Markethive – The Digital Entrepreneur’s Big Tent

Markethive – The Digital Entrepreneur's Big Tent

There is a phrase often used in politics which applies equally well to Markethive. That phrase is, 'Big Tent'. Wikipedia defines the word thusly:"In politics, a big tent or catch-all party is a political party seeking to attract people with diverse viewpoints and thus appeal to more of the electorate."

It is gradually becoming apparent to the present Markethive community that Markethive is indeed a big tent for aspiring entrepreneurs. Certainly there is a need for an online association or community where entrepreneurs of diverse profiles and directions can band together not just for strength in numbers but also for the cross-pollination that is one of the key characteristics of entrepreneurial groups.

Traditional social media platforms (typified by Facebook) have missed the boat. Facebook represents 'the majority' and its social tenor reflects the drama-ridden, instant gratification, mediocrity of the average life. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, have never been the majority oof the population or the average mindset.

Entrepreneurs have generally been the few, the constant questioners, the explorers, the risk takers, and those who seek to solve problems rather that complain about them. 

Just as the first iteration of laissez-faire capitalism manifested in the American Revolution, the French Revolution, and the Industrial Revolution, the second iteration of it, AKA The Digital Revolution, saw computers, the internet, and split-second communication technologies like Skype and VoIP usher in the age of Entrepreneurism 2.0.

However, just as most manufacturing processes generate a certain amount of scrap and sometimes even pollution, today's social media industry has been that counterpart with it's mindless, trendy, goofball communities of people with nothing better to do than waste everybody else's time.

Markethive is the exact opposite.

Markethive is the perfect marriage of a social community with more lofty and practical purpose. True capitalists believe that a rising tide floats all boats. Within Markethive, entrepreneurs find not the narcissistic selfishness of people who value political correctness and socialism above all but rather a loose affiliation of people who believe that there's plenty of opportunity to go around for those who choose to pursue it and accept the inherent minimal risks and responsibilities of being pioneers.

Within Markethive one finds a diverse membership composed of distributors from a wide variety of MLM companies, affiliate marketers, people with more traditional businesses who are trying to integrate those businesses into the internet, and people with a variety of causes to promote. Markethive truly is a 'big tent' with its diverse membership base across global geographies, religions, politics, formal vs. informal education, and goals.

Modern day 'liberals' have actually bastardized the original meaning of the word 'liberal' from its original connotation of 'free thinking'. Being liberal has evolved to mean a repressive brand of anti-freedom, anti-success, anti-capitalism, anti-progress philosophy. But it is within Markethive that today's new breed of entrepreneurs find support and encouragement for their loftiest goals.

Tom Prendergast, Markethive's founder, CEO, and one of its hardest workers, has an enviable record of success in a variety of forms, including MLM, advertising, product and market development, technology, and even several varieties of art. Tom doesn't just preach the entrepreneurial lifestyle… he lives it. And he is intimately familiar with the challenges that face entrepreneurs as well as the success that often occurs when they simply refuse to give up.

Another unique characteristic of Markethive is that whereas most founders and leaders of successful enterprises get more distant from the members of their organizations as those organizations get bigger and more successful.. such has not been the case with Tom Prendergast.

Although Markethive is growing ever ore rapidly and our 'lean' management philosophy means that Tom and our Chief Engineer Stephen Hotchkiss work almost continuosuly, thus far Tom remains generally very accessible by anybody within or without Markethive and does not use the internet to create a shroud of invisibility and unaccountability like many modern leaders (especially on the internet) have. In fact, both Tom and Mr. Hotchkiss successfully use Markethive tools every day.

Another interesting characteristic of Markethive is that we do believe that Network Marketing is still, in its true form, is a viable business model by which almost anybody can achieve success. The black-eye that Network Marketing currently has with most of the general public is due simply to the way that most MLM companies currently operate. Instead, we at Markethive have been avid proponents of what we call the Customer Centric MLM Model, as outlined in this article.

