Markethive – A Unique Writers Market?

Markethive – A Unique Writer's Market?

When computers first started hitting the market, back in the days of the Radio Shack TRS-80 and others, some industry observers thought that the computer would be the death of paper. But now we know that the exact opposite happened. People started generating more data…not less. And they needed paper to print it on.

The computer age has had a similar effect on the writing profession. Especially B2C and B2B copywriting. As digital publishing has boomed, the demand for writers has had a parallel boom. In fact, not only has the digital age resulted in an increased demand for content of all kinds but modern computers have also made the job of writing easier and quicker than ever before.

But still, job seekers in almost every profession still face the age-old problem of, "Where can I get the experience I need to build my portfolio?"

With writing as easy as it is nowadays (e.g. blogging), the simplistic answer would be, "Just start writing and somebody will read it". 

But a smarter and more tactical answer would be for the copywriter to find a community wherein he/she has an easy opportunity to write and be read.

Markethive might be such an environment…. but do Markethive community members, or the outside world, realize what a golden opportunity their community is to practive and hone their copywriting skills? 

Actually, I think not.

No doubt the demand for all types of writing has never been greater and although artificial intelligence and some recent software is capable of pretty good writing when used properly, there still is no substitute for a human writer. Especially for longer forms of writing and sales copywriting.

Publishers face the challenge of creating a steady stream of content on a regular basis but there is no way that any but the very largest and/or the most narrowly specialized entities can afford to keep writers on full-time payroll.

That's why the market for freelance writers gets stronger every year.  Freelance copywriters can always find work of some sort. The better they get at their craft, the more they can make. They can literally 'earn while they learn'.

The opportunites are huge. Here is a list of the top copywriting niches for 2016 as forecast by Carol Tice, Founder and CEO of

  1. Case Studies
  2. White Papers
  3. Long Form Blogging
  4. Brand Journalism (think 'infomercials' in written form)
  5. Annual Reports
  6. Top Tier National Consumer Magazines
  7. Trade Publications
  8. Video Scripts
  9. Web Content
  10. Marketing eMails (including email series)
  11. Book Ghostwriting For CEO's (complex but very lucrative)
  12. Online Courses (a relatively new but booming niche)

All of these copywriting niches are wide-open to freelancers too. In fact, some experts estimate that as much of 50% of the copywriting work being done at any one time is being done by freelancers. Even companies which have their own writing staff very seldom do all of their own work all the time.

If you're in Markethive, you'll also notice that numbers, 3, 8, 9, 10 (of the list above) should be very familiar to anybody who has been around the internet marketing niche for very long. The only niche which has a skill subset unique to itself is #11, Book Ghostwriting For CEO's.

NB: If you can catch Carol Tice's 'Writers Den' membership site when it's open for membership, it offers courses in all of these subjects for only $25 a month. I've been a member of the Writers Den for a year and I highly recommend it. Right now they have an expert doing a course on Book Ghostwriting for CEO's. I've also taken their eMail Copywriting course and their Case Study Writing course….all taught by experts in the respective field.

There are two keys to becoming a good writer.

1. Practice
2. Mentorship

You need both.

You can get a lot of practice in Markethive and the Markethive blogging system makes it possible to get very wide 'reach' for your finished product.

Markethive does not offer any mentorship or training in copywriting. For that I recommend or AWAI. I'm a member of both. I actually owe my official start in copywriting to an AWAI course (Passport To Romance… a travel writing course).

But Markethive is a great place for a writer to practice his/her craft and potentially pick up some gigs from the built-in community and wide reach of its publishing system.

Markethive is free to join too. Join here.


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Case Studies and eMail Copywriting
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