Heatstroke and cardiac arrest

Summer increase in cases of heat stroke due to high temperatures, a disorder afflicting our body when body temperature rises considerately. This excess heat can be very dangerous and even in the most severe cases, cause cardiac arrest.

Heatstroke occurs when the body temperature rises to 40 degrees due to prolonged sun exposure, which can lead to organ failure. The most common symptoms that warn us that we must avoid exposure include dizziness, nausea, vomiting, unconsciousness, convulsions, and in very severe cases, cardiac arrest.

To avoid this situation prevention is very important, especially in the elderly and children, whose bodies have more difficulty regulating body temperature. 
What are the recommendations to avoid heat stroke?

1. Avoid prolonged sun exposure, especially in times of risk, between 12 and 17 hours, which is when solar radiation is higher.

2. Cover the skin with light clothing, caps, hats and wear sunglasses. In addition to protect from burns we avoid excessive heat on the body.

3. Avoid heavy meals, which are difficult to digest and increase the temperature.

4. Very important, eating plenty of water, frequently drink to stay hydrated, especially the risk group composed of elderly and children.

5. If you have symptoms of dizziness or discomfort, look for a cool, dark

If we find a person with heatstroke, we must succor and apply knowledge of basic first aid:

1. call 112 or emergency services concerned and indicate that come with a medicalized ambulance

2. Place the person in a dark, cool place

3. If conscious, give cool water in small sips, and steadily. If unconscious, that we must not make for a possible choking.

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