How Webcasts can improve your marketing reach and reduce your costs

How Webcasts can improve your marketing reach and reduce your costs

The globalised web economy has effectively decreased barriers to markets in all parts of the world. It is now possible to converse with partners, providers and consumers seven days a week, 24 hours a day with almost no time at all and range barriers.

As a result traditional techniques are no longer sufficient to reach prospective clients. Business must adjust their marketing techniques to consist of communication tools, such as VOIP, opened up by the Internet.

One really powerful approach of reaching customers and prospects is arranging regular Web Events in the form of live online presentations and workshops, likewise called Webcasts or seminars.

With the innovations that are now offered on the Internet, you are now able to present material in an engaging method by utilizing audio, video, animation and graphics. This can not be matched in any way by printed materials or a phone call.

The advantages are apparent. In contrast to Trade Shows, in your area held Training Workshops and Seminars, a Webcast is set up in a much shorter time period, with much less dependence on resources and workforce, leading to an enhanced cost efficiency.

By duplicating the Webcast at different dates and times you also permit your potential customers and clients to pick a presentation which can better fit their schedules. It will likewise enable you to reach more potential clients.

A positive side result, is using audio and video recordings to allow you to reach other potential customers once the Webcast has actually been held. By posting the recording on your site, you can further benefit from the Webcast. You can utilize it as an on-demand item to build an opt-in list, improve your client service or even to produce an additional profit stream.

Now think about the option you offer your clients and prospects. By just comparing having to travel to an occasion area and waste valuable time in traveling, instead of going to a Webcast at your very own PC, at a time they can pick, the latter choice wins every time.

This indicates you have the ability to reach a target market and engage with an optimal number of people despite time zone, area or other limitations you would have, by taking a trip or meeting the individual face to face. You are able to do this at a portion of the expense that a typical event would sustain.

At Pure Leverage, we utilize our VOIP Conference System to host regular Webcasts to reveal our potential customers just how they can utilize Pure Leverage to do the same with their own product or services.

We have actually discovered that once the Webcast idea is established, with a little practice, individuals quickly slip into the role of moderator and speaker. Somebody who is utilized to doing live presentations has no issue with the change to using Pure Leverage.

You can practically take your PowerPoint presentation, produce HTML-files out of it. Put it online and you can utilize it in your Conference VOIP meeting room within minutes. You send out an email to clients and prospects and can have them attending your Webcast within the very first 24 hours. It is easier than you believe.

I suggest you visit one of our Webcasts and see for yourself. You will be shocked at the ease of usage and I am persuaded you will be planning your first Web Event within minutes of being online with us.

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