Is Content Marketing Really Important (and if so…why)

Is Content Marketing Really That Important (and if so…why?)

Let’s think this question through thoroughly for a moment, shall we?

Over the last several years we’ve heard a lot of talk about Content Marketing. There was a time when everybody and their grandmother was talking about content marketing, writing articles about it, and claiming to be an expert in it. And it’s still almost that way although the temptation to flog the buzz-word seems to have died down a little.

I myself was never very much in Content Marketing. Or at least in making it a religion.

For one reason, I am never at a loss for something to blog about. Whether or not my blog had many readers wasn´t big concern to me because, frankly I didn’t care (and mostly still don’t). I wrote almost for fun… about the things that satisfied and interested me. And my opinion was that if everybody else liked the same things that I did then I wouldn’t be the unique guy that I think I am.

But, assuming that content marketing is a reality in the online world….is it really useful and  important?

I think it is… and here’s why (illustrated with  a recent event)?

Because of the unique blogging (i.e. publishing) system we have in Markethive, I do all my article publishing from there. From within Markethive, my articles syndicate out to which ever WP blog I select from the several that I own (our system allows us to do that) as well as whatever social media accounts I have connected (e.g. Facebook and Twitter) to our system.

We also have a 3rd party Facebook plugin (we are currently developing our own) which further syndicates those Facebook posts out to an almost infinite number of FB Groups (if I have set it up). Some of our publishers have ‘reaches’ for their content approaching a million or more.

We (at Markethive) think our system is pretty nifty system and, considering that it’s integrated with a lot of other useful features within our platform, we honestly don’t know of anything similar or better…and certainly not a system which is ‘FREE’ like ours (we’re ad-supported).

So what’s connection between this Markethive functionality (which we call BlogCasting and BlogSwipe) and the question I raised about content Marketing?

The connection is that it’s hard to get people’s attention today. It has to be done with great finesse. People are busy, they don’t like their privacy being disrespected, and it’s very easy for them to slam a digital door in an intruding marketer’s face.

Most people have taken a while to learn the skills they have and they naturally resist having new ideas, products, or services shoved down their throat. It’s not that they’re not interested in new things. They’re simply busy, they’ve got their own bills to pay with the skills with the skills and systems they currently have, and they usually don’t have the luxury of idle chat.

Plus, nobody likes the feeling of being swept into and down somebody else’s sales funnel when they’re busy trying to manage their own.

Back to content marketing.

People do read. It’s like putting a Salt Lick out in the forest to attract deer. If people stumble across content cleverly placed there by a savvy Inbound Marketer, and they read it, and it resonates with them…..what’s their natural impulse?

They’re going to make an executive decision and follow up on that content until their interest is satisfied, right? And hopefully that pulls them willingly into your or my sales funnel and it makes us a few bucks and/or a new friend, right?

That’s why the other name for Content Marketing is ‘Attraction Marketing’. Yes, it is unfortunate that we usually can’t proactively approach people and get some of their time…  but that’s just the way it is. It happens in dating all the time.

So, if content marketing is important, the next question is how to do it.

I think there’s two parts to the answer to that question (and the real point of this article):

  1. Do it in massive quantity.

  2. Do it with superlative quality.

I believe that #2 is a factor of either our own experience or being able to somehow leverage the experience of others (e.g. hiring someone or using some sort of tool that ensures quality content).

#1, I believe, is a problem more readily solved with the right tools. One such tool is the Markethive Inbound Marketing platform. Markethive is not yet a household word but is equatable, and we believe superior, to better known Inbound Marketing platforms such as HubSpot, Pardot, Eloqua, and others which commonly cost well upwards of $1,000 @ month.

Markethive was specifically designed for the small to medium sized online entrepreneur who wanted the quality and effectiveness of the inbound marketing platforms used by much larger companies with big budgets but who simply could not afford the hefty cost.

Markethive solved that problem by making many unique features available through an ad-supported model similarly to Facebook, YouTube, and others. Plus, Markethive has one unique viral advantage that no other inbound marketinng system has — our global community of entrepreneurs who use Markethive on a daily basis and give it incredible viral reach. Many of these community members date even back to 1998 and Markethive’s predecessor company, Veretekk.

In summary, Content Marketing is necessary because it’s really the only way to consistently get the attention of today’s busy online decision maker. However, up until recently the average home-based entrepreneur simply couldn’t afford a system like Markethive.

Now that Markethive has been thoroughly field-tested for over two years by it’s international community of independent, online entrepreneurs, the greater, global market has the Markethive total marketing system at its disposal.

Markethive is currently preparing a global launch. Watch for it and prepare to be delighted, amazed, and empowered.


Art Williams
Martkethive Developer, Case Study Writer, and Networker
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Skype: atwill4


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