LEMON – Nature’s Green Cleaning Superhero!

The humble lemon is an awesome fruit and cannot be praised highly enough for its green cleaning properties.


But, first, some general facts about lemon juice.

1.       It is a natural disinfectant, deodorizer and bleach.

2.       It has the highest Vitamin C content of all citrus fruits.

3.        It has been recorded to soothe sunburn, stimulate the immune system, reduce a high temperature, cure jaundice and, if that isn’t enough, counteract the effects of drugs.

4.       It is antibacterial and antiseptic.

5.       Its fragrance is very pleasant.

6.       In the past, the lemon was associated with evil and because it wasn’t round like an orange, it had been deformed by the devil himself.

7.       On the other hand, the Romans thought the lemon had protective powers against evil spirits.


8.       Casanova claimed the lemon to be an aphrodisiac and also could prevent pregnancy.


To sum up, the lemon is a natural, cheap, cleaning and deodorizing product capable of tackling even the most difficult household jobs. It is a biodegradable, eco-friendly product that deserves pride of place in your kitchen. And by the way, it also makes a very refreshing drink and has many culinary uses!


So throw away all those branded cleaners etc in your cupboard and get cracking with lemon. When it comes to cleaning, there is almost nothing it can’t do.

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      1. To improve the washing power of detergents: add 1 cup of lemon juice to your washing cycle. This will help to remove stains and give your clothes a pleasant fragrance.

      2. To treat difficult stains such as from berries (raspberries etc): rub lemon juice into the stains, rinse in warm water and wash as normal.

      3. To bleach white clothing (NOT silk): pour lemon juice onto the stained areas and then dry in sunlight. Repeat if necessary. The stains should soon be bleached away.

      4. To remove fresh ink stains: while the ink is still wet, pour juice onto the stained areas, then wash in cold water with normal detergent.

     5. To remove rust stains: mix lemon juice with salt and rub the stained areas with the mixture. Leave for 2-3 hours and then wash normally.

      6. To remove stains on white clothing (alternative method): mix lemon juice with cream of tartar until you have a smooth paste. Apply the paste to the stain and leave in the sun until the stain has started to lift. Wash normally.

      7. To remove really stubborn stains: mix equal part of lemon juice with white vinegar in a bowl. Soak the stain in the solution for up to about 1 hour. Then wash as normal.

       8. To remove mildew from clothing: make a paste of lemon juice and salt. Rub this into the mildew stain and dry in sunlight. Keep repeating this until the stain has disappeared.

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