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Way Capital’s investment platform belongs to Canada’s World Way Capital, registering license number 280984881 in Ontario, Canada. According to information from the website, World Way Capital is a company, a network of merchants, traders, marketing experts, programmers … from all over the world sharing the same direction. , with the mission of providing partners and investors with financial services in the field of international electronic money markets, as well as the stock market and the foreign exchange market to generate profits.
Company World Way Capital – this is a Canadian company engaged in prop-trading.
World Way Capital operates in accordance with Canadian law and is under the supervision of regulators (Organization for the Regulation of Investment Activities of Canada IIROC).
The company also has a full package of registration documents and the central bank of Canada is the guarantor of its successful work!
The company has been trading in various markets since 2011!
In October 2018, the company officially began to accept investments, since the Central Bank of Canada became the regulator of this business.
Trading takes place on stock, cryptocurrency markets and forex.
World Way Capital – provides the best marketing that has been developed by top marketers and sociologists from around the world.
The company provides an opportunity to build a business to everyone who wants to earn money.
The company provides investors with a choice of 8 investment plans that make it possible to make a profit every day.
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World Way Capital opened its doors online on September 21, 2018 (according to company documents) however, until January 23, 2019, this project was recently released to the public. With professional and beautiful equipment, clear information details, domain name registration for 3 years (2018-2021), using hosting of OVH, CloudFlare, SSL security from GeoTrust for 2 years, with full legal documents Active, multilingual support.
Today, I would like to introduce to all Investors of Way Capital for reference and evaluation.

Brief information about World Way Capital

– Public date: January 23, 2019
– Accept payment gateway: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin
– Minimum investment: 20 USD or 0.005 BTC
– Minimum withdrawal: 1 USD with PM, Payeer; USD 10 or 0.0014 BTC with BTC portal; 2 USD with ETH port; 1 USD with LTC port
– Profit paid 5 days / week
– Maximum manual payment processing up to 72 hours
– Basic commission introduction 3 levels: 4% – 3% – 1%
– Complete 100% commission (4% deposit) for participating investors (Upline: hyipcenter4me)
– Investment recommendation:
→ Package WWC Forex: USD / EUR: Investment from $ 20 to 499. Profit 1.5% daily for 16 working days / 22 calendar days, repayment at the end of the investment cycle. Profit 24%.
→ WWC Package Nasdaq: AAPL: Investment from $ 500- $ 4,999. Profit of 1.8% daily in 24 working days / 32 calendar days, repayment at the end of the investment cycle. Profit of 43.2%.
→ BTC Light Package (BTC / USD): Invest from 0.005 to 1.4999 BTC. Returns 2.6% daily for 70 working days / 98 calendar days. Total received 182% (~ 25% / month)
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