Kiwi Fruit, Chat Bots, and Marriage

Kiwi Fruit, Chat Bots, and Marriage


Who in their right mind would marry a Kiwi Fruit or a Minion?

Who in their right mind would want to have a conversation with a Minion… or a Kiwi Fruit?

Nobody would, right?

So why would anyone want to talk to a Chat-bot?

Can somebody explain why and how, in what is supposed to be the 21st Century, this article cites research which says that the large majority of millennials either enjoy chatting with chat-bots or would like to do so?

How stupid!

Am I 'Old School' or obsolete because I prefer to talk to real people?

This reminds me of those articles I've read about people who fall in love with doll companions or robots. To some degree it also reminds my of the idea of marketing with automated webinars (although that might have its proper purpose in certain situations).

My point is that I see something similar happening in "modern" MLM today.

It's gotten so hi-tech that it's being drained of humanity. There isn't enough human-to-human contact…. especially ON the internet side of it. 

People (and companies) have discovered they can get recruiting and selling leverage with technology and they've ramped it up soooo much that there is almost no humanity left it the process.

They think they can substitute technology completely for human contact. They reason that if it takes them X amount of time to personally recruit and mentor 2 people, maybe they could recruit and mentor 4 people in the same amount of time if they automated all or part of the process.

Then they go on and think that if they can use technology to recruit and train 4 people, why not try to find better technology that will allow them to recruit and sell even more by doing completely away with personal relationships transparency, or accountability of any kind. 

That's the way the world is going and MLM is following right along in parrallel. And yet people wonder why there's an employment problem. It's a version of, "Where's The Beef!?" Now it's, "Where's The People!?"

Another factor in the equation is, of course, the fact that many people today, especially Millenials, don't communicate very well verbally, i.e. without all the trendy filler-jargon like, "like"…"totally!"…"awesome"…"cool"…"yeah man", etc.

I wonder what the Gettysburg Address would have been like if the only tools and skills Abraham Lincoln had was a Blackberry and Twitter. 

I actually think an MLM which stipulated that leaders could not recruit a few people 'wide' until they had enabled (with proper mentorship) a certain number of their recruits to go deep…I think it would ultimately result in much stronger teams and steadier growth.

Putting real communication back into MLM, and especially internet marketing, should be a higher priority for leaders.

In my opinion, two of the reasons there are so many 'crash and burn' situations in MLM and internet marketing today is because (a) people don't know how to properly vet a product or opportunity, and (b) so many products and opportunities are mostly (if not entirely hype).

The virtual reality of the internet has become our new 'Matrix' but there is little real substance and/or accountability. Much of what we see, and even our relationships, on the internet, is based on hype, facade, and 'act as if' bullshit. "New" is interpretted to mean, "good" or "effective". Unverified testimonials are interpreted as guaranteed future results.

That's why I want to communicate with or develop a relationship with somebody on the internet, the very first question I usually type is, "Can you talk on Skype?"

Anyway… that's my rant. I couldn't believe it when I read that article above. I just find it incredible that human beings are getting so enamored with robots! Maybe someday you'll be able to go into a Walmart, buy a robotic 'companion' of your dreams, get legally certified as married at the check-out counter (which will be robotic too, of course), and walk out of the store happily married. 

Leonardo DaVinci, James Watt, Issac Newton, and Henry Ford would be so amazed at how far we've come.


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