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Hello our dear customers. We would like to to announce good news, company Atlantic Global Asset Management continues full-scale access to a new Asian markets. For a long time we have develop this direction, and finally came to a strategy on which we can conclude a long-term relationships with clients by providing them the best products and services of our company.

Unfortunately, in the first stage of our work, having worked for a certain amount of time, our financial consultants came to the conclusion that the market of countries such as China for example turned out to be already a highly developed, and the average potential and customer needs are many times higher than the average level of customers from Europe.

Our customers from Asian countries for more than half a year conclude big deals with us and buy our products in much larger quantities than do clients from other countries. Due to the rapidly growing demand and interest from a new market, we are again faced with the complecations of 2014-2015, when our company’s costumers who wants to buy the products that we advertise, had to make a huge amount of purchases of our best products "Investor package" in those cases when the customers sum of the capital exceeded the cost of the most expensive investors packages by several dozen times.

But a solution was found and based on the past experience and after a long working time, the company Atlantic Global Asset Management has developed a series of new unique products "Investors package" – Special 1M, Special 2.5M and Special 5M which would increase the amount of goods and services, which A.G.A.M. provides for its customers from the Asian market.

By creating new products, the company Atlantic Global Asset Management takes into account all your wishes and interests, so we can say with pride that coped with the task.

Atlantic Global Asset Management offers its clients new products "Investors package" – Special 1M, Special 2.5M and Special 5M.

Name: Special 1M; Special 2.5M; Special 5M;
Package Special 1M – the price is 1 000 000 EUR;
Package Special 2.5M – the price is 2 500 000 EUR;
Package Special 5M – the price is 5 000 000 EUR;
Valid for 365 days;
Average weekly income 6.47%;
The average monthly income 28.0%;
The average income per year 336.6%;
Accrued income on a weekly basis;
Withdrawal of weekly earnings;
Company’s fee 3%.

More information can be found in your Personal office Atlantic Global Asset Management. Company A.G.A.M. always creates more comfortable conditions for its customers, so now every customer can choose the package that suits him the most.

In the future we plan to add even more better and improved products and services, in which you will be proud to be able to assess our European service. Stay with us and follow the news.

Congratulations and thank you for your cooperation!

Best Regards, Atlantic Global Asset Management.

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