It’s Simple Stupid – There Ain’t No Money

It's Simple Stupid – There Ain't No Money!

You know, by some interpretations of the Bible it's pretty clear what we can expect in the End Times.

It will be a world full of crooks where honor and integrity will be hard to find. But perhaps the most shocking part of that scenario, for 'average folks', will be that so many professionals and so-called leaders will be among the biggest crooks and liars.

By professionals I refer especially to bankers and politicians but the same thing can be said about anybody who promises one thing and then suddenly changes their story later as if anybody who remembers the promises (or perhaps 'assertions' would be a more accurate word) which they made not so long ago must have been on drugs or something…. e.g. something will be worth $1 on such and such a date when it actually turns out to not be so.

I've long been a fan of and Alex Jones and I was interested  just a few days ago when Alex had Harry Dent on his show. In case you don't know Harry Dent, he is Founder of HS Dent Investment Management, an investment firm based in TampaFlorida that advises, and markets the Dent Strategic Portfolio Fund mutual fund. Mr. Dent is also the president and founder of the Dent Research and H.S. Dent Publishing.

But first, a little info about what makes Mr. Dent unique. His basic claim to fame is that he is an expert on demographics. He's not somebody who makes predictions on theories of economics. He looks at history and spots recurring cycles.

For example, he's the kind of guy who says that if a car is going 60 mph on an icy road as it approaches a curve in the road and there's historically been plenty of accidents on that particular part of the road in icy weather, it's logical to expect that the present speeding vehicle is going to have an accident.

This relates to the Bible in the sense that the Bible clearly says there will be very bad times for the average person in the End Times. Somebody has to be wrong and somebody has to be right, either the Forbes readers or Bible scolars, wouldn't you imagine?

You can't have it both ways just because its momentarily expedient for you to see one rather than the other. Or, as the great Arthur L.Williams Jr. used to say: "Wish in one hand and spit in the other and see which one fills up first."

Indeed, Mr. Dent has an incredibly accurate record of economic predictions based on:

  1. Demographics
  2. Historically validated geo-political cycles
  3. Historically validated cycles of Innovation
  4. Historically validated 10 Boom and Bust Cycles

To be honest, I've never read any of his several books but I have heard him discuss his ideas several times on Infowars and everything he says makes perfect sense to me. It it just seems foolish to have a particular set of circumstances that are eerily similar to a previous time where the exact same set of circumstances existed yet to expect a different outcome.

It was amusing, on this recent Alex Jones show, to watch Alex, who is a huge Trump supporter, try to tactfully argue with Mr. Dent and Dent's prediction that the US economy is headed for 'Deep Doo-doo' (a prognostication which I tend to agree with). Harry insisted that there is no way to avoid an extremely disruptive correction of decades of bad economic, monetary, and geopolitical policy which not only the US but almost the entire world has engaged in for at least an entire generation (if not more).

Before Donald Trump emerged as a surprisingly refreshing factor in the US Presidential elections, Alex was an excellent source of honest statistics and commentary about the dire state of the US economy, the US consumer's situation, and the global economy. But lately he seems to have conveniently forgotten the reality of the very facts that he dutifully reported just a couple of years ago.

Mr. Dent's contention is that the implication of those facts has not magically disappeared simply because a guy with orange hair and wearing a white hat suddenly arrives in town. Dent says that the corrections will and must take place…. an assertion of course very similar to that of two other contrarian prognosticators, Peter Schiff and Gerald Celente.

But there is yet another example of storm clouds gathering.

Maybe you've heard about the War on Cash?

Simply stated, the war on cash is about the admitted fact that the traditional banking industry, supported by accomplices and shills in worldwide governments, wants to deprive the consumer (AKA: the voter) of the right to have and use cash money. Although that battle has been going on for a few years already, the average consumer is relatively unaware of it… sort of like the story about the frog which doesn't realize it is being slowly boiled to death.

However, this article from is a clear indication that the enemy is still very active…in Europe anyway. And one would naturally wonder what might be going on behind the scenes in the US. After all, Trump's new team comes in large part from the traditional banking and Wall Street sector, right?

The SovereignMan article gives some pretty shocking examples of very restrictive regulations already imposed or soon to be imposed upon Europeans (i.e. restrictive in relation to the economic freedom one enjoys with a pocket full of cash vs. a worthless credit card on a closed bank).

Think about this….

Anybody who knows anything about America, its Constitution, and the country's history knows that America is unique among nations for its 2nd Amendment, i.e. the Constitutional freedom we have to own firearms. Constitutionalists, embodied in the NRA, have thus far been able to resist globalist efforts to disarm America.

But what would happen if patriots didn't have any money to buy ammunition for their guns?

There is a connection here.

How effective would a resistance movement be if the government can peer into any room of your house via government mandated 'smart meters'?

They already can.

Or what if the government was recording virtually everything you say on your smartphone or the internet?

They already are.

How easy would it be for an oppressive government to demobilize a patriotic resistence movement, on the pretense of COG (Continuity of Government), by either the kill switches already installed in some vehicles or by more surreptitious means which they also might already have? Note: Not to mention the fact that they already control the nation's fuel supplies.

It wouldn't be that difficult even now.

Now, assuming some patriots will see the impending danger of these converging forces, especially regarding government restrictions on cash-money, what might they do?

Remember bitcoin?

It's all the rage right now, right? 

Some people are expecting that cryptocurrency will usher in a new age of entrepreneurship, freedom, prosperity,  sunshine, and flawless completions for everybody. 

I'm not so sure. If you've read my articles, Will Cryptocurrency Become Another Fascist Ripoff?, or, "Excuse Us – Perhaps You'd Like some Fedcoin?" you'll know why.

There is no doubt that today's banking elite are seriously interested in the cryptocurrency phenomenon. They've already admitted being interested in it. But don't forget that JP Morgan (our buddies, right?) have already tried to get a patent on their version of a virtual currency like bitcoin. Luckily their application was rejected for lack of anything original.

But you can bet that they're very worried about cryptocurrency and they're not happy about letting something that potentially powerful escape from their control. Wouldn't it be rather naive to expect them to use something that powerful in any way different than they use the power they already have?

Assuming the government acquires any substantial degree of involvement or control of cryptocurrency, would that be a good thing for us.

I don't think so. Wouldn't that just be exchanging a cast iron pair of handcuffs for a stainless steel pair?

And if the government succeeds in eliminating cash money from our lives, we will be equally less free.

I think that would be a pretty dumb-ass decision to trust the government with control of the medium of exchange we use in our daily lives. Look what it's gotten us so far. But that's what things are moving towards right now.

But look at the advantage to the government in a cashless society or a government controlled cryptocurrency system.

if you suddenly don't have any cash because the globalists have made it illegal to have more than $50 of it in your pocket, and/or the government has slowly restricted and virtually choked off its availability, and/or because the government has closed all the banks (remember COG?)…. you're screwed, aren't you?

Well Brian….welcome to the Brave New World. If Jesus doesn't come pretty soon…I think we're all screwed.

Governments don't have any money. They spent it all and their ain't no more.They're all crooks. It won't be long before they won't even need to lie to us. They'll just do whatever they want….because they can. I read the script.


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