuelan and Ontology communities. Today’s announcement gives expression to our commitment to broadening our own community horizons, and delivering tailored DLT solutions that will empower citizens globally.”

The primary focus of this partnership is to provide a faster, user-friendly platform with a remarkable infrastructure that provides support to the cross-chain collaboration. The Ontology platform provides businesses with the tools to design their own blockchain solutions securely. The Venezuela Blockchain is the organization that primarily focuses on Venezuela’s socio-economical shift via the implementation of expansion techniques modified accordingly based on the growth of the country. Venezuela’s main aim is to ensure the adoption, development, and expansion of the blockchain system through planning that can be applied in their country via promotions that are directly available for the blockchain services.

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