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http://www.brotherjohnf.com/frome-media-event-disarming-fakenews-media-giants-media-trial/ – FROME MEDIA EVENT: Disarming the #FakeNews Media Giants – Media on Trial. —

21stcenturywire.com / BY VANESSA BEELEY / MAY 22, 2017

21st Century Wire says…

A ground breaking event has been organised by UK’s Frome Stop War on the 11th June 2017. #FakeNews has become the catch-all for the corporate media battle against the swelling ranks of independent journalists and media outlets who threaten to dismantle their well constructed tower of lies surrounding international and domestic events.

“What should we expect from the mainstream media? Accurate reporting? Impartial analysis? Speaking truth to power? At times of proposed war or foreign intervention, especially, the public has a right to expect all these. So what about the now discredited establishment media claims that have led to the 21st century wars of intervention?

Establishment media tends to be dismissive of independent journalism. Due to its greater size and influence the mainstream media (msm) has avoided critical questions about its own reporting and journalistic standards and deflects calls for corroboration, verification and independent analysis.

The leviathan that is the mainstream media has formed the narrative and stifled dissent but that’s going to change. That’s why, with the help of its panel of five experts – two professors and three investigative journalists, Frome Stop War will be hosting an event entitled ‘Media on Trial’. Our experts will be applying the scrutiny to mainstream media reporting which we should all demand, given its power to sway opinion when our government is seeking consent for war.


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FROME MEDIA EVENT: Disarming the #FakeNews Media Giants – Media on Trial – Silver For The People

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