I quited my job after reading this book

I quited my job after reading this book
LeadsLeap Success Lesson #14
writen by Kenneth
Hi partner,

I've told you that my first self-help book was 'The Cashflow Quadrant' by Robert Kiyosaki.

The end of the book came with a list of recommended readings. Since then, I started reading those recommendations, one after another.

There was one book that made me quit my job after reading.

The book was 'Think And Grow Rich'.

I believe many of you have read it. If not, you should.

The book talks about the 13 principles of success.

1) Desire
2) Faith
3) Auto-suggestion – or self-suggestion
4) Specialized Knowledge
5) Imagination
6) Organized Planning
7) Decision
8) Persistence
9) Power of the Master Mind
10) Sex Transmutation
11) The subconscious mind
12) The Brain
13) The Sixth Sense

I had spoken to some people who had read this book and was surprised that they had different interpretation of it.

Some of them felt that the book was common sense. One of them could only remember that sex transmutation is the strongest stimulant for success.

To me, this book introduced me to the importance of the subconscious mind.

After reading this book, I continued to read books about the subconscious mind and attend courses on how to harness this power.

I can truly appreciate why this book is titled 'Think and Grow Rich', not work and grow rich.

Take a look at the 13 principles again.

Specialized Knowledge, Organized Planning, Decision, Persistence may be some common factors for success.

But Desire, Faith, Auto-suggestion, Imagination, The Brain and The Sixth Sense are ways of harnessing the power of the subconscious mind.

Let me explain.

First, you need to understand that your reality is simply a delayed reflection of your subconscious mind.

Perhaps Charles F. Haanel, the author of The Master Key System, explained it best,

"Life is an unfoldment, not accretion. What comes to us in the world without is what we already possess in the world within."

With that understanding, in order to change your reality, you simply have to recondition your subconscious mind.

The language of the subconscious mind is mental image and emotion.

3 of the 13 principles, Imagination, Desire and Faith, are the languages that we can use to recondition our subconscious mind.

Auto-suggestion is an intentional method of reconditioning our subconscious mind.

The Brain is the broadcasting media and the Sixth Sense is the layman's term for ideas that we receive from our subconscious.

What I'm trying to say is, more than half of the book is about the subconscious mind basically.

The whole idea of the subconscious mind sounds very religious or cultish. But that's how the universe works.

Other self-help books that talk about the magic of believing, the power of positive thinking are just different ways to harness the power of the subconscious mind.

Brian Tracy said,

"Fake it until you make it! Act as if you had all the confidence you require until it becomes your reality."

That is just another way to recondition your subconscious mind.

After reading this book, I was so pumped up that I quited my job. I thought I had found the secret to be rich – just think and grow rich!

Interestingly, it was when my nightmare started…

To your success,


Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

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