Even today, as the MLM industry´s tarnished fascade is harder and harder to hide and the industry struggles to hide its problems, most mainstream MLM companies stick to their 'old school' methodologies and attitudes. But the truth is that the industry is going through tectonic stresses and changes, some apparent and some not.

Markethive believes that many traditional MLM companies will not change because they are either too deeply mired in their outmoded ways or they simply refuse to 'see the truth'.

At Markethive we believe that the industry cannot ultimately avoid the karma it has earned and the next few years will see a renewed interest not only in the idea of having a home-based business but that these opportunity seekers will be increasingly more savvy in vetting those opportunities they chose to embrace.

If new opportunity seekers or distributors wanting to find a better 'deal' don't see Customer Centricity and the Golden Rule in the very fabric of any company where they're considering investing their time and money….it's probably going to be, "Adios Baby". 

The simple fact of the matter is that even Markethive technology cannot ultimately save Old School MLM companies. The Markethive philosophy (in almost every area) is diametrically opposed to what the traditional industry has tried to pass off as 'opportunity'. Modern technology and/or a fresh coat ofpaintt cannot save any company which doesn't treat people right.

Regardless of what anybody thinks of the Network Marketing industry…it's still pretty darn big and for the foreseeable future will be one of the few viable opportunities for the 'average guy or gal'.

But… today's MLM distributors are tired of empty promises, market exaggeration, overpriced and/or crappy products that nobody really wants to buy or sell, products that won't sell on the open market for more than the distributor pays for them (e.g. if it won't sell at a profit on eBay, it is overpriced), 'marketing' programs that don't really sell anything but instead just transfer products from one distributor to another, backroom deals for promotions, compensation plans that constantly change to keep the rank and file hungry while the 'leaders' drive around in limousines and Jaguars, and organizations composed of 95% distributors where there is little or no real retail selling but everybody goes to hyped-up, precisely orchestrated and choreographed meetings where everybody just hi-fives everybody else but hopes nobody asks them, 'Are you making any money?'

Indeed, by any honest definition of the word "business"…. the vast majority of today's MLM companies do not have anything even remotely resembling a real 'business' based on bringing real value to the marketplace. 

We are moving into the Age of The Entrepreneur and whereas the internet has allowed some to be deceived and/or distracted…. others are becoming aware that they can do more, be more, and have more. Those individuals are searching for companies (MLM or otherwise) with the right products (or services), which truly embrace a Customer Centric model, and which can prove that they truly believe in 'equal opportunity for all'.

Markethive will probably always be a 'work in progress' simply because that is the nature of an entrepreneur… i.e. always be improving. But… for all practical intents and purposes, Markethive is the biggest and baddest gunslinger in town right now in the area of Inbound Marketing.

Smart marketers know that for going after the big money, old-fashioned Outbound Marketing is dead. Today's smart money is being spent on Inbound Marketing companies. Unfortunately, only large companies with big marketing budgets can afford modern Inbound Marketing platforms and systems…. up until now. 

Many well-known Inbound Marketing companies charge $1000@month for the same (or less) marketing power that Markethive offers totally for free. Markethive can do this because (1) Markethive is funded by advertising just like Facebook and several other well-known platforms and (2) Markethive functionality is integrated with it's own vibrant and geometrically expanding social network. 

Indeed… other Inbound Marketing platform matches Markethive's perfect combination of Technology and 'People Power'.

In summary, I have tried to point out the reasons and the ways that Markethive is a 'Big Tent'. It's a tent that is itself constantly expanding organically, almost evangelically, and the end result is a benign type of 'Borg' or 'Hive' that benefits everybody.

Markethive is indeed is a modern, digital embodiment of the Statue of Liberty that early immigrants to America first saw when they entered New York City harbor and passed by Ellis Island.

Markethive is a big tent and a big boat´' but there will always be room for 'one more passenger' and the ticket is free.

Wanna join us for the ride?


Art Williams
Markethive Developer and Contributor

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