Genusity Worldwide Opportunity Now That’s Success ONE MILLION DOLLAR Bonus Paid One Time

  • Genusity Worldwide Opportunity! Now That's Success!

Build Your Business With Genusity!

In the world we live in today, more and more
people are starting their own home-based business.

Make Money With…

  • Your Genusity 2.0 Retail Store – Up To 55% Retail Profit

  • Your Retail Store Also Generates Up To 100% Daily & Monthly Bonuses

  • Up To 100% Daily Fast Start Bonuses On BV

  • Up To 100% Monthly Power Unilevel Commissions On BV

  • CBD, Health, Weight Loss, Energy, Pet Products and more

  • Building A Team Of Free Team Members/Associates

As you can see, with Genusity, you should be able to build larger and stronger teams which in turn, creates an opportunity like never before for you!

Unlike other Companies, you NEVER have to purchase a product to earn money with Genusity!


3 Hot Industries To Choose From



Here's how our amazing Genusity 2.0 Compensation Plan works…

When you sell a Product, you earn a Daily Fast Start Commission on the first purchase.
Also, if you are an Associate or higher, when any of your personally-enrolled Free Team Members/Associates sell a Product, you again, earn a Daily Fast Start Commission on the first purchase.
Then, when their Product Order renews the 2nd month and beyond, you earn a Monthly Residual Income.
Let’s see how that breaks down for a whole team…

Genusity’s Compensation Structure Is One Of The Most Powerful In The Industry With 8 Ways To Make Money…

Genusity provides everyone, from any background, the possibility to finally make an online and off-line income. We include a 21st Century TOOLBOX that gives everyone the best chance to succeed in their Genusity business. With 8 different ways to earn from Genusity, you can’t go wrong! We recognize that YOU are the workhorse that builds Genusity on a day to day basis and therefore, we’ve put together a Commission and Bonus Program that pays you up to an Industry Leading 100% of the total BV of all Genusity products starting with…

1. Retail Commissions – Paid Daily

Earn Retail profits from 30% up to 55% on all of your personal sales you make from your Genusity 2.0 Retail Store. Genusity 2.0 is changing the way retail shopping is done. With our new business model, all Genusity 2.0 products will be priced at WHOLESALE pricing! This makes dealing with your family and friends a whole lot easier. By offering products that they want and need at lower prices than what they pay for similar products at their big box stores, your family and friends will want to BUY FROM YOU! Wouldn’t you agree that this is an industry first and a new trend? NOW, when someone buys from your “retail” storefront, you earn 30% up to 55% retail profit in your pocket!

Beacons do not have a retail profit.
There is a 7-day cooling-off period before the commission is paid.

2. Fast Start Commissions – Paid Daily

With up to 3 levels of Fast Start Commissions and potential payout of up to 100% of Business Volume (BV), the Genusity Fast Start Commissions can help you generate a lot of front end income from product sales to Customers and Associates while you build your back end residual income.

  Team Member Associate IR Gold Platinum Diamond
Level 1 25% 50% 75% 75% 75% 75%
Level 2 5% 15% 15% 15% 15%
Level 3 10% 10% 10% 10%

There is a 7-day cooling-off period before the commission is paid.

3. Power Unilevel Residual Commissions – Paid Monthly

With up to 4 levels of Residual Commissions and potential payout of up to 100% of Business Volume (BV), the Genusity Residual Commissions can help you generate a lot of back end residual income (passive income) from reoccurring and auto-ship product sales to Customers and Associates that continues to pay you month after month for work you and your team have already completed. Passive income is where true wealth is created.

  Team Member Associate IR Gold Platinum Diamond
Level 1 5% 5% 10% 10% 10% 10%
Level 2 50% 50% 55% 60% 65%
Level 3 5% 10% 10% 10% 10%
Level 4 5% 5% 5% 5%


4. Infinity Over-Rides – Paid Monthly

Getting paid up to infinity is a great way to create massive monthly income. With this bonus, you could be making monthly commissions on hundreds or even thousands of people’s volume below you from their product sales and auto-ships to Customers and Associates, no matter what level they are on or who brought them in. This can bring the total payout up to 100% in commissions each month.

