I’ve noticed something interesting since now having…

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I’ve noticed something interesting since now having completed 3 biographies since the start of the new year. I’ve read Shoe Dog (about Phil Knight – founder of Nike), Benjamin Franklin, and Steve Jobs. I also read Elon Musk’s biography last year.

All of these amazing people, who have changed the world in one way or another, possess the typical characteristics you’d expect to find in people like this: incredibly driven, HUGELY innovative, not afraid to fail or make mistakes, etc. Many are, in a way, very stubborn as well, which is interesting.

Some characteristics they each possess are a little concerning, however. For example, the way they treat some of their closest friends and colleagues (except for maybe Phil, who was always very empathetic). The way Steve Jobs and Elon Musk treat some of their employees, for example, has me like, "Whoa, that’s crazy!" But I understand it, and I think especially for Steve, he literally didn’t have the capability to have empathy for others when it came to Apple and his visions.

The most concerning commonality of all of them is their relationship with their kids. I believe they each loved their kids, don’t get me wrong, but the relationship they have or had with their children is very eye-opening, and a little scary. I’ll save the details for when you potentially read these books, but they don’t have a relationship with all of their kids like I’d want to.

I just wanted to propose this as a topic of discussion: does this mean that in order to go "THAT BIG", you are more likely to potentially risk severing the relationships you have with your children?

Obviously, these are only 4 people that I’m talking about, and I’m sure there are example of amazing leaders who also have extremely strong and powerful relationships with their children. But, this is simply a thought, and a reminder to me that although I still want to "GO THAT BIG", I don’t want to lose my children.


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