Alexa rank of Markethive is growing continously

Alexa @ 9,399 (update with another 3000+ rank improvement)

When we first started tracking our Alexa rank here in Markethive News Feed we were around 80,000. That was a year ago and at that time it was evident we were on the move by looking at our Alexa rank graph. 4 months earlier in May 2018 when Douglas Yates came on board and identified our need to move onto the Blockchain and have our own coin our ranking was at 145,000. Look at us today and we are not slowing down.

Markethive is your company, your adventure. Some of you have more equity than others, but all members are going to profit from what Markethive is doing.

These stats are from

As our Alexa ranking (traffic) continues to improve, the value of our banner program increases. As of today’s ranking, daily banner ad cost on similar sites is $600 per day (Newsarama Alexa rank is almost double to ours). Newsarama which has an Alexa ranking of 16,249 charges $17,847 to run a banner for a full month. With the Entrepreneur One upgrade full monthly banner publishing is included for life with the monthly subscription. Find out more here.

We are building a re-seller page for all non Entrepreneur One members to purchase banner ad impressions via Entrepreneur One active members who want to resell their banner impressions. These banner slots will only be available from current Entrepreneur One members.

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