Markethive Readies Exciting Press Release!

Markethive Readies Exciting Press Release!

Who says we've got a slow economy? Maybe parts of the US economy are slow but things are rip-roaring at Markethive, the under-the-radar Inbound Marketing platform brainchild of its CEO Tom Prendergast.

Mr. Prendergast will soon issue a press release bringing the public and the press up to date on the culmination of a multitude of recent advances and accomplishments of Markethive in conjunction with one of the fastest growing companies in the Direct Selling space, Valentus.

Valentus is the US based company with a first-of-its-kind weightloss coffee which allows consumers to lose pounds and incles simply by drinking it. The company is currently growing at approximately 30% per month. Mr. Prendergast has used Markethive assets to shatter the company sales record for growth of a new distributor.

Indeed Markethive brings formidable assets to the task as the organization dates back to approximately 1998 under the previous brand name of Veretkk, In fact, Markethive arguably predates Facebook as one of the very first online social communities and was the originator of several fundamental online marketing tools and technologies such as the autoresponder, the self-replicating web page, the first online application connected to a server database, online broadcasting, blogcasting, blog-swiping, the rebrandable PDF, and others.

Mr. Prendergast believes very strongly that the world is moving into a new entrepreneurial age and has carefully constructed Markethive to be the new Platinum Standard for online entrepreneurs to attain brand reaches reaching into the millions.

Yet in spite of the technological innovation which Markethive gives away for free (the platform is ad-supported) and which more well-known companies such as HubSpot, Pardot, and other charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for, Markethive's true marketing reach, social power, and technological leadership is derived from it's geometrically expanding, integrated social community of entrepreneurs.

For more details, watch for our press release coming up very soon. Meanwhile, Markethive systems and memberships are available for free at

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