  Starting at Level 5 down to the first Gold in each leg Starting at the first Gold down to the first Platinum in each leg Starting at the first Platinum down to the first Diamond in each leg Starting at the first Diamond down to the second Diamond in each leg
Gold 3%
Platinum 6% 3%
Diamond 9% 6% 3% 1%

5. Group Volume Bonus – Paid One Time

Genusity has the most unique and highest paying compensation plans the Network Marketing industry has ever seen. But we also recognize and reward our members for their hardwork and success!

  Reach $10,000 OGV Reach $25,000 OGV Reach $50,000 OGV Reach $100,000 OGV Reach $500,000 OGV Reach $1,000,000 OGV
Bonus Amount $1,000 $1,500 $2,500 $5,000 $40,000 $50,000

OGV = Open Group Volume. No more than 33% can come from any one leg.

6. ONE MILLION DOLLAR Bonus – Paid One Time

That’s right, the industries highest $1,000,0000 bonus paid to you!
Anyone that reaches $10,000,000 in NEW Open Group Volume with no more than 33% coming from any one leg, will receive
in a one time bonus payment!

7. Customer Incentive Bonus – Paid Monthly

Not only will you earn the above commissions on Customer sales but we’ve also added our Customer Incentive Bonus. For every 10 new customers you personally get in a calendar month that purchase a product, you receive a one time $100 Bonus. You can earn UNLIMITED Customer Incentive Bonuses each month. Here’s how that could look…

  10 New Customers 20 New Customers 30 New Customers 40 New Customers Etc…
Bonus Amount $100 $200 $300 $400 Etc…

This bonus ends at the end of each month, there are no carry overs of customers.

8. Monthly Associate Leaders Board Bonus* – Paid Monthly

We believe if you work hard you should be rewarded. So with Genusity’s Leaders Board you can earn extra money each month just for doing what you already do. The BEST part of this Leaders Board is that you could receive the Bonus Money by just enrolling FREE Team Members!

  1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th place
Bonus Amount $500 $250 $100 $50

The Leaders Board is based on a point system… 1 point for each personally enrolled FREE Team Member and 4 points for each personally enrolled Associate GenPro Upgrade.

Rank Up Qualifications

You’ll find that ranking up in Genusity’s compensation structure is probably the easiest in the Industry to achieve. Unlike most other companies, Genusity requires only a few small things for you to complete in order to rank up. Most companies will not even tell you this up front but here at Genusity we believe in transparency.

  Must Purchase Min. PV Pers. Cust. & Assoc. Pers. Golds Pers. Plats Min. MGSV†
To Become a Team Member JOIN 100% FREE
To Become an Associate Upgrade To GenPro
To Become an IR Maintain The GenPro Upgrade 1 Cust.
1 Assoc.
To Become a Gold Maintain The GenPro Upgrade Monthly Min. Of $50pv 5 Cust.
5 IR’s
To Become a Platinum Maintain The GenPro Upgrade Monthly Min. Of $75pv 10 Cust.
10 IR’s
2 Golds
1 per Leg
To Become a Diamond Maintain The GenPro Upgrade Monthly Min. Of $100pv 15 Cust.
15 IR’s
2 Plats
1 per Leg

PV = Personal Volume | Pers. = Personal | Cust. = Customer | Assoc. = Associate (or higher) | Plats = Platinums
†MGSV = Monthly Gross Sales Volume.
‡No more than 33% of the MGSV can be counted toward monthly sales volume from any one leg for Rank Up.



Click Here To See Our Wholesale Prices

That’s right! If you choose to wholesale our products, you can make a lot of money. It’s easy to do, just visit businesses and show them your flyer that’s already been created for you in your Back Office. If they place an order, you get the commission!

* You must be an upgraded GenPro Associate in order to make bonuses from the Associate Leaders Board. The Associate Leaders Board resets at the end of each month with no roll-overs. A minimum of 75 Points must be earned and you must maintain a 4% or higher Conversion Rate of Personal FREE Team Members vs. Personal Upgraded Associates in order to be paid the Associate Leaders Board bonus money.
A Team Member can never rank up unless they pay the upgraded GenPro fee.
Results are not guaranteed. They are based on your own personal efforts and those of your team.
No Commissions paid on the Beacon Activation Fees, S/H Fees, Marketing Materials and Peripherals.

Links That Every Potential Free Team Member Should Read And Agree To:
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