Man Films Alligator Crossing Path. When He Reviews Footage At Home, He Realizes He Wasn’t Alone

Put yourself in the following scenario for a moment. Imagine you are on a walk at a nature preserve, and you come across a massive alligator crossing your path. Everyone, including a wildlife photographer, pulls out their camera to document the scene. You’d expect those photos to be once-in-a-lifetime memories, right?

Well, what if there was another stunning memory, waiting to be documented, happening right behind you?

And you had no idea!

Such was the case this past Sunday, April 16, in Lakeland, Florida.

Wildlife photographer Alex Figueroa was on the scene when, at a nature preserve, a gigantic alligator was filmed crossing a path meant for visitors to the park.

Giving the alligator a wide berth, the visitors quickly pulled out their phones to capture the amazing sight.

And save for a few people behind Alex, no one noticed that, just a few feet away, directly behind a couple who was busy filming the original gator, was another big boy passing by!

This has to be a Florida thing!

Alex didn’t even realize what had happened until he was at home later on in the day, reviewing his footage.

While Alex was zoomed in on the original gator, he saw the other one nonchalantly passing by.

The couple had no idea of the massive reptile behind them.

And maybe it’s better that they did, as both gators passed into the water on the other side of the path without incident.

Check out the footage in the video below

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