Is Valentus A Scam That Will Leave You In Tears?

Is Valentus A Scam That Will Leave You In Tears?

 Is Valentus a scam

Is Valentus a scam or legit?

You might have come across this article after someone approached you at the mall to discuss a new income opportunity with you. They might have introduced you to Valentus which is an MLM company that sells coffee and other beverages as well and now you are in research mode to find out more about Valentus and whether they are a scam or not.





To start off I will say that they are not a scam, but it is very important to know as much as you can about a company before you invest your hard earned money into buying its products and building your business around them. There are so many different things to look at that will determine whether an mlm company is good or not.

An MLM company can also be called a Multilevel Marketing company where you can earn a commission from the sales that your downline has made. This will allow you to earn different levels deep within your group such as that from the referrals from the people that you referred directly below you. I will break this review down into 2 sections which are the products and the compensation plan.

Valentus products info

This is a company that sells 4 different beverages in the form of a powder that you can mix with water or milk. There are not much to say about the products because there are only 4 different products that you can buy. I will discuss each one of them below:

Valentus products

1. Prevail Slim Roast

This is an Italian dark roast coffee that has detox components and appetite suppressants that will also help you to lose weight. It comes in a 3 gram serving that you can mix with hot water and milk.

2. Prevail Energy

This is a concentrated powder that does not have any artificial ingredients and is great for boosting your energy. It also has a fruity flavor.

3. Prevail Immune Boost

It is also a concentrated powder that you can mix with water that has a lot of anti-oxidants. The anti-oxidants play a major role in the development and maintenance of the immune system.

4. Prevail Trim

This is a drinking powder that has appetite suppressants with ingredients that can detoxify all of the cells in your body. Detox is very important when it comes to weight loss and not a lot of people are aware of this.

Valentus compensation plan info

There are several ways to make money with this company. There also 4 different packs that you can buy in order to start your business. I will discuss the packs below:

  1. Basic Pack. This pack will cost you $59 and will give you 50BV. Once you buy this pack on autoship you will automatically qualify as an Independent Representative (IR). You also get 1 box of supplies.
  2. Starter. This pack will cost you $129 and will give you 100BV. You will also qualify as a Gold IR once you buy this pack and you will get 3 boxes.
  3. Advanced. This pack will cost you $199 and will also give you 150BV. You will also qualify as a Platinum IR and you will get 6 boxes.
  4. Business Builder. This pack will cost you $499 and will give you 400BV. You will qualify as a Ruby IR and after six months you will be an Emerald IR.

1. Retail sales

You will earn a commission rate of 25% for all the products that you sell from your personal website. To activate your website you need to pay the one-time payment fee of $20. You arey onleligible to earn a commission if you manage to generate 50BV each month.

2. Fast start bonus

Each time you enroll someone and they buy one of the packages, then you will earn a fast start bonus. If someone buys the Advanced pack and you are still in the Starter pack, then you will not earn the fast start bonus. Only if you buy the same pack in autoship will you earn? For the basic pack you will get $20; for the Starter pack you will earn $40; for the Advanced pack you will earn $50 and for the Business Builder you will earn $100.

3. Legacy Enrollment Bonus

You might have built so much momentum that you have started to enroll your first couple of enrollees. This bonus works like this. Each time when someone you refer buys a Business Builder Kit, you will earn $100. Keep in mind that for your first 3 enrollees you will not earn the extra $100.

Only from your 4th enrollee, you will start to earn $100 if they buy a Business Builder Kit. When your first level of enrollees starts to enroll new members, you will earn $100 for the first 3 that they enroll. This can go on into infinity.

4. Dual Team Cycle Commissions

For this, you will have 2 legs or teams as most people say. So each time your strong leg gets 200 points and your weak leg gets 100 points, you will get a cycle. For each cycle, you will earn $20 but you must enroll at the $499 business pack.

When your referrals get their own referrals and so on, you will realize that your teams will start to grow and you will reach a cycle at a faster rate.

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