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The new program of financing of offices

Hello dear Questra World. We are pleased to inform you that, within the framework of the planned updates and improvements of the advertising broker Questra World in 2017, for you, our dear agent, was prepared the new program of financing of counselling centres.

Advertising broker Questra World has years of practical experience with the various ways of its promotion. One of these ways, the most proven in its effectiveness, is the promotion and popularization of the advertising broker Questra World through the discovery and development of individual counseling centers in those countries and cities where there are official representatives of Questra World represented by agents who reach level 4 (Golden agent) and above.

Individual counseling centers opened by agents, are the centers involved in providing qualified consultation and services on behalf of the advertising broker Questra World and on behalf of the agent who is the owner of the individual consulting office.

Having a consultation office, you can use it to provide both new and old customers with new information about the company and products promoted by Questra World the purpose of their popularization. Having an office, you can teach and conduct presentations for other agents of Questra World which are in your consulting office in order to improve their qualifications, skills and corporate spirit, with the following increase in total sales volume and income.

In order for Questra World agents was easier to open consulting offices, advertising broker Questra World in 2015, has provided to its agents on a regular basis, financial support in the opening of consulting offices, in the amount of up to 500 QP on the opening of the office in the first month and in the amount of QP 300 and more on its maintenance in each following.

In order for Questra World agents in the new 2017 to reach a new stage of development, and in order to in the new year was even easier to manage and maintain your own consulting office, by the advertising broker Questra World was specifically developed a new funding program of consulting centers.

From January 16th of 2017, all Questra World agents who own their own consulting centers, which are laid on themselves the task on creating and building the business systems, marketing activities, and other actions that contribute to the popularization and promotion of Questra World, will receive additional funding in the amount of 5% of revenues on the affiliate program of the the lower agents of the structure.

This means that if you have a consulting office, you can apply to a Questra World consulting centers Support Services for a funding of your office to the email address –, and in case of approval of your inclusion in this program, you in your personal office you will be assigned with the special individual status, and will open a separate account in the personal office for crediting to it financial assistance in the amount of 5% of the income on the affiliate program from the lower agents in your structure.

These funds are intended to cover the agent’s costs related to the improvement of working conditions in the consulting office, advertising costs for Questra World distributed by the agent, organizing and conducting trainings and events for its structure, and other expenses related to the promotion and advancement of Questra World.

The 1st level Questra World agents (beginners) and above which do not have their own individual consulting office, in accordance with the financing program will provide a financial assistance to their upper agents who are having counseling center, a part in the amount of 5% of their income on the affiliate program, in order to the offices in which they operate and to which they bring their customers, had required the high level for work and all the promotional materials as in any prestigious bank.

This strategy will help to take the Questra World consulting centers up to a new level, the level of banks and financial institutions. With the funding, the leaders will be able to arrange their offices on the highest level, thus allowing both its agents who are working in these offices and the clients themselves a truly worthy comfort level and service.

This assistance is intended solely for the agents leaders, who have their own office, and received financing in the amount of 5% will be solely from your downline structure, and only for you.

All funds deducted by the agent for the financing , is accrued solely from the incomeon the affiliate program in the amount of 5%. This deduction does not applied to income of an agent for the bonus program. This means that if you get any bonus from 1 000 euro to 1 000 000 euro, from these funds will not be charged of 5%.

The funds in the amount of 5% will be used entirely to finance the office of the upper agent. Advertising Questra World broker will not get a single euro from these funds.

Providing financial support of your upper agent, who is having his own consulting office, the agent will have the right to stay and work in the office, and use it for his own consultations for the clients. If necessary, the agent is entitled to request from his agent, whose office is on the financing the provision of the financial report on funds expenditure on the maintenance of consulting office.

The agent who has a consulting office is obliged to provide a financial expense report on the maintenance of consulting office for the downstream agent which provides office financing on his first request. If this does not happen each whose funds are used to finance the office can write to Questra World Security Service and report about the abuse the financing program by upper agent.

If you and your upper-level structure have provided financing to your upper agent, and after a while you do open your own consulting office, you stop financing your sponsor, and the funds in the amount of 5% of your downline earnings will start to accumulate to your designated account to finance already your office.

We remind you our dear agents that this program will start to operate from January 16, 2017 and will allow to take the level of service of our customers in the consulting offices to the level of banks and prestigious financial institutions.

Best Regards, Questra World.

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