FREE members, the deadline to upgrade to E-NILP is May 31st. Please upgrade ASAP, because there are only about 60 upgrades so they will go quickly.

If you are interested, click the "upgrademe" link provided in the message below WHILE YOU STILL CAN. PLEASE don't wait, because with so few upgrades available, hesitation could cost you financial security for your family. If fail to complete your upgrade prior to May 31st, this could prevent you from benefiting from the potential income of $8,580 per upgrade per month, which can be $85,000 per upgrade per month when we have 10 financial engines online!

At first glance the cost of $3,000 per upgrade per month seems a bit pricey, but it only seems that way until you look at the numbers. When you run the numbers, it becomes clear that it is a very easy decision to upgrade. Once you realize that you can be earning a as much as $5,500 very soon from BIX (Banner Impressions eXchange) because it is scheduled to go live globally May 15th! Not only that but as our traffic continues to grow rapidly, your number of impressions you receive each month will also increase, and as they increase so will your profit per upgrade per month.

BIX is only the FIRST financial engine, one of many. As each financial engine comes online, your potential income will grow much bigger because you won't have added expenses but you will have increased income. When the 2nd financial engine is online your income could be $14,000, and when the 3rd comes online it could be $22,000 per upgrade per month! Each additional engine can add another $8500 to your income!

If you have money in savings that you can use to purchase multiple upgrades you should do so immediately. You have the potential to earn $8,580 per month from EACH upgrade via BIX(Banner Impressions eXchange) in as little as 30-60 days, which will enable you to replace your savings in a few months but the income will continue each month.

If you are even somewhat excited by the income projections for Markethive’s BIX(Banner Impressions Exchange) and Markethive overall, but do NOT want anything to do with starting a traditional business then you need to upgrade immediately!

You are in the right place at the right time to change your future in so many ways. Markethive is NOTHING like launching a business of any kind! Markethive is far superior, it is transformational, and will enable you & your spouse/partner to quit working once the income engines are producing to their full capability.

BIX is BETA testing in the beginning of May, and both it and Markethive have these incredible features that you will like a great deal:

Here is the VERY short list of things you need to do to earn big money with Markethive –
– Pay $3,000 per upgrade (up to 50% can be paid for with MHV coins) as many as you can afford, on time every month
– Spend a couple minutes per month, to set your pricing for your BIX Banner Impressions at the beginning of each month
– Spend your earnings
– Enjoy the beauty & simplicity of Markethive’s amazing opportunity

Here is a ‘partial’ list of the things you DON’T have to do in Markethive, but are required if you started a regular small business –
– NO routine overhead costs, beyond the $3,000 monthly cost per E-NILP upgrade!
– NO required marketing expenses
– NO franchisee expenses
– NO need for a lease of any kind
– NO need to spend 12-16 hours per day running the 'business'
– NO need to sacrifice your personal life
– NO need to sacrifice your time with your spouse and children
– NO need to spend every penny you have saved up, plus borrowing large sums from family members or a loan just to get the business launched
– NO need to borrow money for daily overhead expenses
– NO hiring, training, firing nightmares
– This list goes on and on, but you don't have to deal with any of these things in MarketHive!

That’s why the E-NILP upgrade in Markethive is so transformational and the potential income is so amazing.

If you have not yet upgraded, I need to ask you – why not? Don't you want to earn a significant amount of money completely legal and without all the headaches of a traditional business?

Wouldn't you like to earn the kind of money that MLM/Network Marketing companies claim to offer but you can **never** achieve? Would you like to earn that kind of money without needing to recruit people constantly, or even market/promote MarketHive – unless you choose to do so.? Then UPGRADE your account IMMEDIATELY, because that's precisely what we're offering you through the E-NILP upgrade.

You have found the PERFECT opportunity for you and your family, but I must admit there is one catch: If you don't purchase one or more upgrades before May 31st, you will definitely miss out on substantial income!

You have to hurry, because there are only about 60 upgrades left at this point!

If you can scrape together the funds necessary to purchase one or more upgrades via any LEGAL means, do so at once. There are countless ways to make it happen if you are motivated enough.

You don't have any time to procrastinate, or you will miss out on the best chance for you to provide financial security and financial independence for you and your family ever! With so few upgrades available, I recommend you upgrade right now so you don't miss out and regret it for the rest of your life! is the link to upgrade your account now.

I believe you will come to the same conclusion – that Markethive is without a doubt the best opportunity that exists anywhere in the world, and that it is going to generate substantial income from multiple financial engines for every member who upgrades. But you need to upgrade before we run out of upgrades or when the deadline of May 31st – whichever comes first.

We look forward to welcoming you to the upgrade MarketHivers family! is the link to upgrade your account. But HURRY to get it before we run out of upgrades and before the deadline arrives!


* Please note that all income related figures are projections, not statements of guaranteed earnings.

Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

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